My full skin care routine (& how I CURED my acne)

– Hello everyone. Welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if it’s
your first time here. Today I have got a highly requested video. It’s my skincare routine. Firstly, I’m wearing makeup in this video. I’m not trying to trick you into thinking that this is my naked face. However, as I mentioned
in my previous video, I’ve gone through quite
a lot with my skin. I’ve never had diagnosed cystic acne but I had some pretty awful skin years and I’ve managed to come out the other side with very clear skin. I rarely get a spot and when I do I know how to deal with it. So I’m going to talk about all of that with you today and I’m also going to touch on body care as well. I’ll start off by discussing
acne and medication. I’ll then go on to skincare and we can end up with body care,
sun care and stuff like that. But I’m going to talk about
head to toe everything I use, everything that I’ve had success with. I’ve put links to all of the products in the description box. They are affiliate links so, if you make a purchase through
them I’ll get a little bit, a very little bit (laughs) of commission but I’ve never tried that before so I don’t really know how it works, but I hope you don’t mind. Firstly, let’s talk about acne. Now, I think I’ve got
a picture of my acne. It’s not at its peak but
it was close to a flare up. Now, in the UK we have the NHS and they just didn’t take it seriously. All they’d see is oh just go on the contraceptive pill
or try this topical cream and nothing seemed to work for me. And I actually ended up thinking that it was something
wrong with just my hair. Because I’m blonde I get a lot of kind of baby hair all over my face. So I tried shaving it, I
tried waxing it which oh, my face was so shiny afterwards and makeup wouldn’t go on properly. It was dreadful. I was just totally convinced that it was my baby hair follicles
getting infected, because all around here where
the most baby hairs were, or are ’cause they’re still there, I would just gets lots and lots of infected hair follicles and they would go really really pussy, they were impossible to hide, they would scar really badly
and would take ages to go away. I went to see the doctors loads of times. They didn’t really do much for me. I had so many at home treatments, glycolic acid peels,
Stridex pads, the works. In the end I just
thought enough is enough, my job is being on camera. I’m in a new relationship and I don’t want to take my makeup off
in front of my boyfriend and in the end I decided to pay for a private consultation
with a dermatologist. So I went to a skin clinic. It’s like a dermatology chain in the UK. I went to the Milton Keynes one. It took me an hour and a half to get there and I had a 20 minute consultation which cost me well over
100 pounds, which really, that was a big hit on my
monthly income at the time. This was almost exactly two years ago and I just thought this is my last resort before I just accept that I’m gonna have bad skin for the rest of my life. And he gave me two things. He said I will give you perfect skin. I can promise you that. And I was like really? This sounds like an arrogant man just saying that he can cure me. Just pay me loads of money (laughs). And, but he gave me two things. He gave me this and this. The total prescription I think was about, it came to like 60 or
70 pounds in the end. But it was worth it and I’ll
explain why in a minute. He put me on three or, he put me on three months of antibiotics. So these are Lymecycline. I think we started off on Tetracycline, and I was on these. They made my breath smell so bad (laughs) because they would kind of, I’d swallow them and then obviously they were disperse but you
could smell on my breath this. They’re just really really
awful, and it took ages to work. But it cleared up the bacterial infection. And then he gave me this Differin cream. It’s 0.1%. It’s a topical cream that
you apply all over your face. It’s a retinoid. It’s a retinoid acne treatment but it’s also antiaging and it just increases the cell turn over. And these two products in
combination saved my skin. I paid for the first private prescription and then I decided that I was going to at least try and take these to my own doctor and see if he would continue the prescription on the NHS which he did. As I said we were on Tetracycline. We’re now on Lymecycline because
that’s what the NHS offers. I don’t use this anymore but I just kept the box because I wanted to show any of my friends who are struggling with acne that this is what
they need to be getting. I have switched from Differin
cream to Differin gel now. Apparently it’s slightly stronger, but because my skin has
adapted to Differin now, I’m okay to use this and I find this slightly more effective. My skin texture has
