My Skincare Routine – Dry/Flaky Skin
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My Skincare Routine – Dry/Flaky Skin

Hey guys! Before I start please excuse the echo-y-ness
because I wanted to film in the brightest room of the house and least noisest and this
was kinda the best I can do. So anyway~ I will be sharing my current skincare
routine and I’ve been using this routine for the past 2-3 months and I’ve saw dramatic
differences of my skin texture, tone – just the overall LOOK of my skin. And Ireally feel like this routine has helped
me achieve the best skin I’ve had ever had. And it really targets the dry, flakiness so
it’s perfect for those that are suffering from it as well. And I think it’s great for transitioning seasons
because when the weather acts funny so does my skin so maybe this routine will kinda help
with that. So let’s get started! So first things first. I feel like knowing how to clean your face,
remove make is really important and so there is 3 products that I usually use for it. Sometimes I use all 3. Sometimes I use just 1 or 2 so it’s just really
up to you and how you’re feeling, but the ones I am using – This is the Banilico Clean
it Zero. THIs has been raved about by so many youtubers
and I finally got a chance to try it out and I really, really like it. It’s like a cleansing balm and you just scoop
alittle of the product and then you kind of massage it into your face and just keep massaging
until you can get as much makeup off as possible. I feel like it does a pretty good job but
Istill do a double ceansing so after that usually do use a cleanser but before we get
on to cleansers. I want to mention the other makeup removers
I use. I use this Target brand eye makeup remover
but I din’t use it for my eyes because it’s just WAY to oily or greasy feeling? for my
eyes and I always end up rubbing them. So I mainly use this to remove my lipstick
– I feel like this is awesome to remove lipstick and I usually use a cotton pad with this and
ya know – wipe my lipstick and usually all of the product comes off so I like it for
that purpose. And then on days when I am wearing tinted
moisturizer r when I am too lazy to you know get water to wash my face and stuff like that. I use this cleansing wipe/facial wipe and
it’s a Simple one. I think I already talked about this but I
really like it – it makes me feel like I’m cleaning my face better if I am using foundation
that day so I can you know feel lit rubbing off so yeah. That’s what I use to remove all my makeup. Once I’m done with that I move on the cleanser. The cleanser I usually use is actually a scrub
– it’s the Clinique 7 day scrub. I don’t use this everyday but I do use it
maybe 2-3 times a week and I feel like it’s gentle enough to use it that much and because
I have flakiness – that means I have a lot of dead skin cell build up so maybe that’s
what caused the flakiness so I just exfoliate my face a little bit more and I LOVE this. This is fragarance free and I actually got
a travel size thingy. These two are together and I’ll talk about
this later. Yeah. I just squeeze about a pea size amount and
then just cleanse my face. Because I’m almost out of this and Ireally
liked this. I went ahead and bought the full size version
as well. And then the other cleanser I use – but Idon’t
use it as oftern anymore is this Aveeno foaming cleanser. This is still my go to cleansers because I
really like how light and great it is for everyday use but I don’t use it everyday anymore. I mainly use this during the mornings. My skin care routine is more towards the night
time routine so in the morning I don’t really do anything excessive to my face except maybe
moisturizer but on days that when I wake up and feel like my skin is just way too flaky
and I just don’t like how it feels I usually cleanse my face with this and then afterwards
I would use my serum and apply one of my moisturizers. So that’s it for cleansers so let’s move on
the serums/essences I’ve been using. Okay, usually I
use this right after Ifinish cleasning my face but sometimes I would use a toner beforehand. The toner I use is the wonder Pore one and
I don’t have it with me today cuz I think I used it up and someone threw it away or
maybe I mispleaced it somewhere – I can’t find it so Ihaven’t used it in the past month
but for the previous months Ihave used that and then use this. This is the Missha essence and Iheard that
it’s very similar to the SK-II one so Iwas really excited to try this out and you really
don’t have to use too much of this. You just use maybe 3-4 drops onto your palm
and you just pat it into your face and that’s the perfect amount and I think this may have
made a BIG difference with hydrating my skin and evening out my texture – skin texture
as well. I highly HIGHLY recommend this. It also doesn’t have a strong scent. I’m just really happy that I discovered this
