My Baby Has Spotty or Flaky Skin Should We Postpone The Newborn Photo Shoot?

From time to time, when I’m speaking to a family before their newborn session, one of the things they’ll tell me is that their baby has very
spotty or flaky skin, and they’re worried that
they shouldn’t go ahead with the shoot. So in this video, I just
want to reassure you that if your baby has
spotty or flaky skin, we absolutely can go ahead with the shoot, and I’ll explain why. So, actually it’s very unusual
for me to photograph a baby who doesn’t have spots
or flakes on their skin. Most babies do, in my experience, and it’s quite common
during those first few weeks for babies to have baby acne, or for their skin to
start to peel and flake. Now, with parents’
permission, what I do is I just fix these issues in
Photoshop after the shoot. Most parents want me to. If you would like to keep those features on your baby’s skin,
we absolutely can, too. So I’ll always check with you first before you leave the shoot, so that I know what your preferences are, and
what you would like me to do. I would say that at
least 90% of the babies that I photograph do have spots, blotchy skin, or flaky skin, and just as most other
newborn photographers do, me tidying that up for you
when I edit the photographs afterwards is all part of the service.

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