Natural Ways to Clear Skin + Prevent Breakouts, Inflammation & Fungal Acne! 🌿
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Natural Ways to Clear Skin + Prevent Breakouts, Inflammation & Fungal Acne! 🌿


  • Danielle Frank

    I don't know if you guys know how to handle acne that is caused by endometriosis. If you do, you should totally make a video about it!

  • Susan Lew

    Some studies have shown that coconut oil has the highest cholesterol, which is very bad for the heart. I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, so I'm actually not sure what is true though.

  • Edyta Adamkiewicz

    What about butter being dairy? Does it still affect the body the same way as dairy?
    Very good video thank you for all the information : )

  • mr rahila

    I’m so happy you made this video!!! I’ve had fungal acne for years now, cured it last year but then it came back…I’ve already slowly started changing my diet so hopefully it goes away for good soon😤

  • papolap19

    I'd love to take a look at the supporting evidence for GMOs being harmful for the body. Any scientifically-backed sources/studies are much appreciated!!

  • tropical girl

    This much helpful than any lecture about skin because what we eat the quality of sleep is more important than skin care because body has the ability to heal itself ..eating healthy fats is super helpful for the strength of the hair and the skin

  • blackbirdflyyx

    I broke out all over my forehead in stubborn small-medium bumps recently like never before and while I admit my diet isn’t clean at all I also haven’t changed anything other than starting to take probiotics these few weeks. I have heard others saying probiotics/kombucha can cause breakouts but has anyone experienced the same and did it pass? I want to be able to enjoy the benefits of probiotics!

  • E l e n a

    I highly recommend this website called SkinCharisma. You copy and paste your beauty product’s ingredients and it tells you of any of them cause Acne

  • Pratiksha Pandey

    Actually u breakout bc u re close to your period date… I only have breakouts and pimples when I m less than a week close to my next period….

  • Gillian Wills

    PLEASE remember that a lot of countries have much better methods of processing foodstuffs than the USA. Some of these "facts" need to be disregarded unless you're taking about the US food industry. xXx

  • Paola Rossy

    Exactly consult a registered dietitian. Ps skipjack fish is a better option than albacore since it has lower levels of mercury

  • daniella georgescu

    This video was great you ladies have it all right, Ive been struggling with extremely dry scalp for years now and now am breaking out badly on my chin area will try these tips!!

  • Reema Ameer

    Pretty sure coconut oil is higher in Omega 6 and is also not great for cholesterol. Also substituting an "unhealthy" oil for a "healthier" one without regard to context can have adverse effects because of the difference in smoking points. But ok.

  • Gold Dragonette

    All these food recommendations apply to USA food standards. Esp with reference to processing and GMO. Those of us who aren't in the USA need to check what applies in our countries as well as work for us personally

  • Morgan McInulty

    Love this type of video! I have gut problems and candida and it is helpful to know that it comes from the inside! I find it difficult to cut out yeast (bread) but i need too! Please make more diet videos x – Morgan From Australia

  • Dana Bodine

    I was told that coconut oil isn't good for your skin so I white using it as a makeup remover! Glad to know it's okay!

  • Lil Uzi Skrrrt

    Coconut oil actually is really bad for your hair it doesn’t do anything for it. It’s a sealant not a moisturizer so it doesn’t let any moisture get in or get out. That will dry out your hair but since it’s hard to get oil out of the hair it feels soft temporarily

  • xxlilsweeti88xx

    Thank you so much for doing this!! Question, can you use the ordinary niaciniamide with the ordinary lactic acid HA serum? And which one first?

  • Victoria Colozzi

    Hey guys, I’m an RN and have my BS in biology. GMOs have been proven to be not harmful to the human body by scientists, in fact GMOs allow farmers to use less pesticides (which are absolutely harmful) on their crops because the plants are stronger genetically on their own! Avoiding GMOs is a marketing scam and I’m very surprised you guys included this in your video. Most of the time your information is so highly researched and accurate. Ultimately it’s the consumer’s decision whether or not to buy GMO products but I wouldn’t be contributing to misinformation. ☹️

  • datGreekgal

    I need more videos about healthy eating habits for beautiful skin!! Guys, if you agree like it for the girls to see it💗

  • Monica Silalahi

    In my case, sufficient non sweetened yoghurt and cut sugars intake will help me avoiding acne, if you can calm down your acne already and want to level up your skin condition into luminous skin, add turmeric into your diet

  • Alejandro Acosta

    You guys talk a lot and praise brands that are not cruelty free like origins, neutrogena and Many more. How do you guys feel about that you talk about having a healthy life style but at what cost if this harms little creatures that have no fault

  • Mushrambo

    I have been trying to eat really healthy lately and my skin has been looking a lot better and feeling better (I have eczema). I was also exercising more so I felt pretty good. But two weeks ago I had Jack in the Box for pretty much 3 days straight because I was too tired to make food for my lunches for work and decided to sleep instead (I also have depression so that was a thing that week). Anyway, my skin and hair were both pretty awesome before that Jack in the Box thing and a few days later my skin is breaking out and my hair feels really dry. I don't know if any of these tips have anything to do with hair, I'm just mentioning it. And it's been about a week now since my face started breaking out and it's still happening. I've started eating fairly healthy again so I hope it all goes away soon. I'm really glad I found this video though. I'm learning a lot about food I never knew had this kind of effect on my skin.

