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(high-pitch chime) – Are you ready to go to bed with me? (upbeat music) Okay, so the first thing I
do to start my routine is I get my face like warm with hot water because it opens my pores, and then I shave it
because it hurts a lot less for me if I shave during the evening and then go to sleep with
my face kinda recovering and resting versus if I
do it the next morning, I always get like itchy
and it gets red and, I don’t know, I just have
sensitive skin so hurts. (water running) When I shave my face, I
never use shaving cream, it always irritates me,
so for the most part, I use conditioner. I use conditioner from a
hotel that I might be in, I’ll use conditioner that
I have it at my house, I use conditioner everywhere. So I always have to be
careful when I shave my face because I have a really
sharp jawline right here, and it often gets cut. It’s really annoying so I always, I really have to go by
it like very softly. (upbeat music) Okay. All right so, just finished doing that, then I always just wash my
face off with hot water again. (water running) And then I just dry my face lightly, not too much so that it’s like fully dry. Ah, you see? Got two battle wounds right there. Okay, so after I shave my face, the next thing I like to do is wash it. So before I do anything else
to it, it’s nice and clean. So then I use this, iS
Clinical Cleansing Complex. For me, this is just something that someone recommend to
me about two months ago, and I started using it everyday since. It just makes my face feel
really face after, so. I kinda always overdo it, personally, just ’cause I like to have
extra soap and feel extra clean. And once it’s nice and wet in my hands, rub it around my face, everywhere, make sure a part of my nose because I get blackheads on my nose if I don’t kinda scrub it a little bit. And I come up here because
I get stressed out, and for whatever reason, my
pimples all like to come right on my forehead. So I make sure I wash here really well and then, once it’s all good, clean it off with some hot water. (water running) So the next product that I put on is the iS Clinical Active Serum. This is really great because
I have acne-prone skin and it’s just safe to use. So, when I use this, I put on
basically three little dabs, like three little drops. One, two, three. One more for the luck. And then, this I basically, just kinda rub on my hands lightly, and then try and keep
it away from your eyes because it will tingle
them, sting a little bit. Kinda feels like peppermint on your face, if I’m being honest. Once I’m done using this one,
I always put on an eye balm. I use this one, it’s great. It has like these little
balls on the end of it, so I like this one a lot to
kinda help my eyes stay clear, kinda keep them like not so dark when I don’t get a lot of sleep. Then again, I kinda use
it to moisturizer it as well to massage it, and just kinda get this area nice and smooth to start my day and to end my day. So, the next thing I do is I moisturize. I always have used this Kiehl’s energizing moisturizer treatment for men. But yeah, this one’s great because it’s nice and fresh-feeling,
it smells really nice, so it kinda like energizes
your face when you put it on, and then, lastly, obviously, it’s really great for moisture, so. I put on, I put on a little bit extra. Usually, I put on about that much, like the size of two or three peas. And then I rub it on my whole hand, and then I go once over my face. Kinda go around, make sure everything’s
nice and moisturized. I go over my eyes, put it on my nose, and then, I actually put it on my ears, my neck, and I kinda just
like wipe rest off on my body. Let it kinda all sink in. So the next thing I do is
I throw on a fragrance. This is something to
kinda just keep me fresh and smelling good before I jump into bed. I actually have a lot, and
I always use different ones. One of my favorite ones,
though, is this Valentino one. I’ve had it for like two years now, and I always buy it when it runs out. So anyways, just put on a little bit. The last thing that I like to
do before I go to sleep is, if I have some sort of
breakout, if I have a pimple, usually the best thing
to do is, first of all, you don’t eat any candy,
you drink a lot of water, and don’t touch it. A lot of people like to touch
their acne when they get it, but the last thing that
you wanna do is touch it. One thing that I like to do to prevent it from kinda growing in if
I see something coming in, someone once said that
if you put toothpaste on your pimples, it dries them out because peppermint among other chemicals and things inside just dries it out. So you don’t wanna use too much because it will stay on your skin, and it’ll get on your pillow, or wherever, but just enough to kinda dab there, dab another place where they might one. Then again, this will
just help dry it out, and you can take it
off after a little bit, and it will make your face smell nice and fresh like your teeth,
so that’s always great. With that being said,
that’s nightly routine. I’m gonna go to bed. (upbeat music)

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