product and I recommend it to anyone that is interested in this cuz you definitely would
not regret it. So after the essence Iusually use either a
face mask or an eye mask. For face mask I usually use sheet mask from
Etude House or THE FACESHOP. My favorite are the ones from the FACESHOP. I don’t have any with me right now cuz I apparently
used it all already and I’m supposed to pick up my Etude HOuse ones today which I just
remembered. So yeah. Iusually use a face mask or an eye mask and
the eye mask that I’ve been using almost every night is this one. This is my Petitfee. Idon’t know how to pronouce it. It’s the black pearl and gold hydro – hydrogel
eyemask and it has 60 pieces. So this is how it looks like and I just appy
it on my under eyes when I’m done using the essence and I’ve been using it almost every
single night because I feel like it really helps hydrate my eye area and it decrease
some of the creases I had under my eyes which is REALLY good. Also another reason why I’ve been using it
almost every single day is because after you open it – you have 2 months to use it up so
I don’t want it to go to waste. I do recommend for you to share it with someone
– I share it with my sister and yeah that’s what I use for my eye mask. And them usually have my facial mask or eye
mask I apply my moisturizer. For night time the moisturizer I really like
using is this one. This is the Clinique dramatically different
moisturizing lotion and it’s for those that have dry to dry-combination skin and I find
that this is really, really essential ’cause it really does hydrate my skin and usually
when I use this the next morning my skin texture is a lot smoother and I just feel like I look
so much healthier and so much hydrated so I’m really happy about this but I don’t know
if I’ll continue to use this like during the summer time because it might be too heavy
for my skin but for now I’m gonna use this up and see how it goes towards you know when
it gets warmer and see how my face reacts to it but for right now I really, really like
it and I highly recommend this so if you guys are hesitant just buy the travel version and
test it out and see if you like it. I think I got these for about $10 at Sephora
so check them out. Then for daytime depending on how my skin
feels I would use either the Clinique one or I would use the Neutrogena one and I already
talked about this in my last favorites video and it’s quite light and it absorbs really
easily and it doesn’t have a scent so I recommend this. This is a drugstore brand so you can find
it almost anywhere. And yeah! That’s my moisturizer collection I guess. And for the morning I usually don’t get ready
as soon as I wake up unless I have work that day or whatever but usually when I finish
brushing my teeth and everything I would use one of those moisturizers and then layer on
a day I need to go out or go to work or whatever it is. Iwould apply sunscreen and I’ve been using
this Aveeno moisturizer. It has SPF in it – SPF 30 and I use this on
top of the moisturizer so it can protect my skin and again I mentioned this in my last
favorites video and I’m still using it and yeah I really like it and I feel like it does
help smooth out my complexion and evening out my skin tone as well. Basically that is my skincare routine so the
steps are remove makeup, cleanse my face, then toner and then essence then some type
of mask and then moisturizer and if it’s day time – I use moisturizer with SPF. And yeah! I feel like all those products really helped
to achieve my skin right now. And I cannot stress enough of how important
it is to also eat healthier ’cause during this time period – because I knew my skin
was really dry I’ve been drinking a lot more water or a lot more liquids and I basically
cut out junk food. I din’t do it intentionally but like I wasn’t
feeling junk food for some reason so I’ve been eating more fruits. SO drinking more liquids – drinking more water
and eating more fruits also contributed to my skin health so Ijust wanted you guys to
keep that in mind ’cause everything is not topical it’s also from within so yeah! HOpefully, all these products I mentioned
and a few tips I mentioned helped you guys to achieve the best skin you guys can get
and I feel like I’m sounding kind of preachy and kind of cliche right now but I, really
really stand by these products and I really am so happy that I figured out a routine to
help my skin issues and I really hope that this does help those that are suffering the
same type of skin issues as me. SO YEAH. HOpefully, this video was helpful and if you
guys have any questions I’ll try my best to answer it and until then. I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye~


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