  • K - POP - LoVe

    scroll below please. I use cold pressed canola oils made in Spain , Canada and Australia ,the canola oils i order which are cold pressed, have :: see below
    per 100g

    Calories 900 kcal

    fat 100 g

    saturated fat 7 g

    monounsaturated fat 62 g

    polyunsaturated fat 31 g

    omega 6 20 g

    omega 3 11 g

    transfat 00

    cholesterol 00

    carbohydrate 00

    dietary fiber 00

    suger 00

    protein 00

    vta A 5000 IU

    vta D 800 IU

    vta E 18 mg

    vta K 71 mcg

    erucic acid 00

    and free from argemone oil

    is this good for my health ?

  • smol trash :v

    6:36 omgg that's exactly what I thought … btw I still eat it sometimes xD since it's good for fungus I will ask my mom to make it almost everyday lol

  • Sandy Pham

    Can collagen peptide cause breakouts? I took vital collagen for about a week and started getting huge cystic acne on my jawline and neck. I usually one get one before that time of month. Never my whole neck. Does anyone have this issue or am I just a weirdo? 😭

  • Cindy Alfonso

    I think I’m having an hormone issue along with stomach and digestive issue so like you were saying none of my skin care products are working and I’m breaking out a lot, do you think that taking hormone balancing pills can help me deal with all that??

  • Juliana Gomes

    Hey girls! I love this channel, but speaking as a geneticist, I’m not sure what the problem with GMO is. The same as margarine/butter, marketing is messing up with GMO use. In fact, you claimed it’s one of the problems of vegetables oils, but you didn’t explain why.
    Read more about examples of GMO, as golden rice, insulin production or plantations that need less pesticides and you’ll see it’s not that bad 🙂

  • Stephanie Flores

    Actually none broth is also from Latin countries. Growing up in a Latin family, I enjoyed bone broth for the flavor

  • shinigamiknight

    Hey allicin LOLOL, btw I looove that pearl hair pin! It’s so cute and reminds me of Stuart little lol

  • Justyna Maćkowska

    I'm considering doing research because I have been fighting acne for over 10 years and lost my faith in dermatologists. I plan to do hormonal tests: 17-OPH, DHEAS, androstendione, SHBG, testosterone, prolactin, LH, FSH, fT4, TSH. I also think about examining insulin and cortisol. And I read that with acne it is also worth doing research on food intolerances IGG dependent and iGA. And also tinder and helicobacter pyroles. I'm afraid that all these tests will cost a lot. Is it worth all of them? My acne is mainly on the chin, neck and cheeks. I do not eat dairy and sugar.

  • Gloria Hawkins

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  • lizzie stacey

    Love you gals and this channel, but I wish you hadn't touched on psoriasis as a gut-related problem. While it can be true that a bad gut biome can worsen conditions, this isn't the root of psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, and I am one of the luckier sufferers who only have to contend with it during stress-related flare ups. Many folks have to seek help in suppressing their immune system, no matter their topicals or dietary changes.

    Just food for thought, because it can be harmful not to share all the facts with psoriasis as a condition. Many don't have insurance and will avoid the cost of a doctor as long as possible. By putting off medical intervention or consult (and pursuing inappropriate self-treatment like a diet change) the condition can worsen. 😊

  • Ms Kanma

    Maybe you girls could help out giving information on top healthy restaurants. I know it sounds difficult to tell 🤦‍♀️. But please try

  • Carli Ewert

    Where are you getting your source that canola oil/vegetable oils are so terrible? I’ve read a lot about how this is actually a myth and they are actually considered healthy source of fat (especially compared to animal-based fats) given their low content of saturated fat. I’m no expert, but I have some doubt about the credibility of this information.

  • Fredrika Jacobsson

    ROWENA! I may be confused, but I didn’t quite understand, did you get to the bottom of why you were having all those symptoms? Asking for a friend heheh

  • Ashley Davis

    I’ve always wanted to try bone broth for the health benefits but I don’t do animal products so I’ll never know 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Daniela Manion

    I went to Spain for two weeks and basically every dish there includes olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I swear to you when I got back to the U.S. my skin had never looked better and everyone was complimenting it saying it cleared up!

  • Katherine Hong

    Can you guys do a whole video on your story’s like how you got through eczema or acne so people can relate

  • Ido FoSho

    Oh wow, I'm African and bone broth (mostly spicy lol) is mostly fed to women who have just given birth. Don't know what the reasoning is behind it. Also, bopth/soup of dried fish and cayfish.

  • Tecla Spruit

    Regardin the olive oils, as an Italian I can tell you that all organic extra virgin olive oils from any Meditereannean country are fine, so long as they use olives from the same location instead of mixing them. Also, if you are in any Meditereannean country and have the chance to try freshy cultivated olive oil: do it. Try at least once in your lifetime a salad or anything with fresh olive oil from a 1000 old olive tree: it tastes slightly lemony and fresh and light, and it's heaven!

  • Donna

    Hi, I'm from India and I wear glasses. I've been noticing that I'm getting bumps like acne along the edges of my specs. Rest of face is clear but this is bugging me now. Does anyone know how I can rectify this?

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  • Gloria Tesla

    I study nutrition and I am very very very VERY SURPRISED that you say canola oil is bad and that people should eat coconut oil instead…

    Actually it's the opposite !

    You should have canola oil (not to cook though) to help with the omega 3/omega 6 ratio.
    And avoid coconut oil because of it's high rate of saturated fatty acids.

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