Losing Your Hair? Say Hello to Keratin
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Losing Your Hair? Say Hello to Keratin

I wanted to make a video for you on hair. Because so many of you who are on the keto
diet or even those of you who are not on the keto diet, complain about losing hair. And why are we losing hair? And what’s going on? And I can tell you from all of the studies
that are out there, it’s one of the number one concerns that people have. And so, I thought I’d address it with an AMAZING,
AMAZING molecule. It’s a protein. It’s considered to be a beauty protein. It’s a fibrous protein. It’s a protein we see when we look at each
other. It’s our nails, it’s our hair, it’s the outermost
layer of our skin, it’s our epidermis. And it’s called Keratin. Most people think of keratin as something
that we put on our hair. It’s got pheramaldahyde. It’s probably, you gonna you know, become
obsolete in the solons. But there’s definitely a trend where people
were using keratin treatments. Because it’s such a powerful protein, it is
effective at healing wounds. It is effective at retaining the hydration
in our skin. It is effective at really strengthening our
entire epidermis. I’m going to share with you the top ways I
incorporate keratin into every day into my life. So, you can get keratin in almonds, different
types of nuts, you can get it in red meat, you can get in oysters. You can get it in a variety of sea foods. In fact, when you read the description below,
you’ll see some of the keratin recipes that we have on my website and you can click on
all of the different links. So, those are the foods that you can find
keratin in. You can also get keratin from a supplement
form. I like to make a keratin smoothie. So, just like I LOVE incorporating collagen
into all of my drinks and lots of my food, I do the same exact thing with keratin. Many of you have never heard of the power
of keratin, but between what it can do for our hair, our skin, and our nails, really
holding in that moisture, really allowing the hydration to penetrate deeper within our
body, so we get a plump, youthful glow. Also, what it can do to really help the turnover
and healing of the wounds, because of the way it is so fibrous and so effective. I like to get it from a powder form or a capsule
form. And the most important thing you need to know
when getting it from a supplement form, is that you’re getting 500 milligrams of it. In fact, the clinical research on keratin
shows that by taking 500 milligrams a day, it reduces hair loss by 30% from when you
go into the shower and wash it. So, we lose hair for a lot of different reasons. The way the study was done was it showed by
the end of the month how much hair loss was collected in the drain at the bottom of the
shower. And when keratin, at 500 milligrams was taken
for 30 days, it reduced that shedding by 30%. But it also increased the shine. It also increased the thickness and strength
of the hair follicle. I like to get it from New Zealand. It actually comes from sheep’s wool and the
extraction process is really fascinating. It’s super natural. But there’s nothing, in my opinion, that’s
as strong a protein as keratin, really for the outermost layer of our skin, and our hair,
and our nails. And when I first got interested in keratin
many years ago, my Mother was my initial guinea pig. And she was obsessed with getting as much
keratin as she possibly could. And we noticed that her hair, the shine, the
thickness, changed so radically it was like a couple of weeks that we got a big shift. So, the before and afters with keratin are
remarkable and I hope that you become as passionate as I am about this incredible hair protein,
that can not just make us look better, but actually strengthen our epidermis. So many of you that are on keto complain about
initial hair loss and I see those comments all the time. And I wonder, with keratin being affected
by insulin levels, if there isn’t a correlation between when your insulin starts to become
more balanced when we’re on keto and what that does to that initial concern that some
people have around hair. Which is why I think when you first start
keto, it’s really important to make sure your keratin levels are nice and high so you’re
supporting you hair. You’re supporting your insulin levels in a
different way with this incredible protein. I hope you have found this interesting. I hope you incorporate this powerful protein
into your life. It’s so easy and it’s something that you’re
gonna see a lot more of over the next couple of years. It took many years for collagen to become
incredibly popular here in the U.S. and the rest of the world was using it. You’re going to see the same thing with keratin. If you’ve got a keratin story you can leave
it in the comments. I love those comments as you know. And again, in the description there is so
much additional information. We have tons of content on keratin, tons of
keratin recipes. You can hit subscribe, hit that notification
bell and I’ll see you next time!


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