My Glowing Skin Secret – Remove BLACKHEADS & WHITEHEADS | Anaysa

Feel so refresh after get up in the morning we must take care for our skin & health So today I am gonna share with you my daily skincare routine to maintain my skin & health so as to feel that freshness everyday yeah feel little sleepy but when I wash my face with Wow skin science Activated charcoal then it makes me feel so refresh its gonna be perfect for all skin types this face wash contains activated charcoal & tea tree oil which gently cleanse & purifies my skin as I need to travel a lot in a metro & also need to do makeup for shoots so this face wash is perfect for me now lets go for YOGA I never forget to carry this yoga mat & a water bottle with me Yoga makes feel so relaxed this is too good for our skin & health wow what a cool breeze blowing here so try out yoga at least once returned back to my home my skin got oily & sweaty after yoga so I use diy face mist oops this got empty ok I’ll make it again so you just need to things to make it first is wow skin science Aloe vera gel & second is water pour 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel in any spray bottle and add half cup of water then mix well and our face mist is ready it contains 99% aloe vera gel means its free from those harmful chemicals you can also use this gel as a hair mask sometimes got blackheads on my nose or chin area due to this pollution so I use wow skin science activated charcoal peel of face mask take a good amount of it on your fingers I had used so many peel of mask but they didn’t work but this peel of mask removes blackheads the aloe vera gel present in it keeps my skin moisturise best part is it doesn’t makes my skin red lets prepare to go for office till this mask is drying meanwhile I’ve my breakfast and read newspapers or magazines now it got dried so need to remove it it has removed blackheads so well so done with my morning work now gonna to have bath again I use the same aloe vera gel which I’ve used in that face mist as I’ve oily so it works well on my skin I just apply kajal & a nude lipstick to get ready for office as I need to do makeup for shoots so like to step out from home with little makeup so got ready for office mostly I travel in rickshaw or in metros so I follow skin care routine so well at home so that my skin fight against that pollution & dirt after returning back to home I feel so tired & most of you don’t take care of their skin which is so dangerous for their skin if i too forget this then might get that pimples or breakouts problems & cause to that I won’t be able to shoot any home remedy or makeup tutorial so honestly I follow my skincare routine daily so after returning back I remove my makeup using micellar water as i don’t want to clog my pores must follow these steps or If you want can remove your makeup with any makeup remover as I told to you earlier need to wash our face twice daily so I wash my face after returning back at home as sometimes only face wash not be able to remove all the dirt from our face so I use wow skin science activated charcoal face mask now you think whats special in this face mask so i tell you that it contains activated charcoal powder which removes all the dirt from our skin pores also it contain liquorice helps in making your skin even tone leave this mask for 10 to 15 minutes on our skin and active on instagram at this time so follow us on instagram so washed out the mask and at the last I never to take care for my lips so guys I daily follow this routine for maintaining my skin and health so if you like this video then hit the LIKE button & share this video as much as you can also do subscribe to our channel Anaysa so will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye

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