Me and my family have eczema, how to cure? Tarot Reading by A. Jodorowsky forJacky H
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Me and my family have eczema, how to cure? Tarot Reading by A. Jodorowsky forJacky H

Dear Jacky Hoang I suppose that Hoang is a chinese name you’re 37 years old and you’ve a 3-mounth-old daughter or 3 years old well, you have a little daughter your question is curious a very curious one because it’s a medical question you say you’re very interested in health your health and the health of your family and then you specify my health problem that is the same problem that my family has is the eczema I have an eczema invading my body the same eczema that my family has how to heal this? I don’t know when it begon an that’s what I want I want to heal myself and my family that means my husband and my little daughter be healthy your question is very easy but my god! it’s difficult because if I was a doctor I’d suggest you a remedious against the eczema a skin-problem I think you consulted some doctors I think you transmited it to your family and you could not cure it you ask me for the tarot to give you the solution you’re looking for the magic to heal you because you have to know that it’s psychological problem so we have to find the psychological problem I suggested to some people who had the same problem of eczema to take french green clay, to spit on it and to put the french green clay on the eczema sometimes it worked but you have it on your body, and your family too I don’t think that it can be the solution you have to solve a psychological problem, that’s it let’s see what the tarot says where does this thing come from? the first card here is the card 10 the wheel of fortune that means the end of a cycle there’s something going up, another going down and another who stays still well if you transmited the eczema to your husband and to your daughter and if you have had this eczema since you were a child this mean that this eczema comes from the emotional relationship between your father and your mother and you, between them you were asking for attention so the eczema is a call for attention you asked for it, do you understand? and in this way you could also express your distress distress, why? because when the couple is in conflict there are no more caresses this is it! why do I say this? because here I see the wheel of fortune something that is stopped and there’s a crank, so that the wheel of fortune can be moved there’s the end of something and the beginning of something else and here we have the popess she’s enclosed here she’s your mother that gives you the same thing she’s enclosed because if she’s enclosed she’s looking for God the father that’s what the popess is looking for and you can see that the crown here has 4 battlements and the number 4 is the number of the emperor the father, like if he fell down and here there’s a couple who splits up there’s a separation between your father and your mother let’s check it from the beginning because the card 10 in the tarot, has to do with the card 20 what is the card 20? here you have your father your mother and you, with the problem you cannot solve you cannot go further and here you are and your husband, and your little daughter with their feet caught in the ground reproducing the problem of your childhood the problem that affects your whole life trying to get to the healing to the awareness can you see it? father and mother separated because of different ideals, and you in the middle you transmit it, look at the color! you transmit it to your daughter you have it and the father of your daughter has it too prisoner of the same problem with his feet here in the same old problem listening to the call of the soul thay says: become aware of the problem and here we go to the popess, and under the popess there’s your birth so since you were a child you have had this problem of separation, you already had it and you felt it, and you suffered it you remained alone and without caresses the trees of the family tree are cut they’re cut and you’re alone with your eczema, suffering and here this flesh-colored tower is the suffering body and this is the eczema the eczema attacking the body with this balls the father is moving away and the couple that is splitting up in the middle of this couple that is splitting up you have the card 6 where the father leaves with another woman he leaves with another woman and then comes the emotional problem you suffer you’re transmitting this emotional problem the desire of having a father and a mother caressing you and giving you what they did not give you so what you have to do this is a psychomagic advice a birth massage I explain it very well in my book Metagenealogy I will sum it up very fast now you have to find two persons two true therapists well-meaning a man and a woman so they have to do this ceremony that is… to caress your entire body together, at the same time with four hands, they have to pass the four hands together the man is here, the woman is there and you lay down in the middle they unite their hands and they pass the four hands unite on your entire body and on the other side, on your back then you’re naked and the woman takes you with her she’s sitting, she puts you on her womb, you are in a fetal position they cover you up with a sheet the man caresses you like if it was your mother’s womb and they say nice things to you we want her to be a nice girl we don’t wait for a man we’re waiting for a girl because being a girl is amazing too, and this is what we want a pretty girl, you will be wonderful we love you, we adore you…1 month, 2 months you grow up you have all the qualities what a love we feel for you! and then they say now you feel the desire to be born, to have a fair and healty life you will be born in good healt and they pretend that they are giving birth to you meke your effort to be born and we make an effort for you to be born they take you like this and you feel that you were born and they hold you together and they give you some milk as if you were nursing your mother’s breast, and they caress you and then they dress you up with totally new clothes pink clothes if possible that means girl in common meaning and they bring you, hands in hands, to a pastry shop and they feed you with a good pastry in this way you give to your unconscious something it doesn’t have and doesn’t know to be born with love from a couple, man and woman, in love and this can be a healing this is what I can suggest you a spiritual healing that’s what you miss and what your daugther misses too and what your husband misses and what you miss many thanks for listening to me


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