Natural Skincare For Oily, Dry And Combination Skin – Matcha, Rice, Honey Routine 2018 ✖ James Welsh

Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel
where we talk about skin care, grooming, and sometimes hair care. So, if that sounds like
your thing, make sure you are subscribed. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you guys
some of my favorite ways to introduce natural ingredients into my skin care routine. I love
skin care that’s been both formulated with really good natural ingredients and also man-made
synthetics and put together to make an amazing, amazing product. But I do have my list of
natural ingredients I absolutely love. So let’s start with rice. Rice is one of my favorite
ingredients when it comes to brightening my skin, making my skin look refreshed and even.
So I’m going to show you how you can make a toner, an exfoliator, and a sheet mask from
rice. The toner is super simple, all we’re going
to do is soak some organic rice in warm water for about five to 10 minutes. You can boil
the rice as if you’re making rice if you want to speed things up. And we want the water
to turn cloudy. Drain the water and put the rice water to one side and let it cool down.
Then all you’re going to do is take a cotton pad, dip it in the rice water and swipe it
over your face like you would do with toner. And you’re going to notice that this is instantly
going to brighten your skin and can help reduce the redness on your cheeks as well when used
over a period of time. Next up the exfoliator. So take any color
of rice. I’ve only got brown, I don’t know why, I never eat it. And we’re going to want
to grind this up really, really fine. We want the texture to be kind of like a powder, but
not like rice flour. So something like this that almost represents sand. We are making
a physical exfoliator, but we don’t want any kind of granules. We want more of a powdery
grit, (laughs). This is because we don’t want to damage your skin, and we don’t want to
irritate the skin, and we don’t want to inflame the skin by rubbing bits of sharp rice over
our face. Then all we have to do is take a pinch of the ground up rice add some water,
then gently rub on your skin. You can leave this on, if you want that little bit of extra
moisture, and then rinse away. Next up is the sheet mask. Here’s where you’re
going to need to put a little bit of work in. It’s not that much though, it’s not too
hard. So we’re going to be using rice paper, wrappers, sheet things to help create a sheet
mask. So you want to grab a sheet, it can be round or square, and you want to cut the
sheet to match all the size of your face. So the checks, the forehead, and the nose.
Obviously if you don’t have a beard you can make the check areas a lot bigger. Put these
to one side and fill a bowl up with warm water. This just has to be like warm water from your
sink, and quickly place in the rice paper into the bowl and leave for about 30 seconds,
or until you see the sides then start to curl up. With wet fingers you want to apply the
cut out bits of rice paper to the appropriate area on the face that we cut them into shape
of. And like a normal sheet mask leave for 10 to 15 minutes or until you feel it getting
quite dry and sticky. Just make sure they don’t dry out completely on your face. Take
this off and follow up with your serum or moisturizer. Not only does this help your
skin look a lot brighter, but it also can reduce the appearance of your pores as well.
Next up we have matcha, which is one of favorite flavors I guess, of all time. You guys know
I love green tea in my skin care and matcha is basically the supercharged version of green
tea. Matcha has an insane amount of antioxidants in it, something like 16 times more, like
than a cup of green tea. I’ll have to fact check that, (laughs). So it’s great, not just
for your insides as a tea to drink, but also your skin on the outside as well. Skin on
the outside, (laughs). Matcha actually has amazing antibacterial properties, so it is
very, very good for, um, irritated acne, sensitive skin as well, and irritated skin. So it really
does have a calming, um, vibe to it, calming property, even. So the reason this is better
than matcha as I said, it’s like a supercharged version. So with like green tea, the green
tea teabag what you’re getting is like a cup of infused green tea water, if that makes
sense? Whereas with matcha you’re drinking the physical plant that’s ground up. So you’re
getting the actual plant in your body, (laughs), and on your face, in this case.
So we’re going directly to the source. So first of all we’re going to make a matcha
mask. If you have dry sensitive skin, this mask is going to be very, very good for you.
