Let’s Play Nine Parchments Episode 5 | Suddenly An Arena Boss Fight | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
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Let’s Play Nine Parchments Episode 5 | Suddenly An Arena Boss Fight | Nintendo Switch Gameplay

OK, welcome back guys. This is Age of Boredom, and we’re playing Nine Parchment. OK, so this is the second parchment I’m assuming this is going to be a boss fight. So let’s see how it goes. Shit! All right so I guess it’s going to be teleporting in and out. All right let’s drop this in the center, and then make they run through it Alright, OK, I’m imagining they stopped throwing like multiples of these guys through. Yeah, there we go that was pretty obvious wasn’t it. Shit! All right let’s get some health
back. All right, you don’t like that do you? Drop that back in the centre again. Yeah, come on mate, there we go. So I guess next they’re going to drop a few more, that are different elementals. That’s usually the way it goes. Okay, all right we got lightning and now that’s okay. We don’t have any lightning spells, so we should be out to deal with these a bit quicker. Where have the other 2 gone? Alright, make them run through that again. That’s pretty useful. OK, Where are you? There we go. Did we kill one? And not realise? I think we might of… Alright, so the Freeze ray is pretty useful because we can… slow them down and make them stop, Which make it easier to kill them. Oh! there we go, that was it. There we go. Level complete. So I think that is the second parchment. All right what should we… What should we pick. So we got Frost Shard which I’m
guessing is likely Fireball but Frost. Touch Heal Not so much use really and not really playing co-op, And… we’ve got Lighting Beam. Okay, so that is got a lot of base damage, Less so on this one. Let’s get another beam, lets get the lightning beam I think. Because then we’ve got every element. Yeah one of every kind of elemental
type of damage. And then that should put us in good stead. All right, So let see what we can add. Okay, I’m going to give myself some Elemental Resistance, now we’ve unlock the next level of the tree. Yeah I think some some resistance might help us survive a little bit longer in some little more complicated battles. Spell power is pretty good, but I think some surviving is going to be more important right now. So we going to punt 2 points into
that. Okay. Thanks very much for watching
guys. That was a nice brief short one. I hope you enjoyed the video, please like if you have and please subscribe.


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