Microneedling Procedure for Acne Scars and Textured Skin: Part 6
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Microneedling Procedure for Acne Scars and Textured Skin: Part 6


  • Lauren Caron

    Have you had microneedling therapy for your skin? If so, tell me your story! I'd love to hear it! Also, if you haven't had it but are considering it, are there any other questions you need some answers to? How can I help you determine if this is right for you to go and do?

  • Sarah Stroud

    I am obsessed with these videos from you!! You are the one who inspired me to start my microneedling journey!!😀I have my 3rd treatment next month!! I am amazed with my skin!!😀😊

  • Miriam Gonzalez

    Hi!! Question: does microneedling leave your skin sun sensitive forever? Do you MUST wear sunscreen every day? Are you allowed to be in the sun, go to the beach and events outdoors? Do you skin feel sensitive? Can you wash your face with water without it turning red?
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to all my questions this is something I been thinking of for Large nose pores/depression scars. But I’m so scared to do it.

  • El Nino

    Finally we've got to see your last treatment! Oh wow your skin looks fantastic. Been waiting for your last treatment for quite awhile, and watching your makeup videos along the time. How I wish I could get the improvement the same as yours!

  • Judy Tapia

    Love these microneedling videos. I am using the home device: Derminator2 and after 3 sessions can really see an improvement. Prior to that I was using a .5 dermaroller.

  • Blaire Waldorf

    I’m so happy for you and your results! I’m up for my 2nd session 2 weeks from now. I’m so excited! And you’re right I rarely wear make up now just sunscreen and I’m good to go.

  • meethak ali

    i did it at home and I see the same results with out putting any creams just a natural masks I did it with myself at home I'm in 38 years and all the people telling me you look too young at 18 years

  • Prachi Pal

    hey lauren, i would like to ask ..what size of needle did they use ? I have currently started doing twice a month 0.5 mm dermaroller .

  • April M

    I have recently completed three sessions of microneedling with PRP. My results have absolutely blown me away!!! My skin just keeps getting better as well Eeek after week since the last treatment. As an upkeep my derm suggested Secret RF once per year instead of just microneedling.

  • Mehvish Shehzadi

    Hi dear
    I want to ask you. Is this treatment better for pigmentation please please tell me about that. … greating Mehvish

  • Kaitlin McIntyre

    Hi Lauren, I was wondering if it is possible to maximize microneedling results with red light therapy? If so, would Linda suggest red light therapy in the same session, or would the light therapy be a separate appointment? I thoroughly enjoyed this series, thank you so much for documenting your experience!

  • Lemch Kiss

    I consider to do it too but i have a question, i have a darker skin and i have a hairy face,
    So for my case, am i allowed to have a microneedling ?

  • Klyn

    I love the soft feeling it leaves. I’ve had 3 sessions and will get maintenance treatments every so often. I had no scars or acne, just wanted for collagen induction and it also minimized my pores. I saw results after very first session. I had extreme dryness as well as peeling. Aquaphor was wonderful over my serum the first couple days. The procedure was painless, numbing gel worked great. My last procedure my face freaked out a bit with swelling. I didn’t realize your face becomes more sensitive each time. I did call my dermatologist about the swelling and it went away after a couple days. She had me take benedyrl which helped. I love the results.

  • Diane Fields

    How long did you have to wait between sessions? I know cells rejuvenated every 22 days I’ve heard. I know your body heals after six weeks how long did you wait between treatments?

  • followmeimlost4

    Why didn’t she numb you first? Or did I miss that part? When I get mine done they put numbing cream on. The machine mine uses is the Vivace with PRP!!

  • Ge Mum

    Hello Lauren, thank you for the series on microneedling. I have a question. I know the practitioner's microneedling skill is important, but the type of pen they use may be too. I noticed, (I believe in the second video), that the microneedling pen used looks different than the last one. What microneedling pen are they using now? Thank you.

