Men’s Daily Skincare Routine For Oily Skin (Men’s Grooming) ✖ James Welsh
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Men’s Daily Skincare Routine For Oily Skin (Men’s Grooming) ✖ James Welsh

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. I’d like to start by saying thank you
for all the views and subscriptions I have already. I know a lot of you been asking for more style
and fashion related stuff, which as work I am stylist
that’s my job. So that will be coming I promise. But first of all,
I have a few videos that are kind of based on questions, I’ve been asked in my Instagram. So I’m gonna get them out the way and then I’ll be straight back
onto the fashion, fashionables, Lookbooks, you know, all that kind of stuff. Today’s video is all
about my basic skin care routine. Now a lot of you guys
have been asking me about it on Instagram. Which is great. Thank you,
you think I have good skin. I by no means have perfect skin. Filters are great
at kind of hiding any blemishes. But I have struggled
with bad skin before and I have found a routine
that really works for me and has massively improved
the condition of my skin. So whilst working
in the fashion industry, I worked
with quite a few cosmetic companies and these are products, I’ve found along the way
that have worked for my oily skin. So I will be mainly talking
about oily skin. But if you have dry or combination skin
then still take note because these
are still three really simple steps, you should be doing morning
and evening. All the products I’m using today
are from ‘Lush’. I’ve been using this brand for years. So I know they work great for my skin. The first step is to cleanse. Now my favorite cleanser is ‘COAL FACE’. It contains charcoal
which lifts out impurities, as well as gently exfoliating the skin. And the rosewood oil acts
as a great anti-inflammatory to help combat spots and redness. With wet hands,
I lather up the cleanser and gently massage into my wet skin. Cleansing is important
to remove any dirt and impurities and unclogs pores. So make sure
you’re cleansing your whole face. Remove any cleanser
with a splash of water. Then I take my muslin cloth
and in a circular motion, I gently buff my skin. This is going to boost
the blood circulation to my skin, which helps even out my skin tone. And then, I pat dry my face
with a towel. I pat because the skin
is so sensitive and should never be rubbed. The next step is to tone. Now I use ‘Tea Tree Water’
because it’s antibacterial. So it can keep away the bacteria
that causes spots and also has healing properties. So all I do is spray a generous amount
of toner onto a cotton pad and apply gently to the skin. Skin around your eyes
is extremely delicate, so just pat lightly in this area. Now toning is important
to remove any excess cleanser. As well as restoring
the natural pH balancing to your skin. Avoid toners
that contain a lot of alcohol, as these can be really harsh. And if it stings, then it’s no good. Final step is to moisturize. Vanishing cream contains lavender neroli
and geranium oils, which helps to balance the skin. It’s very lightweight
and doesn’t leave a residue, which is really good for my oily skin. I’d like to use a small amount
and then I pat the moisturizer into my skin to make sure
all the ingredients is absorbed. Again be extra delicate
around your eye area. Moisturizing is extremely important,
even for oily skin. So if you do have oily skin, look for a light
and more water-based texture. But if you have dry skin, look for a moisturizer
in a richer consistency and both to contain a low SPF. So there
we have my basic skin care routine. Like anything good,
you have to give it time before you start seeing the difference. So give it about two weeks
and I promise you will start seeing some great differences in your skin. If you have any products
that you swear by and you think I should try out, please leave them for me
in the comments down below. Give the video a big thumbs up
if you liked it and I will see you next week.


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