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Hey guys, welcome
back to my channel as you can see we are
not in my typical Beauty room. We are in my bathroom. So today we are doing
a skincare routine. So you’re going to see all
the products that I use for my current skincare. And yes, we’re going to go
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ahead and get right into this skin care routine. Skincare the first thing I do when doing my skincare is
a rip off my eyelashes. Well, not literally rip off but I take off
my eyelashes because honey when you have my eyelashes y’all by the end of the day it
is time to take them off honey. I don’t want nothing
to do with I don’t want to see no eyelashes. I want them off. So I just go ahead
and take them off and I just like
to lightly pull it off and then I do
the other side as well. And normally I just
leave them in my bathroom and when I’m ready
to apply them again, then they’re in here
and I have to come get him. So I don’t know if any of y’all do
that as well. But that’s what I like to do. Okay, so next in
my skincare routine. I like to use makeup remover
wipes walk taking off my makeup. I don’t personally like using
like a bomb or anything. So the ones that I have
in my bathroom today are the equate nighttime
soothing makeup remover wipes. Sometimes I use these
and sometimes I use the Neutrogena kindness
in a blue pack as well. I just kind of alternate
whichever ones that I have and these are the ones
that I have in my bathroom. So I’m going to use these
to take off my makeup. I normally get one wide
and I just go ham on my face. I just start removing
all this makeup off. I made sure to go up under my neck because sometimes
I drag the foundation down my next you want
to make sure you are removing that as well and you’ve got to make sure you
are taking care of your neck. I know that’s something
a lot of people forget that they just worried
about taking the makeup off of their face, but you got to take care
of your neck honey. Your neck is the first place
that shows that you are aging. I make sure that everything
that I do with my face I do to my neck as well
just to make sure that it stays tight and it stays plump
and looking youthful. Okay. So for eye makeup, I like to sometimes
take off my eye makeup with the Garnier
micellar cleansing water and I will just use
a cotton round and pour this on and then just gently
wipe off the eye makeup. I just feel like this is
a better process than using the makeup remover while because it’s
more gentle on your eyes. So I’m just going to go ahead and pour some of that
on the Cotton round and just let it sit
on there for a little bit. And then just wipe
the excess makeup ball. Okay, so that’s dirty. Cop around number one and then
I just pour some more for the other side. Let that sit. Make sure you removing
all of their mascara and eyeliner off of your top
and bottom lash line. So another product that I like to use
in my skincare routine when I’m kind of on one
of those lazy days where I don’t feel like doing a whole skin care routine
and not you know, you’ve been out all night, but you know, you got to take off your makeup
because you do not want that junk to get all
over your bed sheets and stuff. So what I use is
the Olay daily facials and I haven’t in
the daily hydrating clean and this is a five and
one cleansing power and it removes makeup. It scrubs is a toner mass
and a cleanser all-in-one. Like what more
could you ask for? I really enjoy
using these products when I just don’t feel
like doing my whole routine, but I need to make sure
I’m cleaning my skin to the best of their ability
and making sure it is all out. So these I find are very helpful
in my skin is really clean after I use these as well. So you have not tried
these I really recommend these These are great especially
for those lazy days. Okay, so we have removed
majority of the makeup but yard and ho that they’re still make up
in my pores in my deep skin. So we have to make sure
that we get that out. So we do not break
out or anything. So next I like to go in
with a cleanser the cleanser that I’ve been using has been
the kills Ultra facial cleanser and this is for all skin types. I really like this cleanser because it is not make
my skin feel dry or crappy after I use it
and with somebody that has dry skin. That is what I look for
when using a cleanser. So I really enjoy this formula and very light
on the skin as well and it doesn’t make
my skin feel irritating things. So I really like
this cleanser so I like You wet my face
before doing the cleanser. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and wet my face real quick. And I’m going to go ahead and apply my cleanser
alone over my skin. And I just like
to work this in first. So next I use my Derma brush and I like to just work in
that cleanser all over my skin so I can make sure it is getting
all of that donkey makeup out. We do not want
any like over makeup. Make sure you’re
doing your neck. Okay. So now the times for rent and I like to do it with kind
of warm water not very cool and we’re just going
to rinse off the cleanser. So that’s what I’m doing. So now let’s a paragraph. Okay. So now we have
cleansed our phase and we have patted it dry. Next. I like to go in with a toner
to the toner I’ve been using is the only Henderson glow
dark spot toner. I really enjoy this as well. It helps with making
my skin look glowy as well as I have a couple
of dark spots on my skin when I break out I tend
to get some dark spots. So this also helps
to lighten those spots up. So that is why I like
using this toner. So I just like to take
the toner and pour it on a little cotton pad. So now I just like
to rub it around my face and I just like to put
my toner everywhere and especially on the places that I have dark spots as well. I make sure to Target at so I
