My skincare routine in winter + pro tips for dry/sensitive skin ǀ Justine Leconte
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My skincare routine in winter + pro tips for dry/sensitive skin ǀ Justine Leconte

hi everyone it’s Justine. on popular request
today I want to share my skincare process with you. you know that before
working in fashion, I used to work in the cosmetics industry, I worked in product
innovation for a major skincare company. so I tried many, many different products
and I also learned a lot about the way the skin works. in France it’s also a
national sport and something that people really like to do, to try & experiment with new
products, test, switch, look at the texture, smell the product etc. in France we think
that skincare is almost more important than makeup because if your skin is
doing great, then you barely need any makeup and we are huge on the “less is
more” thing. so my skincare routine is in fact a mix
of what I know about the skin and skin care and my personal taste. let’s start!
in the morning. the very first thing I do when I get up is that I wash my hands
and then my face. I start with warm water (not hot), to remove the sebum that my skin
has produced during the night. there is dirt in the pores and I want it to get
out. then I dry my skin with a clean towel which I use only for my face and I
swap it for a new one every couple of days. then I do the same thing again but
with cold water. it’s good to wake up the skin, activate the circulation and
everything and to close the pores which I have just opened with warm water. this is
basically a free pore-minimizing trick 😉 then I tap with another corner of my kin
towel and that’s all the cleansing I do in the morning.
that’s it. the skin is a very delicate ecosystem with its own balance so I
don’t want to disrupt it by scrubbing or scratching too much on it. in winter I
apply directly after that an eye care for sensitive skin.
I use the one by La Roche-Posay: it’s with thermal water, it’s a French brand. it is
a gel texture so it’s very fast absorbing but it’s also highly hydrating.
and since my skin is typically Caucasian. it is quite thin so this area really
suffers in winter. it gets tight and uncomfortable, it really needs extra care,
I think. then I let that one here absorb and I go do something else. have
breakfast. get dressed etc. but then before I leave my house, I will always,
always, every day of the year, apply a protecting daycare on to my face,
neck, and and here on the on the top of the chest, because the skin here is as
sensitive as on the face. I prefer one that’s very nourishing almost a bit greasy, I
don’t care, I prefer to protect my skin too much rather than not enough… and then
having to solve the damaged surface and the cracks that I get from the cold and
from the wind. so better too much protection than too little!
my basic cream is this one by Garnier with a sun protection factor of 15. SPF 15
is my absolute minimum, even if I’m not going in the sun at all. in summer in
Europe. I’ll go to SPF 30. if I travel to Southeast Asia during their summer time.
I go to SPF 50 (European standard: a very, very high demanding standard in terms of
sun protection). but here in Germany where I live, in winter, the risk of burning is
pretty close to zero, the risk of having sun lights is also pretty close to zero,,,
so an SPF 15 here is fine. interesting fact that I learned: Caucasian skin is
thinner so you’re more likely to have visible blue veins here, around the eye
area and above the eyes. you’re also more likely to have wrinkles earlier on.
whereas Asian skin. for instance. is thicker. so people will (on average) get
wrinkles later on. but in Asia the sun is much stronger, it’s more intense than in
Europe. so Asian people tend to have dark spots with aging, which is why whitening
products are so big in Asia and you can barely find them in Western Europe. but
so dark pots are actually burns, sunburns. I’m not saying you can’t get dark spots
in Europe: if you look here, I have one. mm-hmm
this is the result of a childhood spent in too much sun, in the South of
France. so it is possible to get dark spots on any type of skin, but it’s just
more likely in Asia because the sun is so strong. so I don’t want to get into
more details but I’m just saying that depending on where
you travel where you live, the type of climate, the humidity and how hard the
sun hits, you need to think of different products. Number 2: then during the
day. during the day I try not to touch my face at all, unless I have previously
washed my hands. the least you touch your face, the
happier and the cleaner it stays! then people tend to forget hands: the skin on
the hands is as sensitive and thin as the skin on your face. so it definitely
needs protection too, throughout the day. at the moment I have DayTox smooth
hands on my desk: that’s a tube and I apply it really several times throughout
the day. then I always have a mini hand cream in my purse too. Neutrogena is great,
it’s really thick, it’s really greasy, it’s the concentrated version for dry
hands and I love it. when I was working in cosmetics I did some market research
