Let’s Make 500 More | MERRY MAIDENS EP. 10
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Let’s Make 500 More | MERRY MAIDENS EP. 10

[birds chirping] Hello Woodland Creatures! Today, I brought my friend Robin with me and we are going to be baking some cookies for a bake sale. Stop that. Our school wants to cut down part of the forest to build a brand new stadium so we are protesting by baking. -Probaking. Testprotasting. Revolution baking! -Yes, so we are going to be putting messages on the cookie bag so that people are aware of why the stadium proposal is a problem and I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to show you how to bake some of my favorite gluten-free cookies. -She has celiac disease so back off, haters! -Thank you, I do. But these cookies should be delicious whether or not you can eat wheat, rye, and barley. So, let’s get to it! -All right. [classical music] [cheering] -Yes! See, we’re a great team. -That’s never worked before. [classic music] While we’re waiting for the cookies to bake I thought that we’d bring in Robin’s roommate Miller and she can give us some baking tips. So Miller, when did you start to bake? -Oh, uh, just at home. Self-taught. I wanna go to a pastry school, though. -Cool. But you’re studying chemistry here though, right? -Yeah. Closest thing I could get at a place like this. I like chem, but…baking is more important. Anyway. I guess one good tip would be to make sure your oven’s actually at the correct temperature? You need an oven thermometer because all ovens vary. Also some recipes call for room temperature ingredients like… butter and eggs and it’s important to follow those instructions because baking is a science and you need to be as exact as you can in order to get the best results. -Yeah. -Oh and it can’t stress this enough: read the entire recipe before beginning. More than once, even. I learned this the hard way. The last thing you want is to be halfway through the process and then realize there’s this really complicated step or obscure ingredient. Also, I think more people should use a scale to measure their ingredients. It’s not always convenient because most recipes use cup measurements. But it makes so much more sense and it’s way more accurate. -Dude, Miller. You should totally start a baking vlog. -Yes! -Oh, psh. No. I couldn’t be in front of the camera. Which Speaking of. I think those are some good tips, so… -Bye Miller, thank you! So, that is my classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Wish us luck at the bake sale! -Ooh, can we try one? For product control… Just, I wanna try one. -Okay, fine. Maybe we can spare just the one. -Aww, but it’s only half. -Cheers. -Cheers… [om nom nom] -Let’s make 500 more! Robin! -We’re going to put messages on [bowl clatters onto floor] [arrow being shot + ukulele strum]


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