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My Makeup Routine For Problem Skin Days | Zoella

Hello everybody! Today I decided to do a makeup look. Now normally when I film a makeup look, I’ll wait for my skin to look semi-okay. We all know I have problematic skin at the best of times, but when I feel like I’m having a good skin day is usually the day I will decide to sit down and do a makeup video. So when I looked in the mirror this morning and realised that today was not my lucky day and my skin had blessed me with its lovely problematic ways, I didn’t want to film the video. And then I had a little sit down with myself, and I thought, No. I am going to film the video because a) so many people have problematic skin whether that is acne or a reaction or hormonal breakout there are so many people across the world who will be watching this who will be having similar issues to me. And I don’t generally get very self conscious about my skin because im aware that lots of other people have skin issues too, but I felt particularly self conscious today and I wasn’t going to do it, and then I thought, I am going to do it because this is what I would do in order to cover up my skin today. Like, this is me doing my makeup on a problematic skin day. So this is the look I have done today. I really hope you guys enjoy the video. So the first thing I am going to do in my *funny voice* big-back-bug bag of tricks in my big bag of tricks, is put on a little bit of the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream. I have quite dry lips at the moment, so this is the only thing that sorts that out, basically. The taste and the smell of this always reminds me of going on holiday, because I always put this on, on the plane. Since I’ve already washed, prepped, primed, moisturised, etc. my skin it is time to start with my foundation. The foundation that I like to wear when I’m having a bit of a troubled skin day, or week, or month, is this, which is the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. This is 24-hour wear, full coverage, transfer resistant matte finish. I’ve tried the classic Estee Lauder Double Wear, but I personally don’t get on with it as much as I know so many other people do. So, once I tried this, this was a complete life saver for me, because I feel like the coverage of this is insane. It’s just what you need on days when you’re not feeling as, like, skin confident. And I am using a Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply that. I think this foundation is a smidgen on the light side for me, as you can see. I mean it matches my neck, to be fair but I generally like to be a little darker on the face so I am going to bronze it up, don’t worry. As you can see, that’s one pump. I’ve still got so much on my hand. That was, like, half a pump of that foundation. It’s really great. I’m going to just put a tiny bit more on, like, the areas where I think I need it a bit more. Next, I have a selection of concealers. I haven’t actually decided which ones I’m going to use yet. I have two more of the Kat Von D concealers. I also have the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, which is great. It’s really, like, full coverage, perfect for, kind of, more spotty days. And also this for under my eyes, and I’m not going to lie, I have something in my eye right now. I feel like these might be slightly too… light, but let’s try this one. I’m just going to put a little bit of it on the back of my hand. Yeah, that’s quite light. And then using this, which is one of my all time favourite Real Techniques brushes. This is the setting brush. I don’t use it for setting, I use it for concealer. Rebel. And I’m just going to dip that on the concealer. When I have some, like, problem areas, I like to put concealer on the back of my hand, because I feel like dipping it on your face and then putting it back in the tube is probably not the best for your skin, so I make sure I have as clean brushes as possible, this one was fully clean, that my makeup’s as clean as possible, that my skin is as clean as possible, that my hands are as clean as possible, and, that you’re not putting product straight from the tube onto your face. It does make a lot of difference. Also, changing your pillow cases. So, I’m just going to pop this on some areas, like around my nose. Okay, I’m just going to put a tiny bit more on the back of my hand, and I’m going to mix it with a little bit of the Urban Decay Naked Concealer,
because that’s slightly darker in shade And then blend them on my chin. My chin is always my main problem area. Basically, my chin… hates me. And I hate it. *chuckles* Okay, I’m happy with that. I’m just gonna do a tiny bit more. Okay. There we go. Now I’m going to pop this Bobbi Brown corrector under my eyes, and I feel like it’s fine to do this if it’s under your eyes. That’s not where my spots are, so… just gonna dab that… under here. My makeup artist uses this on me at shoots, and every time she uses it, I’m like, ‘Ugh, I need to order that.’ So I ordered it. It’s really great. Now I’m gonna do a little bit of Lasting Perfection Concealer. I do definitely feel like when my skin is a bit more problematic, I take a bit more time to… make sure the base is perfect before doing anything else on top. ‘Cause you can’t build a house without the foundations. And you can’t… do your makeup… without a good foundation. Okay. Well, I’m well and truly… concealed. Conceal, don’t feel. I am using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder. I don’t want too much of this, because I feel like… when my skin’s like this, I like to feel kind of dewy. You know? Whoa. Whoa, it’s like… going everywhere. This is the Real Techniques point XXXL. That’s a lot of Xs. It’s the softest brush I have ever felt. And I love it. I feel like the most important areas are the ones where you know your makeup’s gonna come off first, so for me, again, it’s my trusty chin. *chuckles* Me and my chin need to learn how to get along, I think. ‘Cause this ain’t workin’. There we go. Okay, so we’re powdered. Next thing… I tend to do… is my contour. So this is my favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette. And