for new hand cream products, for innovations in different countries. and
the result of the study said: in Russia 80% of women (I think) said that they have
dry hands versus about 30% in all the other countries. so I wondered why… why is
that? looking at the weather, if you spend the winter in northern Russia, where
temperatures are below freezing level, of course your hands are gonna get dry! but
it’s not really how they are. it is the weather. it’s not you, it’s perfectly
normal that handsget dry. they are just so thin and sensitive. then on my body I
tend to use different products to hydrate my skin and I switch between
products to try new things all the time. I like Garnier body tonic oil because
it’s not cold like a lotion when you apply it and it really helps the skin.
it’s incredibly greasy so I love it but you just need a little while until it is
absorbed. when it needs to go faster because I want to put my clothes on leave
sooner, then I use Eucerin Aquaporin body lotion, a regular lotion for
sensitive skin. it has no fragrance so it doesn’t fight with my perfume when I’m
wearing perfume. and generally speaking products without fragrance are much less
likely to keep you allergies. so if your skin is prone to
reacting to products, pharmacy brands are usually all fragrance-free
and are a smart solution for you. then in the evening. at the end of the day I
always cleanse my face completely, even if I haven’t been wearing any makeup, it
needs cleaning, the pores are clogged with everything
that happened to you during the day… I use micellar water for dry and sensitive
skin although my skin is technically not dry or sensitive. it is normal. the
product is very mild, it hydrates at the same time and my skin has been liking it
a lot. I’m on bottle nb. 4 or 5 I really like it.
and when I troavel, I take this one with me. it’s also tested on sensitive skin,
it’s fragrance free and it’s alcohol-free. so it is very gentle on the
skin. afterwards I can apply again the eye care that I used in the morning, if
my skin is doing okay. but if it feels tired or dry, I will use directly a very
rich nourishing night care Nivea Q10 and I apply it on the whole face, the neck
and the decollete, I am a huge fan of anti-aging creams even though I don’t
have wrinkles yet, they’re just more nourishing, which I love because when you
get older, the skin gets drier, it’s just physics… biology? it’s human 🙂 so it’s more
nourishing. I think that’s great and anti aging daycares are usually including UV
filters, which is also very important criteria for me, to protect my skin. i
started using anti aging product at around 20. it’s not embarrassing or taboo
at all, in France. we say it’s easier to prevent and protect from damage rather
than trying to fix the issues once they have appeared. and unless you live in a
tropical or very humid climate, where you are, your skin probably gets too little
moisture. it’s always like that. in all skin studies, you always find out people
have drier skin that it should be, because the weather is just too dr.y so
nourishing is great. and then extra care. from time to time, I also do masks.
whenever I feel that my skin needs it, I don’t really do it on a regular schedule.
this one is by a German brand. it’s intense hydration in a gel formula. so
you push the gel towards the powder, you mix it, shake it, it’s fun. I like that one.
I also like fleece masks. that’s a format actually coming from
Asia: it’s very good also as a hydration boost. it’s an impregnated layer of
cotton so you can take this one in your hand luggage, it’s not considered a liquid,
which is super practical when I’m traveling. sometimes I do use clear-up
strips for the nose, the forehead and the chin. so basically the t-zone. I’ve tried
many different brands, this is the best one, in my opinion. other brands are not
even half as efficient in cleaning the pores, seriously… but after that. like
after any peeling or scrub-ing product or mask, your skin really need
extra moisture to get its balance back, because such products are quite
aggressive for the skin surface, voilà! this is my personal skin care routine. I
have found that that mix of products works well for me. I will list all those
products below in the description, have a look. I will also add further products
that I’ve tried that I think work too (for me) so that you guys have a bit more
different options, at different price ranges and everything. here’s what I
think: there is no such thing as one brand that works perfectly for you. I
think there are only single products that do what you skin needs at a given
time. so it’s important to keep experimenting. not just for me because
I worked in cosmetics and I just love to shop the cosmetic shelves… but cosmetics
keep improving so it’s worth trying new products from time to time or seeing…
when the climate changes, the season changes, you’re travelling somewhere else…
have a look you might find a product that you like even more than the one
that you’ve been using. thumbs up if you enjoyed this video, thank you very much!!
don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. I upload new videos every
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  • Justine Leconte officiel

