MARC JACOBS Remarcable Foundation Review for Oily Skin | Acne Foundation Routine for Flawless Skin

in this video we’re going to be talking about Marc Jacobs Remarcable full coverage foundation for oily skin. ACNE FOUNDATION ROUTINE FOR FLAWLESS SKIN. Tiff Benson hear welcome back to my channel make sure you give this video a big thumbs up you know it really helps me out and subscribe to this channel if you’d like to see a new Beauty video once a week so I’ve been testing out Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation and I actually really like it. i stopped someone in sephora wearing this foundation and I had to ask her what foundation she was wearing because her skin looked the flawless I got this foundation from sephora and it cost me a whopping 55 bucks real talk the shade that I have it in is Coco light and the number is 82 and I feel like it matches my skin pretty well its a dot coverage foundation so literally you’re just supposed to put three dots on your face and then blend out the coverage less is definitely more with this foundation you only need three dots on the skin like that’s it to give you a flawless look to the oily skin so it says that this Remarcable foundation is supposed to last up to 24 hours it won’t settle into your fine lines or clog your pores which is a big plus for me it makes the skin look flawless and hello does not want flawless skin so I really like using this Remarcable Foundation for oily skin I feel like it gives you a really professional made-up look which I like even though it’s a really good color for me I still felt like I needed to lighten up the center of my face which is not even a big deal use the nars concealer in the color caramel one thing that I can really appreciate about this makeup is the way it sets itself i didn’t have to set it with any powder and I feel like it turns into like a power powdered looking finish which looks so nice and so glamorous that’s like one of my favorite finishes for the skin so this foundation is supposed to last for 24 hours and i will not be wearing it that long but i did want to do a wear test so right now it’s 247 and i’ll see you in the next couple of hours to let you know how this makeup is working out okay so right now i am back it is 120 in the morning or in the next day and I’ve still got this makeup on i wanted to come in and show you what it looks like I mean it’s still covered but I’m obviously a greasy hot mess I didn’t pat my face or anything today so I’m just going to do that now on camera r.i.p to this foundation because it is about to go anyway I do like this Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation I feel like it does give a really flawless look to the skin and it gives a healthy glow within the first couple of hours my skin is very oily so for those of you who have really oily skin expect agrees to come through i’m always on the hunt looking for beautiful foundations for the skin so if you have one that you’d like to suggest please leave them down in the comment box below will also be sure to check out the other foundation videos i have on my channel and let me know which foundation video you like the best I said a 10k gold for this channel so be sure to give this video up big thumbs up and subscribe see you in the next video bye

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