the one that I like to use is this one in the middle, it’s kind of like a… good in-between shade from the other two. And I’m gonna use… this brush, which is a Sigma Soft Blend Concealer Brush. which I’m gonna use for contour. What would you do if I just left it like that? And then you’re good. I like this look. Then you wanna blend it. *chuckles* ‘Cause as much as we love a chiseled cheekbone, it’s much better blended than not blended. Now I’m gonna do a bit of bronzer. I’m going to use this one, which is the Marc Jacobs… I always forget what it’s called. Marc Jacobs Tantric 102, which is, like, my favourite matte bronzer right now. Still. Love it. And I’m gonna swirl my big… XXL brush in it. Give it a bit of a shake, ’cause there’s a lot of product on there. And then I’m just gonna sweep it. What did I decide for blusher? Ooh. Yes. I’m gonna use this, which is the Hourglass… Incandescent Electra Lighting Blush. And I am using my Charlotte Tillbury Powder and Sculpt Brush. I’m just gonna… pop a bit of that on there. Give it a little tap off. And just pop some of that on the apples of my cheeks, and bring it up. Now because this already sort of has highlight in it, I don’t feel like I need to do… much more with the highlight, but I am gonna just add a tiny bit, because this highlight’s really beautiful. And it is the Becca Moonstone Highlight. No, this is Opal. And I’m gonna pop a little bit of that in there, tap it off, Ooh, look at that. If you’re a little bit scared of putting highlighter over any spots you’ve covered, or, like, bumps, or anything, because sometimes the highlighter can, like, accentuate it, then I would just skip that part if I was you. I for certain- for certain? I certainly wouldn’t be putting highlight on my chin, which is where my problem area tends to be anyway, so my cheeks for me are fine to put highlight onto, but I know that some people can get a bit scared of highlight, um, when it’s over bumps that they’ve got, because it does sort of accentuate it, but do you know what? I just think highlight’s pretty nonetheless. What else do I need to do here? I wanted to keep my eyes fairly simple. So I’m gonna use the Charlotte Tillbury, uh, Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet Pencil. I love these pencils so much. If you want to do very quick, easy eyes, you need these pencils. They are fab. So I’m just gonna draw that on my eyelid. And it doesn’t matter if it looks terrifying now, because it will look fine when you’ve blended it. Wow. And I’m just gonna do a tiny bit underneath. Can you actually imagine if I left it like this? 217 brush. I am now going to blend this. A lot. Now I’m gonna do my eyebrows, because I always feel like your eyes look crazy… without having done your brows, and your brows look crazy without having done your eyes. so I’m gonna do it halfway before being finished with my eyes. Um, I’m using the New Look Shape & Define Kit. Which actually comes with tiny tweezers, and a tiny little brow comb, which is quite cute. And I’m also using my MAC 266 Angled Brush. And I’m gonna just dip… a little bit in all of them. This is actually a wax, so I might do the powder first and then do a bit of wax on top. But… my brow colour is somewhere between these two, so I just… kind of dip it in both. And then I’m just lightly filling in… any of the really, like, obvious brow gaps that I have. ‘Cause even though I’ve been trying to grow my brows for, like, two years now, they always like to grow down here, but never where I need them to grow. But isn’t that just the eyebrow way? One brow done. One brow not done. Okay. There we go. And then I have this really cute little Delilah Brow Shape Defining Brow Gel, which I just want to run through… Just so they stay in the right place. Back to my eyes. Okay. I’m just gonna add a little bit of definition to the overall, like, shadowing. So I’m just gonna put a slightly lighter colour in the inner corner. And that colour is going to be this one, which is called Vermeer. It’s like a very light, kind of pinky colour. And where’s my brush gone? Gonna just use the same brush, and I’m just gonna blend a tiny bit of that, just to give a bit of light to the inner corner. Wowza. That actually does make a huge difference. And I’m just gonna just use this dark brown matte shade, just to blend in the crease. And there we go. Now I’m gonna do… my… *growly noise* that was my stomach. Now I’m gonna do my liquid liner. This is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. I love it. I always start this in the middle, and go out. Done. This one’s always so much harder, and I can’t talk while I do it! Okay, we’ve got one going up higher than the other. But I don’t care. *chuckles* Because I ain’t doing that again. Mascara time! It’s, like, my favourite time. I am using my fave. Uh, Maybelline Lash Sensational, ’cause I love it. Look at the difference. Crazy. There we go. Mascara all done, and I’m just gonna put a little bit of that on my bottom lashes as well. There we go. And… now all that’s left is to do a lip. Now, I am toying up whether to go for the Kylie Jenner Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the colour Charm, or my Stila liquid lipstick in the colour Angelo. Admittedly, they’re both exactly the same. But I still can’t decide. Let’s go for a Kylie Jenner, shall we? Hmm… no, that’s too orangey. Not feeling that. Okay, because I changed my mind, I’m now going to put this on top, which is Aquarius 2, which I have to say is not so dissimilar. But less, like, peachy pinky, I think. This is the lip colour I have been obsessed… with. Mm. I was gonna do a gloss, but I actually don’t think I wanna do a gloss. I think I’m happy with it just like this. So, take my funny little hair bauble out. Sort my hair out. So there you go, that is the finished look! This is my makeup when I’m having a problem skin day. I really hope you guys enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up if you did! Even if it just reassured you that you are not the only one who will have bad skin days, and when they strike this is how I deal with it. And I will see you again very very soon! Bye!