have some dark spots right here and then I also have
some right here. I can see you can still see
there was still a little bit of makeup on my skin even after we cleanse worked
it through and now that we’ve done toner, there are still a little bit
of makeup and that just also helps to remove it as well. Another tired that I also
like to use the I didn’t do it in my routine as well. I kind of go between the both
of these but it’s also the kills Ultra facial toner. This is also directed
to all skin types and I really love
this one as well. So I definitely go
between the two and this is another one
that I really enjoy. Okay. So after we’ve cleanse we have tone and now I like to get into
my Search terms so a certain that I’ve been using lately. It’s been the Sephora C
+ e super serum in this has vitamin c and e in it and I just feel like this makes my skin look
extremely glowing and hydrated. Rated and I love
this product so much and it is Affordable in y’all know serves are
not affordable at all. They are you are definitely
going to be spending some coin when buying a sermon but I actually found
this sir Massa for for a $20 now that is a good still and you get a good
amount of product because you only need a couple of drops apply all
over your face. So I just like to open this up. Put some in the little dropper and then I just like to drop
this all over my face and then I just work it in. And then I’ll let
you take what’s left. Put it on both of my hands and make sure to apply
it on my neck. And you want to work up
in upward motions because you don’t want
to drag downward on your net because it creates wrinkles. You just want to make sure
you are pushing it upward. Okay. So now after we have applied our serum you can see our skin
is glowing and that is what I like to see. I like to see my skin started
to look Plum look very hydrated. And yes, so you can see we got
that glow going. So now we’re going to seal that in with our moisturizers
and our eye creams. Okay. So for moisturizer, I’ve been using
another kills product and it is the ultra facial cream as you see I’ve been using
a lot of kills products, but I really enjoy
their products so much so I find with this. Moisturizer that it leaves
my face feeling very hydrating. That is what I like. So I just like to
take a little scoop and then I just like to dot
this all over my face and then I just like to work it
in and circular motions. And make sure that I get it all over my face
as well as don’t miss your neck. Put it on my neck. And it just gives you
that instant hydration and my skin just
feels amazing right now. We are glowing look
at that glow. Okay, and now for eye cream, I’m going to be using
the Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado. I really like this and it has
like a green little tint to it. So I like to take a little scoop and I like to place
it underneath this. I place it underneath that. I like that then I like
to take my two fingers and I just like to tap
this product underneath my eyes because this area
is very delicate. So you just want to be
very gentle when applying this underneath your eyes and you just want to do it
with a little tap motion and I just let the Little
bit sink into my skin so I can make sure that underneath my eyes
is very hydrated. So when I use concealer
the next day and powder it is not look dry or anything
and that isn’t it for anybody that has a dry skin let
your product sit and soak into your skin. So it is Plumping and refreshing your skin
and that’s what I like to do. And I really realize that it makes a difference
with my makeup application. It just helps make
everything go under smoothly and it doesn’t keep my eyes
looking dry underneath and that is something
that I hate. So and I try to prevent
that at any cost. So I just make sure that the product
is sinking in now. We have got all
our moisturizing everything on so the last thing we
cannot forget is our lips. I hate having Your eyelids
if you know me, you know this I keep like three
or four lip balms in my purse at all times in my car. So I have to make sure that before I go to bed my lips or moisturize and they are going
to wake up and be plumped and looking juicy. So the product that I
absolutely love hands down. This is Bomb y’all. I am obsessed with
all their products. But this is the Laneige
lip sleeping masks. I swear by this product your lips are going to feel
like a baby’s butt after you put this on. This is such an amazing product and it has a little pink tint
to it when you apply, but that is okay. I just did my finger
into the product. It came with a little
like Scooby thing, but I lost So I just dip
my finger in and then I just apply it onto my lips. At that time I go
a little bit heavy when applying this product
just to make sure that throughout the night my
lips continue to stay hydrated and this product
is definitely staying on there and soaking into my lips when I wake up the next day. They are hydrated. So that is my skincare routine. I hope this routine
can be helpful for anybody that has dry skin or are looking
for new products to use while doing their skincare. I really swear by this product
and I really enjoy using them as you can see. It makes my skin look
very hydrated and glowing. I really enjoyed doing a video that was a little bit different
than sitting in my beauty real. So let me know if you like to see these types
of different videos as well as let me know what are some products that you are using
in your skincare routine. Go ahead and comment that below so I can see what kind of You
guys are using and some things that you might recommend to me. Don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button if you haven’t already and turn
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every time I post a video and I will see you guys
in my next video. Bye love.

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