Leda Lum apothecary face dry brushing lymph drainage
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Leda Lum apothecary face dry brushing lymph drainage

Hi this is Leda Lum’s apothecary and I was
just about to jump in a shower and I decided to do a video about dry brushing for your
face. Now such a thing as dry brushing aw brushing your skin while its dry along your
body along the lymph drainage umm to help with circulation of the fluid along your lymphs,
your lymph ah.. there’s lymph nodes on your a lot that are concentrated on your armpits
around here on your collar bones, along the groin and a lot of an areas we constitute
for your face. So its good for exfoliating the skin umm and also helps with firming the
skin and with drainage, make sense. So this is ah.. a really fine shoe brush basically
umm. you dont have to brush very hard but I wanna do a video about that to help drain
basically you brush you do wanna brush down but first I wanna brush out basically not
pushing too hard, but it actually helps firm the skin and I’m gonna away to a facial exercise
that should I do a facial exercise as well. Umm.. I’m brushing out from the center go
up and out here. It feels actually really good tingling up and out to there its good
exfoliation.. and then you go down. And I’m gonna pull away and you down under your face..exercise
here pulling away from the so I’m using the muscles against the pull of the skin so I’m
kinda do like a fish draw up reaching my neck muscles my scalings up then pull the skin
down so thats feels quite nice. You just do it few times so helps of its circulation,
moving toxins they bubble up under your skin. Its basics circles around your face down and
then you pull down here. There is a lot of lymph nodes here, like if you’ve ever been
sick and you had swollen lymph glands along here its..because they are trying to combate
the infection. So we are drawing it down go around your ears. You could go down along
the back of your neck too. You could brush your scalp even. You brush forward like with
a hair brush and you brush down your neck. There you go you do that few times its very
nice exfoliating I could concentrate here cause I’ve this frown lines possibly that
I want to get rid of. Feels really good releasing. There you go keeping you young and firm in
the face.


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