  • Catriona Thomson

    this is unbelievably helpful! I love this look as I have a very problematic skin and never know how to fully deal with it. Maybe a future video idea would be like tips and tricks for clearer skin or how to deal with having problematic skin? just something I would love to see xx

  • Radical609 aqsomw

    this is actually amazing can u do all ur tutorials focusing on covering up acne?? i find u so inspirational!!!

  • Rebecca Lutman-Allan

    Zoe finally your one of the first people I have seen do a makeup routine for problem skin days as I have really bad acne and I have trouble to get makeup to cover them up for school. I am very self conscious when it comes to my skin and knowing people like you have bad skin days and don't always pretend to have perfect skin all the time. If you have any more tips on covering up acne please say it in one of your videos even if it is on your vlog channel I would much appreciate it. Thanks xoxo

  • Alana Campbell

    The lush tea tree oil has really helped with my crazy chin breakouts! My scarring has also gone down a lot!

  • Samantha Riz

    Having problematic skin is completely normal but I like a bit of makeup to boost my confidence 😊🙌🏻 Zoe is so pretty! x

  • millz _b

    This is such a nice video to see from a beauty YouTuber. Being confident enough to put this up will give so many people with similar skin problems the confidence themselves to show their true self to people. And trust me I will be using some of these skills on my own skin!! Thanks Zoe 💞❤

  • Boho Bookworm

    I dont know what is up with my skin lately! My one cheek and forehead have got red blotches but I'm using Coverderm foundation which is really high coverage and I'm super happy with it – I also drink a cup of warm water with a tblspoon of apple cider vinegar, a tblspoon of chia seeds and the juice from a lemon and that really is such a good drink for good skin too!!!

  • Aimee Creaser

    How I do my makeup: Primer,Foundation, Concealer, Eyebrows, Powder, Eyes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Blush, Bronzer, Lipstick, Highlight!!!

    How do you like to do your makeup?

  • Fashion lover

    Hi Zoe. I have similar days when my skin doesn't make me feel great. I thought u might want to know that I use "skin active facial wash". It's so useful to prevent future breakouts. Love u xxxxx

  • lovelylinds

    I'm not sure if it's a dupe, but if anyone wants a more affordable eye shadow stick like the Charlotte Tilbury one, Milani has some good ones! I even found them at the dollar store once, but I think full price is like $8. There is a bronzey one like the CT one that is just as pretty! I use it all the time, especially in the summer. Stays on practically all day, even in the water.

  • Daydreamerleblog

    I have skin problems too and it's not easy to live with every day. Fortunately the makeup exists. I have not yet found my perfect foundation. Indeed, on you, it is bluffing.Love and support from France

  • Bhavi G


  • Sasha Kingdon

    I'm so glad that you uploaded this video over the weekend my skin has gotten so bad, I stress over it and it gets worse. also, I love that you use high end make up and drugstore make up in your tutorials. Lastly, does anybody know what moisturizer/primer is great for dry skin because when I put concealer/foundation on my dry bits are even more noticeable xx

  • SimplyKatexo

    highlight on fleek as always ….. love you so much Zoe your my inspiration and I love you to the moon and back

  • Emily Jayne

    I have acne and I hate it ! I get so self conscious anyone reply if you have any skin treatment suggestions for acne !! I use the body shop tee tea products and I also have to take antibiotics because of it so it is really annoying !!! xo 🙁