changed just incredibly. I’ve gone from wishing I
had someone else’s skin to being proud of my own skin, and just feeling smooth (laughs), and it’s also antiaging so I’ll keep using it for the rest of my life. Well, I’ll keep using a retinoid
for the rest of my life. I don’t know whether it will
be specifically this one. Maybe if I move out of acne territory I can start focusing more on antiaging. But yeah, it’s made more
skin more sensitive. So, I have to be very
very careful in the sun. I get dry patches here sometimes,
but it’s 100% worth it. If you are struggling with acne, I really recommend just
skipping the NHS if you can, going for one consultation
with a private dermatologist and then seeing if you can take that prescription back to the NHS. It’s like a short cut. It’s expensive but I
think 100 pounds plus 60, so I paid 160 pounds,
maybe, we’ll call it 200. I paid 200 pounds for great
skin for the rest of my life. For me it’s worth it. The amount I was spending on products and acne treatments before
completely outweighed what I’ve spent on that
consultation and the prescription. So, those are the
fundamentals of my skincare. They are how they cleared my acne. Now let’s talk about what
I do on a daily basis. I take skincare quite seriously. There quite a few products here. Some of them are quite luxury products and some of them are really inexpensive. So, let’s start with the morning. So the first thing that I do when I get up in the morning is I cleanse my face. And I’m not obsessed with cleansers because as long as they don’t
have a sodium lauryl sulphate in them or anything similar to that, I don’t really mind what they are. It’s just a surfactant,
it’s just a soap isn’t it? You put it on and then you wash it off. As long as it doesn’t strip too much. So you need to look at the surfactants. I always look at the first couple of ingredients on any skincare product. This is the Origins Zero
Oil Deep Pore Cleanser with Saw Palmetto and Mint. Cocoa betaine. Cocoa betaine is also
derived from coconut oil. That’s also a soap agent
or a foaming agent. Those two work really well with my skin. They don’t pull too much of the oil out. They get everything out that I need. So yeah, I’ve really been liking that but I’m not committed to it. I’m, anything with those soap agents in them will be fine for me. Occasionally, so probably once a week max and never here ’cause this
is where I’m sensitive, it’s always up here and maybe on my nose and around here I’ll use an exfoliator, and the only one I will ever use is really really inexpensive. This is 10 pounds but it’s always on offer in Boots so I never really pay more then six pounds for it. It’s from the Botanics
range and it’s called the Radiant Youth Refining
and Micro dermabrasion Polish and it’s just a really
really fine exfoliator. It’s got pumice in it so there are no micro beads although those aren’t even allowed anymore
but that was something I was thinking about
when I was choosing one. The ingredients are really good. This range at Boots is really really good if you want inexpensive naturally derived skincare that avoids parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate
and things like that. I worked in the natural
and organic skincare shop whilst I was at university for awhile. It’s called the Waterloo Body Station and it is the most incredible shop. Everything’s from UK companies. They avoid petroleum and
sodium lauryl sulphate and all the supposedly bad ingredients. So they’re mainly natural
products and if you’re ever in London definitely visit
the Waterloo Body Station. It’s fantastic. But yeah, I’ll use this every now and again but not too hard. Next I use a serum and I
always use a vitamin C serum. My absolute favourite is
the Drunk Elephant one. I’ve tried the, that’s
the C Firma Day Serum. It’s a really potent vitamin C serum and this is for antiaging reasons. I find it quite strong. So, I pat it around here and up here. I don’t put it on my sensitive parts. I often take my skincare down to my neck and my chest area as
well ’cause I don’t want a really beautiful wrinkle free face when I’m older and then like a
horrible saggy neck (laughs). So I’ll pat that on and then
I will religiously use an SPF. I absolutely adore the EltaMD UV Clear. It’s SPF 46 and it’s tinted. I like the tinted one. I don’t notice much of a difference. I’ve tried both the plain
one and the tinted one. Just go for whatever’s cheapest because I have to get this from America, so I get it on Amazon. I’ve linked it down below. But the reason I use this one specifically is because it’s got an ingredient
in it called niacinamide which is just really good for your skin. It’s a form of vitamin
B3 and it’s supposed to help pores and wrinkles and
it’s just good for your skin and my skin has reacted really well to it. And the most important thing