What we’re going to do is take a teaspoon of matcha and then also a teaspoon of honey,
add a tiny bit of warm water and whisk that together. Allow this to cool, you don’t want
to be applying it hot to your face, boiling water, not good for your skin, (laughs). And
then just apply to your skin like you would do a clay mask. Now we don’t want this to
dry out completely, it probably won’t dry out completely. So after about 10 to 15 minutes
you want to wash this off with warm water, and kind of massage away rather than rubbing
off. And your skin is going to be left bright and refreshed and very, very smooth as well.
If you have oily skin you can do exactly the same thing, but instead of the honey take
a teaspoon of bentonite clay. So we’re just kind of making a clay mask here with matcha
in. And use this like a clay mask to remove excess sebum.
We can also use matcha like rice as a toner. So if I’ve ran out of toner and I forgot to
buy some this is like my go-to toner. And all you’re going to do is make a cup of matcha.
So just the matcha, a teaspoon, um, not even that, or really you could do less, and then
some hot water, allow it to cool, dip in a cotton pad and use as you would do a toner.
Of course you can drink it, it’s very, very good for you. It’s also said to help with
excessive sebum production and acne by balancing out certain hormones. So for the 18% of ladies
that watch my channel, thank you, (laughs), this could really help with hormonal acne
and the guys who is watching this, it’ll be good for your skin too, um, and it’s also
just very, very nice. And it’s actually I think, one of the only scientifically proven
teas that actually have a healthy effect on your body. Like there’s solid evidence behind
it. I’ve actually been switching out matcha for coffee, um, ’cause I want that caffeine
boost, but coffee can make me a little bit jittery ’cause I drink so much of it. So because
I love my lattes and I like my ice lattes, I’m going to show you how to make a really,
really simple matcha ice latte. So first of all I prepare the matcha as I’ve
shown you guys before. A teaspoon is more than enough with some hot water and a bit
of honey instead of sugar. We’re going to give it a really good whisk and make sure
all the powder is in that liquid ’cause it can be quite powdery. So let that sit for
a second and I fill up my cup with ice. I pour in my oat milk because I don’t drink
normal milk, (laughs), anymore, pour in my matcha then top up with more, um, oat milk
and ice. Then give it a good mix, and then that’s it, it’s ready to drink. I use oat
milk as well here because I feel like i- it compliments the taste of the matcha a lot
more. And it kind of has like a sweet dessert taste to it, um, which is really, really nice.
Then we have honey, honey actually has amazing antibacterial and probiotic, um, properties
as well as healing properties as well. So for, um, active acne irritated skin, dry skin,
oily skin that’s breaking out, it’s very, very good for everything from eczema to acne.
It’s very nourishing and hydrating too. So here is a honey mask for all skin types. That
I actually, um, do because I watched it on Michelle Phan’s channel like ages ago. It’s
really easy to make and you probably have the ingredients laying around already. So
you want to take your organic honey of course, so take two tablespoons of your organic honey
and put in a bowl with one tablespoon of oil, microwave for 10 seconds. We want the mask
to be warm, but we obviously don’t want it to be scalding. Do a little test and check
the temperature. If it’s not warm enough give it a blast for another 10 seconds. Once it’s
the right temperature give it another little quick mix, um, and then apply to your face.
And it’s going to feel warm, it’s going to feel nice and warm, but we want to leave the
mask on our face until if feels cool. So take some damp cotton pads and gently wipe off
the mask. And follow up with a nice moisturizer, your skin is going to feel nice and nourished
and irritable free. And just very, very nicely smooth.
So there’s some really easy ways to incorporate natural skin care into your routine that actually
work and won’t damage your skin. We want to avoid any kind of peppermint, spearmint, lemon,
um, I personally avoid vinegars. Avoid all that kind of stuff that can react to your
skin. But yes, I hope you learned something new today. And remember guys don’t be scared
to experiment with natural and man-made skin care. Be scared of the little girl ghost that’s
probably living under your bed. But that’s it for me now guys, I will see you next time.

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