    Hi everyone! I hope this video answers your question about I take care of my skin 😊. Products used: listed in the description. If you want further tips, comment below and I am happy to share what I learnt while working in the cosmetics industry 💛. Have a great Sunday!

  • SharonPelton

    Hi Justine, would you consider doing a video about your hair care routine. Your hair is beautiful and looks healthy. Do you do your own hair or do you use a hair salon?

  • Malik Ghanoumer

    hi justine! im surprised you didnt use any conventional products from hyped up brands like Bioderma,Caudalie,the only thing I realised is the brand Nuxe,body oil you used here? is it like a personal preference? or it just work for you or is it just cheaper? haha im just curious.

  • Yuran Fu

    question: do you use nature fruits/ veggies/ coconut oil/ tumeric for face masks? why or why not? also is preservatives in the ingredients a bad thing?

  • Karen Eva Chin

    Hi Justine, would love it if you could do a video for oily skin in hot climates. Thank you in advance ❤

  • Pranali Athalye

    Hi Justin, I have oily skin, so do you any more tips for me? I don't think mi-cellar water will work for me. Your channel is so informative and I am not doing fast fashion any more 🙂

  • lilacinsd

    It feels very contradictive to put stuff on your skin while sleeping since the skin is naturally going to regenerate and heal during the night. I wonder if people who usually use creams during the night stop and compare without products for a while, while having a good night's sleep and everything. I also read that some anti-aging creams work by speeding up the skin's regeneration process, thereby making you addicted to the cream, sounds scary and unnecessary.

  • Aurelie Coussement

    Hey Justine! i love your videos you are gorgeous! please put some thoughts about all the chemichals you are putting on your skin. It's all petroleum oils and a bunch of chemichals. many homonal desrupting chemichals. So bad for your body and for the environment. you can get so many amazing natural produsts nowedays! you should try them! thank you for your great videos!

  • Rebecca van Dorsten

    I just discovered your channel! Loving it.. lived in Paris for about 3-4 years before moving overseas again and fell in love with the Parisian style 😀

  • mariakoszalin

    Can you do Summer beauty routine? also- the more routines the better. I love listening to people talking about skincare 🙂

  • Caroline Chapman

    Merci, Justine! This video is great, and I loved learning more about skincare. I will watch again with a pen and paper 🤓.

  • Yang Liu

    Hi Justine, thank you soooo soooo much for this video. I have been living in France for 6 years and I have NEVER found the right products for me based on advice given by Sephora staff and pharmacists. And in winter my skin gets so dry, but the products that I had either don't hydrate enough or they irritate my skin. I went to try some of the products in the video after watching it and have been using them for a couple of months now and the result is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I cannot thank you enough!!!
    Please please consider doing a similar video for spring and summer please 🙂

  • Alina Munoz

    I am so surprised how budget your skin care products are. Hearing how much French women care about their skin i was not prepared to see nevea or garnier in your video. I always considered them "a poor student" options))).
    Not intended as criticism, but have you considered more eco-friendly, cruelty free and hash-chemical free options instead of the "mass-fashion" ones?

  • Robin Miller

    Does the Nivea pore cleaning product cause problems with mature skin treated every two or three daus with Retin A?

  • Deb InPEI

    The brands you use are some of my favourites and would not be without a good routine, which is possible without spending a huge amount 🇨🇦✌🏻

  • Alison Green

    I would love to learn about your travel skincare routine (especially your thoughts on using a mask inflight)

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    Amazing video , I almost didn't recognize you . I really like your hair pulled back . Beautiful . Thanks for the info. So beautiful I must say it again !