is that it’s not greasy. However, I don’t know
if I’d trust this 100% to provide the sun protection that I need if I’m on holiday or if I know I’m gonna be out in the sun all day. So I also use La Roche-Posay sun care. It’s greasier, it’s thicker but I feel I can rely on it more. So if I’m definitely gonna be outside for long periods of time
then I will use that. It’s their Anthelios range. So we’ve had serum,
we’ve had sun protection, now we just need to lock
everything in with a moisturiser and the one I have been
loving at the moment is the Ole Henriksen and I always wanna say Ole Henriksen, the Ole Henriksen C-Rush
Brightening Gel Cream, or creme. Creme and it’s got lots of vitamin C. It’s got three sources of vitamin C, and it’s just got some really, I love the ingredients he uses. He avoids the bad stuff. I always used to go towards oils however I was noticing that really
thick and oily moisturisers were sort of curdling with my foundation and I use a water based foundation. So I need to use a water based moisturiser for them to go together well. I’ll talk about my
makeup in another video. So yeah, I use this on a daily basis and I pat it all around my face. I don’t touch my eye area and I also pat it down on my neck and
on my chest as well. And I absolutely love it. This range is now available in Boots. I think you do have to order it online. I ordered this online. And I love it so much I
also bought the eye cream. This is the Banana Bright ice cream, ice cream (laughs), eye cream (laughs). I fell head over heels in
love with this as well. This is much thicker in texture. It’s also got vitamin C in it but for me the most important thing is that it lasts a long time. I find that lots of eye
creams are so light, that they just don’t last at all. But this one is thick enough to last but not so thick that I
can’t wear concealer over it. So these are absolute winners for me and I really hope the
range in boots expands because there are lots of
products from Ole Henriksen that are not available in the
UK that I would like to try. Another product that I’ll mention for day, if I know that I’m 100% not going out, perhaps I’ve done my
exercise in the morning and I know that for the rest
of the day I’m staying inside, I will use a little bit of facial fake tan and this is 100% the best
one that I’ve ever used. I love it so much that I bought my beauty therapist a bottle
of this for Christmas. It’s called Eco by Sonya Driver, and it’s their Face Tan Water. And it’s just basically
a self tanning liquid. It’s like water. It smells like roses. I just put it on a cotton pad
and swipe it all over my face and that gives me a really
really healthy glow. I always like to have a little bit of tan on my face and neck and chest. I do use fake tan on my body but I’ll talk about that another time. But yeah, and I can wear it under makeup which is quite good. If I just let it sink in for half an hour and then I can apply
my makeup on top of it. This is a holy grail. I can’t even remember
how I found out about it but I haven’t really
seen many people use it but they need to because it’s
a really really natural tan that doesn’t smell bad and it’s
easy to apply and it works. Right, let’s talk about the evening. So, I’ll normally have
a shower in the evening. So I’ll have a shower in the evening. I’m really into exfoliating but again, I’ve got really sensitive skin. So I use the Burt’s Bee
Baby Shampoo and Wash in original and it just smells beautiful. It’s like a normal baby scent but better. More like oh, I can’t explain it (laughs). You need to try it. But yeah, I’ll put this all over my body and I’ll also put some into these gloves which I got from Soap & Glory
but you can get them anywhere. Don’t pay a lot for these gloves. So yeah, I’ll use these and rub it all into my body and exfoliate. When I get out of the shower,
I’ve got a bit of a routine. First thing I will do is dry body brush. This is falling apart. I don’t use this side anymore. But I will sweep all up towards the heart. This improves circulation and I’ve got terrible circulation anyway, but it also exfoliates as well and I’ll go a little bit on my knees,
a little bit on my elbows. And then I will cover
myself in body moisturiser, and the best one that I’m, the one that I’m loving at
the moment is the Weleda, Weleda, I don’t know,
it’s a natural product, their Baby Calendula Body Lotion and it’s a really thick
lovely moisturiser. And whilst it’s on me before it sinks in, I use this body massager and anywhere where I’m likely to
get a bit of cellulite, or if I have bad circulation there ie, my bum, my thighs, under my
arms, I will massage that really really in and it’s just
cellulite prevention I guess. It’s not something I struggle a lot with. Of course, I do have a little bit. So using that to combat it I’ve noticed that it hasn’t got worse (laughs). So, (laughs) maybe it’s