  • Nisrine Iguermia

    Sunscreen was a big mistake. You don’t want to apply sunscreen right after the treatment. It’s a big NoNO

  • Adriana Huston

    Wow! Your skin looks beautiful!!😍
    How long does it takes to heal, how many days does your face stay red?
    And how long in between treatments?

  • Anna McNabb

    Did you have your procedures done at a spa or in a dermatologist office? Also, how far apart were your treatments? Thanks in advance for the insight!

  • Cacoethes Studios

    Microneedling is great! You have to be really careful about the stamping though. Some people have lasting and terrible looking dents in their face from that were collagen will no longer build. I don't let them do the stamping to me because when that happens, and you don't know if your skin will develop that, microneedling won't fix it and you would need fillers. I feel so bad for people that happens to.

  • paula sanz

    Thank you very much for this video and information
    You are very beautiful inside out 🥰
    I’m starting my sessions on March the 18th hoping on having great results as yours
    Thank you beautiful 🌈

  • Alicia M

    Hey gurl, I was just wondering if you're having a breakout / still experiencing acne, can you still get microneedling done to help it?

  • a3yeung

    I bought my own kit to do microneedling and I'm almost about to do my 4th session. I didn't go deep enough for the first 2 sessions as I was learning how to DIY. But I'm getting the hang of it! I'm noticing some plumpness on my skin but will have to keep it up. Thx for sharing the vid so I can gauge how much bleeding I should look for.

  • Srta Carla

    I do all of this without anesthesia. There is pain but it’s not that much. I mean if you have give birth without epidural many times you know this is nothing.

  • Patricia Shaffer

    Just had my first microneedling yesterday! Great video! Microneedling is the best bang for your buck!

  • Courtney Fleischman

    Great video, you have a beautiful complexion! I had my first microneedling session and am already seeing results! Question- How long is the numbing cream supposed to be left on for before microneedling? Mine was only on for 10 minutes and I don't think that was long enough?

  • TinLizzie Studios

    Thank you for showing! Am going on my third of 12. Am 48 so I am getting rid of scars and toning skin as well. It’s fab and if I don’t pass out during the treatments 😉 I can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Marizol Zendejas

    My forehead and around the lips were the most sensitive for me … I have a high pain tolerance and I had numbing cream on for 35-40 min .. It feels like getting a tattoo on the face I was in so much pain . I’m afraid to get it done again … First timer though .

  • Terrie Mclaughlin

    I had my first treatment a couple of days ago and I had no outbreaks and BAM now I have a big ole zit on my chin. Is that normal?

  • Heather Dixon

    So I did my first session this week at home. I will do my next in 4 weeks. I have acne scarring. How soon will I see results.

  • ayush manral

    Hey! Lauren.
    Thanks for this video.I have one question in my mind is that by using microneedling, does the face get back to 100% normal texture as just as before acne scars appear??

  • chariots8x

    Does microneedling make the skin thinner & weaker in the long run? That's kind of a concern I have. I don't know what this would do to the health of my skin. Also, are the results of microneedling permanent or does it have to be done consistently to maintain the results?

  • Amy Atkins

    Lauren, thank you so much for your thorough documentation. This has really helped me make my decision and I'm going to set my appointment today. I am a 46-year-old woman who lives in Virginia City, NV and my skin needs some major help! I'm going to get the procedure on my face and declottetage. I have fine lines and wrinkles and chest wrinkles. This is about $500 a treatment here in Nevada…so hopefully I get the amazing results you did. Thanks again for the informative videos!!! – Amy

  • sami khan

    i have laugh line or its called smile line i m 29 only i m doing 0.5 in home about 4 months after 15 days i m doing how much i need to wait for result and doing from professional dermatologist how many session required plz reply me

  • V Staats

    Do have any make-up free pictures before the 1st treatment and after the 6th treatment healed? I go for my second session in two weeks.

  • ChasingQueenie

    This is one of the best videos that tackles microneedling. Everyone else is just doing 1 session. This is 6 treatments and I can really see the difference!

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