  • Schneeflocke 103

    I really like and enjoy your videos, Justine. They are so informative.
    But i would of thought that your skincare was a little bit more expensive and high quality. This feels like a Garnier advertisement to me.

  • carolinefreak

    I've watched this video about 5 times since it came out – I keep coming back to try out new products as old ones finish up.
    Justine, I must say I do love that eye cream by La Roche Posay – it really made a huge difference for me this winter!
    And I just picked up the Garnier Lift SPF 15 facial cream yesterday to replace my (nearly empty bottle) of Aveeno facial moisturizer with SPF 15. I am really looking forward to giving something new a try after about 2 years straight with the Aveeno (which I am very happy with, by the way).

  • Allyce Blight

    I live in Australia and its very sunny even in winter. The high zinc sunscreens really clog my pores and cause very painful pimples but I need a high SPF. I struggle to get the sunscreen off with my LaRoche cleanser which i think causes the pimples. Without sunscreen my skin is unblemished. Should I just keep trying new sunscreens?

  • Alex delos Reyes

    Hi! I'm a huge fan of your videos! I do have a comment about whitening products being popular in South and Southeast Asia. Many people in these areas think dark skin is "low class" and emulate Caucasian skin, hence the popularity of whitening soaps, serums, moisturizers, etc. It's a really toxic culture, that's been around for the longest time :((

    Just here to say that! Keeping making amazing videos <3

  • Arefunnisa Hussainy

    Dear Justine, I enjoy watching your videos. All your videos has got some great takeaways. Regarding Nose strips – Clenz u Charcoal Nose strips are too good in removing black heads and white heads around nose, chin area. I have oily skin and purchase it from local pharmacy shop in India. Per strip cost less than a dollar and work wonders, removing all that nasty stuff and leaving the skin super smooth.

  • Denise Sheehan

    Insightful regarding the different skin because of our racial heritage. I am Chinese and I just started using Q10 antiaging cream at 50 yo. I used SPF cream since I was 15 and have used whitening products since I was 40.


    Nivea is my all time favorite brand, but I decided not to buy it anymore when i checked the ingredients, and didnt find any natural component. 🙁

  • Sen

    I absolutely agree with your final tip. I use products from so many different brands and am always trying new things to see if they improve my skin. I picked up this habit from my mom. I know you say that a french woman never reveals her secrets so thank you for sharing your routine with us. 🙂

  • Elena Pilipova

    Wonderful video as always 🙏 But I was surprised that you use Not cruelty free brands like Garnier and Neutrogena… I personally do not use products that require torture of animals. It is the same as the fast fashion… And unfortunately most of the products that are being sold in the pharmacies are Not cruelty free 😔

  • Gitte Van de velde

    I have very sensitive combination skin which sometimes suddenly gets oily (as a reaciton on the dryness) and then I have HUUUUGE pores, and even when my skin is dry I already have large pores. It's annoying, for a while I used a shit ton of pore-masking and hydrating, soothing face masks etc. Because I am into zero waste I started to simply use olive oil as a cleanser, which I can get at a bulk store, and my skin…Oooh! Because it's more oily, I do have a little more tiny whiteheads. But I already had those anyway, and they bother me less than dry skin which has some weird oily spots with huge blackheads. I also always use SPF 50 sunscreen when I go outside and daycream with a lower spf (I'm pale) when I don't go outside. I like my current regimen. And of course washing with water.

  • Wendy Malatios

    Hi Justine, I have only just seen this video and was wondering if you think higher end skin care products are really any better than Garnier and Nivea. Just curious. I use a mixture of both. You have beautiful skin 🙂🌸

  • preethythkn

    Hi Justine, I like the colors you are wearing for this video. I like them on you more than the green and orange shades you often have on you in the other videos 🙂

  • The Coquettish

    I use vitamin E and A oil on my face for everything especially on my eyes! I haven’t been using sun block or moisturizers with spf in them so I have to start doing that again. Oh and for dark spots I do lemon and baking soda as exfoliate and cleanser and Purpose soap gentle cleanser and then vitamin E and A as a moisturizer

  • MP Jensen

    Hi Justine, do you have any suggestion for Asian skin with a little more dark complexion and lots of black spots from the sun? When I moved to Northern Europe, my skin get irritated. Very dry, red and itchy. I tried different products, and now I am okay with Clinique hydrating creme for my face, but it is still quite red like I always have red blush-on on.

