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My Deadly Skin (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories


  • witch love

    What I’m going to say is painful and heartbreaking… but i would let them decide if they wanted to continue living with so much pain and struggle or if they wanted to have relief and peace instead of being miserable…

  • Becca

    I love all of these little girls…God Bless them! & to the people talking bad about the mother wanting a second child….YOU'RE NOT IN HER SITUATION! SO STOP JUDGING HER!

  • Leeza Deeza

    How incredibly selfish this woman is!!!! She had a 1 in 4 chance her 2nd kid would have the disease is a huge indication that you would love ur current child and don’t be so FN SELFISH!!!!!! These poor girls have suffered so very much and it’s unreal how this psychotic woman rationalized that having a 2nd “normal” child would make them happy!!! What if she was “normal “? The older sibling would have a life long struggle trying to keep up with her. I’m hoping this woman is infertile now, but if she’s not, she needs to close her legs and stop reproducing all together!

  • amanda iweka

    I don't like how the father didn't want a second child. I mean it was his opinion but how he was putting it made it seem like Hannah Betts was a mistake.

  • James Kahn

    It’s amazing how these parents talk. I guess they are being honest but imagine what their kids will think if they watch this. Things like I wanted him to have a perfect soft skin baby. Basically saying our first kid is far from perfect. Or talking about how he didn’t want a 2nd child and how mad he was. It’s almost as if they don’t want either kid.

  • James Kahn

    God this is hard to watch. Living like this looks like absolute torture and they are just crying from the pain. I saw somebody say they should be put to rest. Not sure I agree with that but they def never should have had a 2nd kid. They should have adopted or paid a surrogate. As for the first kid, I don’t know what I would have done. It sounds so messed up, but I would have been afraid to even hold my kid the way it looked at birth. I mean it literally looked like an alien from a movie. I don’t know what I would have done. Giving it away would have been a coward move. Would it have been legal to try and put it to rest like someone on here suggested? It just seems like these kids are miserable and their life is gonna be super hard. I mean who wants to live like that? I don’t know. Tough questions to answer. And I just heard blind in one eye and only 10% in the other? I mean I guess she graduated college and seems to be doing well considering but she’s gonna be blind with this horrible skin disease. She’s always gonna need someone to take care of her. She has to cream her body multiple times a day. I mean how hard must it be? I hate this crap.

  • Yolanda c de Lopez

    Dios Santísimo terrible la situación de estás familias. No tenemos cómo agradecerle al Santísimo qué nuestros hijos hallan nacído bien.

  • 。黒いバラ

    I'm so sorry for both of them …. I wish I could meet them and be their friend…. they are beautiful! And i hope they get better …

  • Lynda Gillingham

    I tend to agree with other comments that after being told there was a 25% chance having another child the same the mum went on to get pregnant…but then after all this is a personal choice and I have to give credit for the parents continuation of care and love through the children’s lives….who are we to judge and how would we know about the emotional journey? These children are an inspiration to us all and I hope that they live happy and continue to live their lives with courage and determination. God bless you all. X

  • Kenyada Thaddis

    I'm so sick of the mom's saying "normal" how about you stop making your kid's feel even more so alienated by defining them as imperfection in your eyes!! They endure enough from the outside…… Same for your idiotic remark of giving your husband another baby with "soft" skin……. You're no better than the ugly world your kid's have to deal with. Absolutely disgusting. Love your babies and stop looking for "normal" they will see these videos of you saying that

  • jenn jeffs

    I think the kids are lucky to have each other. You don't know what you would do until you are in that situation. We can all say I WOULD NEVER have another baby, but in reality, I think the fact that the girls have someone that knows exactly what your going through, can relate to, can have that special bond with, is great!
    Its not easy, but life in general isn't easy, every person is dealt a different hand at birth.