for nothing, who knows? And then obviously I
will was my face again with the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser. Or whatever I’m using at the time that has has the ingredients that I like. Now, I don’t want to rub this into my eyes so for my eye makeup I will
use Garnier Micellar Water on one of these cotton pads. I like these ’cause they
don’t have any fluff. They are the Simply Gentle Organic. I got these from a cart
but honestly any will do. Not the holy grail product here. Yeah, this takes off my waterproof mascara and eye makeup but I
make sure to soak them on my eye for awhile so then I don’t have to rub my eyes at all. They just swipes away. And then when I’ve let my face calm down, because it’s sensitive,
drying it with a towel, rubbing it makes it red,
I’ll wait for it to calm down and then I will apply a pea
sized amount of the Differin gel on my face avoiding the eye area. And avoiding any sensitive patches as well like here and here. And then I will let that
sink in for about 15 minutes. After that’s done I’ll apply an eye cream. I love the Ole Henriksen one so much that I would love to
wear it at night as well ’cause I’ve never found
anything that compares to it but I think it’s good to change
the products because I get, I feel like my skin gets used
to products really easily. So I’ve been using the Sarah Chapman Skinesis
Eye Recovery Cream and this is really nice. It’s not quite on the same level as the Ole Henriksen eye cream but I think it does the trick and I really like it. So then I will do a massage
with a facial massage and a neck massage with
my facial night oil. I use two. One is hideously expensive and one is such good value for money. So, the really really
expensive one that I use is the Luna Sleeping
Night Oil by Sunday Riley. This is a retinoid oil so yes
I am double dosing on retinol, but honestly I don’t find
the retinol that strong. With this I used to use it without, I’ve used this for years,
probably four years. It must be like my fifth bottle of it. It is expensive. I don’t find it that strong
but I do really like the oil. It annoys me that it’s got
blue dye in it because why? If you look at it it’s bright blue and I just think that’s marketing. That’s not actually good for your skin however I will give it credit. The oil itself it very very good and I think it’s an avocado
base but I don’t know. So I’ll use that however if my skin is feeling more sensitive I don’t want to double up on retinol or retinoid so I will use from the
Botanics range again, you can see how many I’ve got. I’ve got so many of
these because I love them and I always buy them on offer. I think this is the current packaging. This is the old packaging. This is the Botanics
100% Organic Facial Oil. It’s got sweet almond oil in it, rose hip oil, some other oils. It just gives you beautiful skin. This, in fact out of the two oils I would probably encourage
you to go and buy this one firstly because
the price is incredible for what you get and it really
gives you long lasting moisture. I wake up and I feel like
this is still on my face. Sometimes I wake up and I
think my pillow has more of the oil then I do and I always give my skin a real massage with the oil on. Really work it in. I think that facial massaging, it just loosens all your muscles, it improves circulation
and it’s really good to go to bed with a massaged face. If my under eyes are
ever feeling extra dry, then I will use the
Laneige Sleeping Eye Mask. This is just a clear or a translucent gel that you just dab underneath your eye and you’ll wake up feeling
very very moisturised. But I use that sparingly. And then a huge tip that I have. Something that I’ve been doing for a couple of years now is
I sleep on a silk pillow case. Obviously you could use satin as well if you don’t want to use silk. I have seven silk pillow
cases that I use on rotation. I got them from Amazon. They protect your hair
’cause there’s no friction and they also protect
you skin from wrinkling. I used to wake up and have lines down my face from where I slept but now with the silk one there’s nothing for my face to grab onto. So it’s meant to be very antiaging. Right, that’s it for my skincare video. I really hope you enjoyed it. Links to everything are
in the description box and if you have any
questions about anything I’ve said or any feedback
or any criticism, please put it in the comments below and I’d love to chat with you about it. You can connect with me
on all of my social media. I’ve got my Instagram
and I’ve got my Twitter and I shall see you soon, damn it, I was gonna say for another lesson again. I’m gonna see you soon for another video. Mwah.

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