  • MsLadyLilian

    I would advice not to apply finger to the jar just because it better for safety from bacteria As esthetician I was trained to do so fro my clients .Just use wood stick .

  • Christine Angel Harris-James

    Hello, when you wear the spf50 do you wear a powder to hide the shine? Or have you found a good Matt finish sun cream?

  • Monika

    My chemistry teacher taught us that in Russia the water has more magnesium and that makes soap foam better, which might dry the skin of hands it is more difficult to wash – you need more water. I guess it depends not only on the weather – but on the water mainly. Like, in Belgium the water is pretty horrible – there's too much calcium that crystallises and sets on the pipes and taps and such. The water there is pretty bad (the soil too reminds more clay and sand rather than black nutritious soil), that's why, I guess, nobody drinks tap water there and encourages to buy it.

  • Dottie Ndots

    I use spf 50 on all the exposed skin, whenever I leave the house – face, neck, chest (we call it decolteu in my country), hands, feet. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, middle of the day or close to dawn.

  • Gandalf4568

    Hi Justine, you say in your video that you use a sun protection every day, even in deep winter. Sun protection is very greasy. How can you stand that on your skin? I use Vichy Normaderm for my sensitive acne skin. A cleaner and a day and nightcreme. But I almost never use sun protection. Even in high summer. I'm type 4 skin, so dark (Indian).

  • Mandi

    Thank you for your videos Justine! I have watched many and you're so chic ♥️ I am totally the same using anti ageing products and eye cream from a young age. My mum always tried to instill good beauty habits. I had never found a good solution for blackheads beforehand but I've been oil cleansing with jojoba oil for a few months now and when I had a facial recently they commented on how clear my pores were. You should try it! It makes your skin feel really nourished and moisturised and really soft. 😊 I only do it at night though because it's not good to do before going out in the sun. I am 32 and have now become more regimend in my spf application as my skin is much more prone to discolouration now 😑 the sun is also very harsh here in Australia and I was very lazy applying sunscreen when I was in my 20s 🙃

  • M M

    Would love an update on your skincare routine since the choices here were truly saddening and I'm guessing you moved away from most of these products?

  • evelyn baron

    I love your videos!!!!! The little research I did living in Canada regarding hands supported the idea of glycerin-based hand creams, but I also read that if you moisturized constantly it backfires, so I only use hand cream in the morning and evening. Not sure if this is supported by the science. Also in centrally heated environments indoors, skin will dry out, and I found a very simple small humidifier with built-in HEPA filter for dog and cat fur, placed in my bedroom made a big difference this winter. Not expensive at all, and possible to put a drop or two of lavender or rosemary oil, or eucalyptus if a winter cold may be on the way without harming my dog and cat. The moisturizers that are suddenly very popular on contain hyoluric (sp, sorry) acid and usually a bit of vit C and E. I know the body produces this substance but it slows down drastically as we age; but it is dependent on a neutral, not over dry environment to work as it's purpose is to hold available moisture in the environment. So yes I walk around with an Evian mister which does not disturb my makeup in those places during the day. I learn so much from each one of your videos, thank you so much for your unflagging generosity and good will. (My mother, a holocaust survivor, was born in Berlin and I can understand the culture shock — she loved going back; it's a city very much like New York … but not — how to describe? Would love a video on that subject!)