  • Packo Philips

    Un mundo lleno de casos asombrosos q valen la pena investigar y luchar por ser mejores como humanos… ante tanta gente disconforme con su pinche vida siendo "normales "y entonces q queda para estos pobres Ángeles….. mundo Cruel…. así nos va


    Please white people in the comments…..stop acting like you know everything and trying to judge the reason that they chose to have two kids with this condition.
    Shut up and worry about yourself.
    Only god can judge !!!

  • yamazaki_getsu

    I'm sure they could have gone with in vitro fertilisation if they wanted another child so desperately… It's an autosomal recessive disease, isn't it? (Please correct me if I am wrong). They could have surely consulted a doctor or geneticist before having a second child.
    Scratch that, they should have consulted a specialist before having a child and monitored the fetus before it was born, as should all of us, especially if we have family history. I don't know about anyone's opinion, but I wouldn't want to bring to this world a child who will suffer from such a severe disease.

  • kroakie4

    When her father said that her mother wanted to give him a “perfect child” I felt so bad. How can Lucy’s mother not think she’s perfect just the way she is?

  • Over Comer

    The dear sweet newborns. They are so precious. They are adorable. But its unbelievable that both sets of parents had TWO GIRLS with it. Those statistics are astronomical.

  • brenda courneyea

    Why doesn't she get help from a social worker for the girls as well as the sheet washing provided by the Hospital????? The other mother does. That doesn't seem right to me.

  • Creepy Old Man

    Don’t get me wrong, she has the write to do what she wants with her life and her family, but having a second child with the knowledge that there was a chance of having a child with the same condition seems incredibly stupid to me.

  • Dark.Gothic. Angel

    No offence but it’s mean how they wanted a 2nd child cause it’s like them saying that if her 2 child were normal then the 1st child isn’t good enough and her children are very beautiful girls no doubt

  • Eminem Vevo

    Majority of peoples in the comment section wanted to show them as mother teressa…. Shame on you all who Pretending and saying fake stuff for likes…

  • Masukage Sensei

    uk y im happy from seeing this video?god has helped from birth even thoe he wanted her like this,you see the image when she was born alot of people say”EWWWWWWW SHES UGLY WHAT A MONSTER” i can say some people do.later on her life she grew more beautiful

  • Joshoua is a god모모

    poor little baby😫😭😭😭😭
    the mother and father too is kinda disgusting thats not the childrens fault poor kids

  • Lady Stardust

    Elles sont admirables et adorables ces jeunes filles!! La petite à une voix trop mignonne! Bref Et nous qui nous plaignons pour quelques boutons ou une perte ou prise de poids comme quoi on apprécie jamais vraiment ce que l'on a! Mais le plus important est que l'on reste en bonne santé et que l'on remercie le seigneur pour cela ! Amen et à vous tous mes amis Dieu vous bénisse

  • Hunter Randall

    To me this is sickeningly selfish on the parents behalf. The husband didnt even want a second baby but they conceived a second anyway. Now two poor children have to suffer. There are healthy babies sitting waiting to be adopted into families and these people were too selfish.

  • 휼릣겔드RL

    아이의 몸을 따뜻하게 만져줘야 하고 사랑한다고 항상 말해줘야 해요. 피부가 문제라면 자주 시간날때마다 만져줘야 합니다. 치아도 부실해 지반이 무너져 앞으로 휘어졌으니 치과에도 데려가 보세요. 스트레스가 보통 심한게 아닌가 봅니다.

    정상으로 되돌아갈거예요. 사랑은 언제나 기적을 몰고 다니죠. 기도드릴게요. 정상으로 되돌아가도록요.

  • William Madigan

    I doubt anyone will read this comment

    But if they do, I hope they realize how lucky they are and blessed whether they believe in god or not. If you are born with something like this, cherish the time you have and either way cherish your family. I hope people understand we need to value what we have and cherish our friends and family. Never stop fighting, you are not alone, you are loved, you are a fighter.

  • Audrey Gardiner

    My heart is literally broken. I can't watch this 😢 precious girls I hope you will forever know love and that all the way over here in New Zealand, I am praying for you ❤

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