  • Caitlan Wong

    Find it so inspiring that Zoe isn't afraid to show that she isn't perfect!! Because no one is! We all suffer from bad skin days and it's amazing that Zoe can use her huge platform to show people that it's okay to not depict a perfect lifestyle online. Love you Zoe!!! ♡

  • My Equestrian Journey

    Loved this video zoe it really shows that no one is perfect and has perfect skin ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  • cat warmington

    I loved the fact you didn't wait until you had perfect skin, it helped me as I don't have good skin either, I also liked your editing style xx ly

  • Anel Hernández

    Thanks for making this… I always watch videos of perfect skin people (lucky ones )and sometimes they make me feel bad about mine…. But your intro was so true.. we all have skin troubles even once… so thanks Zoe

  • Lala Lou

    I'm so proud of you that you went from not being comfortable enough to film without make up on to filming a video on problematic skin. You go girl!

  • Daria Hello Skin Glow

    You are so beautiful, as with makeup and without! Sometimes all have skin problems, thats okay.

  • Maria Harrison

    Zoe I love u With makeup and without I think your doo pretty and you don't need to cover anything up ur pretty without and with love u lots x

  • Marija Asmikovica

    ZOOOE I LOVE YOUUUU! Thank you for making videos like this, because it shows us that you are a real and normal person too. lysm! x

  • Alex Kilgore

    My chin is my problem area as well. I'm assuming it's because of anxiety and having extra stress hormones all the time

  • Erin Olivia

    So happy you did this today! This is the first week in years that I've had a bad break out on my forehead so this is so helpful!!

  • Gossip Girl

    Thanks SOOO much for doing this video I've started to get spots/bumby skin and I didn't know what do with it so this really helped me xx

  • Malin Johansson

    I had bad acne about a year ago, but then I stated taking birth-controll pills and my skin just cleared up and I haven't had any acne or even a pimple since! so a tip for all you girls out there who reading this, if you have hormonal acne, try birth-controll

  • ellie

    I do my makeup when I want to not necessarily when I need to. I find makeup heavy on my skin and I hate the feeling of it. However sometimes I enjoy playing around with it. I have a quite large collection of makeup I don't use and it is cluttering my room. I need to keep it though because I do performances UGH😫

  • Kristyna

    my skin is very similar to yours! i have so many scars especially on my chin and have been breaking out! i'm happy that you did this because it'll help a lot of people who feel insecure about their skin just like I do 🙂 x

  • Carlie's Life

    I totally agree with you on the Kat Von D makeup, it's so thick and FULL coverage! I love it but it's quite hard to wear in the summer, especially as I sweat soooo much!

  • Effie Barbalias

    It takes a lot of courage to make a video, especially on a topic which is so sensitive and affects you personally. I would like to say thank you not only for the makeup tips but for the encouragement for those who face problematic skin and those who may be feeling self conscious. I hope those watching who face problematic skin or are self conscious of themselves were able to get some encouragement from this kind and thoughtful video. Thank you Zoe! You're beautiful and I love your videos! <3

  • Bleu _

    Her skin isn't even that bad 😩 my skin is worse than hers, my skin isn't extremely bad but I just get self conscious with and without makeup.

  • Jacqueline Line

    I love that you basically never do fake lashes. It's refreshing seeing a well put together face without having to be bothered with fake lashes.

  • Erin MGM

    Hey Zoe I love ur videos they always brighten my day xx I went to Brighton for the first time last week. I loved it! Also just realised I have the same bday as Nala xx

  • Olivia

    Thank you so much for filming this video even you didn't feel like it. It just goes to show that your skin doesn't have to be perfect blemish free skin to be beautiful

  • Lucy wainwright

    Love this as I am very self conscious and have terrible skin it's nice to know I'm not the only one ps you are the bravest for posting this 💓💓

  • Celeste's World

    I guess I'm lucky for having relatively clear skin. Sure I get a few pimples now and again but other than that, it's all clear. So I always feel bad for those who have really problematic skin and yet here I am but I think we should embrace our skin/complexion for what it is. I hate foundation for the sheer knowledge knowing that I'm covering up my skin, because I like it and that's just me. But yeah, that's all

  • mcbeauty 202

    I'm so proud of you, you made me realize that i dont need to be so ashamed of my skin and acne. You are an inspiration!!

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  • Dayna Brown

    I loved this video! I have bad skin too so it was great to know your tips. Have you ever thought of just not wearing makeup except for special occasions? I started to do that and my skin has really cleared up. Oil of oregano and tea tree oil helps a lot too. You should give it a try or even just try using more natural makeup like Tarte. Good luck!

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