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    Hi Justine! Only recently I came across your channel and I've been binge watching all your videos since then. I found it wonderful that we share pretty much the same skin routine and principals. Looking after my skin is engraved on my approach to life and my personal wellbeing. And I agree when you say that less is more and that it is wiser to prevent than fix damages, so I too prefer extra nourishing creams and/serums and started using anti-ageing products since my early twenties. The result: I turn 40 this year and not a wrinkle to be seen. I personally am a big fun of Nuxe (l'huile prodigieuse I use on my hair over night as well), Rodial, Pixi and now i'm treating myself to Filorga for the big 4 – 0. Your channel is amazing and a true inspiration, unfortunately there are not many comprehensive vloggers for men's skincare. Still a bit of a taboo. I might have to start my own 😉

  • Sloan Chessman

    Hi Justine, thank you for sharing this video, and the products that you use. My grandmother and my mother both used Nivea Creme (the German formula) on their face and neck every night before going to bed. They never ever put soap and water on their faces, instead they used Pond's cold cream to cleanse their faces…and they both had the most amazingly beautiful skin. I've been caring for my skin the same as my grandmother and my mother since I was 12 years old…I am now 54 years of age, and no one believes me when I tell them my age….I have no wrinkles, and I believe it's because of the way I care for my skin,as well as the products I use. What do you think of Nivea Creme and Pond's Cold Cream?

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  • Nadia Dima

    Just a quick tip – pores don't open and close. People get confused a lot about that. It's just that the warm water softens the gunk that is in the pore making it easier to remove.

  • Ann Oldham

    I totally agree with the French philosophy of having a good canvas. This is my routine. Evening remove makeup with baby lotion. Remove excess residue with simple toner. Apply thin layer of Nivea soft moisturizer. In the morning, repeat toner and moisturizer process after splashing face with lukewarm to cool water. 😊

  • Daphne van Emmerik

    Dear Justine, thank you so much for all the information you share here on YouTube. I only discovered your videos recently and I can't stop watching 🙂 You are so inspiring!
    I don't know whether it is allowed to put a link here, but there is a very interesting website about safe skincare and the tips from that website helped my skin to become much more relaxed than it has ever been before. Core of the message: choose products that do not contain any ingredients that could do your skin (or body) harm. This means no parfum in it and another list of ingredients.

  • Juliana Pettinati

    I live in Brazil, where most people are black, indians and white mix, but I have caucasian skin (italian grandparents) and it is very difficult to protect it here. I use not just spf but always a hat too, when I go outdoors. And even with all this prevention, I have some freckles indeed. The clearer the skin, the most intense the skincare has to be…. And my skin is oily too, so I have always a thermal water in my purse, that mantains the skin hydrated, but not so oily (less pimples 😉). ☺️
    Hugs and kisses from Brazil, Justine! I love your channel! 😘🤗🥰

  • TheKaitlin123456

    This video is great! I am also a fan of Garnier but as my supply dwindles, I have been trying to find comparable products that do not test on animals. Would you be able to do a video on Cruetly free skin care products?

  • Gina-Marie Ourganjian Cheeseman

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  • Rocky Mountain Mama

    I totally love how you wash with just water, this is also my method, and very important! Speaking here from Colorado in the US.

  • HL Rose

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  • Nina Peiter Carballido Mendes

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  • ivanfig1

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  • Lethia Page

    I spent many many years and a lot of money experimenting with hair, face, and body products. Everything was either too expensive, too fussy, disappointing, or I grew to like it and then they changed it. I also started becoming sensitive to things, mostly scents. Its a game I gladly quit playing. I did that by deciding that rather than sniffing my way through I was going to start reading labels and researching companies? Then I decided I was willing to pay more for better quality and more ethical companies…and simpler more versatile products.

  • Lethia Page

    I semi agree with the wrapup? No product suits every single person but if you look for things that are simpler it will usually help more people than a highly customized one. I'm a huge fan of Castile soap. I can use it all over my body and even all over my house. Very few products can say that but to get those kind of answers you have to strip back all the fancy stuff look at the ancient ways. There used to be a lot of overlap between food, medicine, toiletries, cleaning products. Water, soap, salt, olive oil, honey, rose, lavender, almonds, rosemary, hibiscus, coconut, citrus, lavender, vinegar, baking soda. Etc. I'm not saying modern advances are all worthless but we didn't have to brag about the things that really worked because they spoke for themselves! Now we have special products for this and that and most of it is unnecessary division to make us by more or feel superior.

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