hi everyone welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Genny and so this video is gonna be a very quick makeup tutorial on
my everyday makeup look so my face is currently moisturized and I also did my
brows off-camera and I’ll be going in with my benefit Porefessional primer just to
prime my face and also serve as the base for my foundation this is a really good
mattifying primer so it’s really good for oily skin and then I’ll be going in my
Urban Decay hydrating priming spray just to waken up my face and you know just
add some hydration to my skin as well and then I’m going it my fenty Beauty
foundation by Rihanna in the shade 440 and I’ll be using my damp Beauty Blender
which I damped with the same priming setting spray if you are new to my channel
you’re definitely welcome if you’re old subbie thank you so much for coming back
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social media which I will put right here on this screen like to make sure that I blend my
foundation all the way down to my neck because my neck is way darker than my
face and then I also go in with my Laura Mercier Translucent setting
powder just to set my neck fest and then I’ll be going to my la girl Pro
concealer which I’ll be using to highlight underneath my eyes to cover up
the dark circles I have you know when you wake up in the morning and you want to go to
schoo, you don’t want to look like you just had only one hour of sleep although yea, that’s
what happened So then I’ll use my damp beauty blender as well to blend in this concealer
which I’ll be needing to highlight underneath my eyes and also my nose I’ll be moving back to my eyes with my Juvia’s palate for my everyday look I like to do like more like a natural kind of like
you know eye look so I’ll basically be using more like brown colors and you
know these kind of colors that are actually gonna blend really nice with my skin tone
just to create a little bit of a smokey eye look
so I’ll start with the lightest color of brown all the way to the darkest black
color which I could basically use to create everyday makeup look you don’t
want something too much for like a basic look for like something I use every day
so that’s why I really like this palette because it really just has all those
neutral colors which I really like to use like everyday kind of thing I’m done with the darkest color I’ll
basically be using like you know just added a little bit of shimmer to my
eyelids I would just use this Color just to add some shimmer to this but
just something just to make my eyes pop a little bit and then I’ll be going
in with my superhero mascara by it cosmetics I really like this mascara because it’s
really volumizing and you know adds a really nice volume to my eyelashes which I don’t
really have and then I’ll be going in with the Sephora collection eye pencil. I
think it’s kind of like black blue kind of eye pencil so I’ll just use that for
like my waterline and stuff like that just to add a little bit of tint to my
waterline and then I’m going to do this tight line mascara from it cosmetics as
well I really like it for like my lower lashes because they are really
tiny hair there and then my contour I like to use the make up forever stick
foundation so this is like two shades or one shade darker than my actual skin
tone I prefer to use this for my contour because I find that it’s a little easier
for me to actually use so I’ve not really found like a powder contour that
actually you know works for me and my skin tone and stuff so I really like
this one and then after which I’ll be going in with my favorite blush of all-time
that’s the super I think it’s super shock cheek that way it’s gonna super
shock cheek blush from colour-pop which I always use like all the time so I will be using that on my cheeks and then finally all I need to do right now is to
go in with my very very very amazing highlights my new favorite highlights
which is the one from fenty beauty collection by Rihanna that’s the mean
money and hustler baby so I will be using the mean money
I think it’s possibly mean money to highlights my cheekbones you know just
add some dimensions and all that good stuff and pop those chicks a little bit
I’ll add some highlight as well to my nose which I think I forgot to add
somewhere add some highlights to my nose and to my cubics bow as usual so now I am done with the highlights I’ll be going with this kiss-kiss lip plumper from Guerlain if you really
have like tiny lips like really small lips this is gonna really help to plump
your lips and I also like it because it also helps to moisturize my lips as well
and also serves as a lip primer and then I’ll be going in with my color pop lipstick
the matte lipsticks in the shade limbo which I really like because it’s like
brown you know it’s that kind of natural look you want for like an everyday
makeup look and that’s basically it for this tutorial I hope you guys really
enjoyed it, thumbs up if you did comment share subscribe and I will see you next
time love you bye

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