Let’s Zen✨Here’s a Deep Hand, Nail and Cuticle Care Routine for Your Winter Time Troubles 💕
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Let’s Zen✨Here’s a Deep Hand, Nail and Cuticle Care Routine for Your Winter Time Troubles 💕

Hey Tribe it’s Kia from Hairitage93 and today my nails only look fresh, clean
and stress free. Don’t be deceived, we’re gonna take a
deep dive into zen mode for a relaxing hand, nail and cuticle care routine on days when
you’re in need of all three! Ready to zen? Let’s get started! Ok as always I’ll need a few things, like
acetone, a oil-scented candle, a few nourishing oils of choice, a medium grit hand and body
scrub, some hand soap, the cuticle pusher from my trusty tool kit mmhm, and some hand
cream First things first this old but still shiny
base coat has gotta go since I like to work with the bare nails. For, you know, the sake of better absorption
😅 And when I rough things up a bit, my cuticles
finally cave in and crumble up to the surface. No worries though, into the lab we go! Okey first we’re gonna set the self-love
mood with a scented candle. This one is eucalyptus and spearmint. The perfect blend for this season’s zen Next up in a ceramic cup I’m pouring in a
bit of aloe vera infused castor oil and 5 pumps of baobab oil before heating the mix
in the microwave for 20 seconds. Focusing the warmed mix on my cuticles first
then working in it the rest of my nail ensures that my dry cuticles are extra covered. Warmed oil massages are so important to grow
and maintain healthy nails, especially in the colder months when our hands and nails
are drier and you know screaming out for some TLC Now with oil still absorbing into my hands
and nails I’m reaching for the medium grit hand and body scrub. I’ve used this one a lot, hence the separation,
but with a good shake I’m ready to apply this stuff and exfoliate my oiled hands The thing about exfoliating is the scrub’s
strength depends on the amount of water you have on that part of your body. In this case, dry yet oiled hands yield a
more intense exfoliation and smoother results while wet hands would make way for gentler
exfoliation and a semi-smooth result While I’m scrubbing away the crust, I’m
taking my time to massage my hands and loosen up some muscle tension before rinsing throughly Now that my hands are super soft, I’m cutting
through the oil with some hand soap and a cuticle pusher. Next I’m pumping out the peppermint and
suddings up to feel a minty tingle focusing on my cuticles once more to make sure the
lil babies are cleaned before rinsing thoroughly again After drying I’m getting a nourishing body
butter to give the girls a dose of sustainable moisture, working it into my hands, nails
and cuticles. This routine is awesome for those times you
want to give back to your hands, nails and cuticles all at once and help maintain your
nails on your nail care journeys. CTA: If you’re interested in special nail
care stories and perspectives this year, be sure to climb abroad the nailsletter for relaxing
reads and more inspiration to help you achieve your nail goals. Be sure to check the description box below
for the sign up deets Now before we finish off the rest of this
tutorial, I gotta take care of this candle light, because…safety first This next step is optional, but when you live
for extra nail care goodness it’s only right to swipe on some extra light cuticle oil and
work it all the way in Now that the girls are nicely nourished, I’m
grabbing my trusty base coat to seal the deal once and for all and serve a beautiful shine
for the one time. So yes, I hope you girls enjoyed this Whole
Hand needs Zen type tutorial and found it helpful and nourishing. As always thank you so much for watching and
engaging. Take care, happy nail growing and I’ll see
you later this week, in the next one✨

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