Let’s Play Nine Parchments Episode 6 | To The Tundra! | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
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Let’s Play Nine Parchments Episode 6 | To The Tundra! | Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Welcome back to episode 5 Nine
Parchments playthrough, so we going to pick up where we left
off. Old Cornelius is come to the Tundra scenes. Maybe nobody at the academy has
noticed I’m gone. They usually don’t pay me a lot of
attention, unless they need a target for that
jokes. Oh Cornelius you’re such a little
sad sack aren’t you. All right, so we’ve got oh maybe is wave shields, where did that grenade
go, I struck it on their heads. It’s that bad. We’ve got a new toy, so let’s electrocutes some of my foes, yeah act like that way you don’t do you. Okay, so these squad gotten shield next to
them. . What does that means? That means they can’t be hurt oh,
that’s magical. They are less likely to be destroy,
nice I still killed him yeah they had a proper shield and
they still died. All right no idea. Can I continue? Nope. All right, let’s see what’s next. Ok, nice little quill that’s
little piece one there. Where are you, there we go. It’s
quite useful but I will show where actually you can drop the… Oh! that’s cool, that’s all right. We’re going to drop this kind of
grenades. That’s good, you don’t have to gas too much. All right. All right, we need to get rid of
these, jumping guy pretty quick. Oh! you can’t wake up, three giant
wake up. All right OK that giant guy dealt
with, now we can just deal with this… Which should be a little bit easier. All right so that fast I killed one of them. Yeah I was pretty pretty effectively
they don’t move very fast. You just kind of got to get behind
them which is a bit a bit tough. All right I just drop that
stuff on it’s head. Yeah I actually like that, you don’t
do you good all right let’s see where else we’re
going. OK a quill. Oh great everyone’s favorite bug. Yeah get nice and close and the we are gonna run
away. And a punch in the face. Our lovely looking confuse today. The graphics they are so impressive
on this, I just think the art style is
amazing. Like kind of hold the eliminations. Just look so so gorgeous. The colors are perfect So maybe we can… Oh mo, I was thinking maybe we don’t have
to fire next to it, so you could, you don’t need to fire the shield. I
guess I just finish up this guy. The good thing about the shield
cover guy is that they really don’t move very fast. See you can drop the area effects on
them pretty pretty easily. I don’t need pretty much they just
die right away. Move, do you think we can finish this, this guy shoot is fast. Oh, there we go. Okay that was pretty easy, won’t you won’t you get rid of that
guy shooting out there and there’s another cool fighting against the war. Spice up. I do like the quill shield. Whoa that’s like a big shot as well as I can see. Let see if you like that cool. I’m
going to drop a death spell on myself which is always useful. I guess no one really likes getting 100 volts stuff at their ass are. A careful look at this new star. OK so you can get some health right
after the blinking, and you can increase your life spell
powers. That does seems pretty good but the regen is also quite nice. I should test this stards let’s try
a new stuff out. OK, that looks like the end of the
level. OK. Thanks very much for watching
guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. Please like if you have and please subscribe.

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