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hey guys welcome to my channel this
video is going to be on a last review for people who suffer with eczema and as
people with eczema know in they are, well, I am in particular very worried and cautious
about things that they put on their skin because eczema will react to just about
anything a lot of the time so this was the first time that I got lash
extensions because of that reason in particular I was just so worried that my
skin would flare up due to it but I just decided recently that I
really wanted them done so I kept a document of – I vlogged – the day of the
patch test that I did and on the day I actually got them officially done so if
you wanted to see how that went
stay tuned and I’ll catch up with you guys oh and before I forget the first
video I took when I was out of bus stop so the sound might be a bit bad you can
hear the rain and the winds I’m sorry about that but yeah you can hear what
I’m saying but you just have to try and sorry about the background noise okay hey guys so I’ve just had the patch test done yeah I was gonna do like a before and
after of the patch test but I didn’t have time to do that so I’m sorry about
that but um yeah so this is after and you can kind of see it you can see them
you couldn’t she see them right there and the other side
maybe? Not as much on that side you can definitely see the curl on this side, yeah they feel fine I just had like this eye started to water up a little bit but
it felt fine she’s super nice and yeah I’m gonna just monitor how it goes I guess so I’ve just got home I’ve just got them
done just show you guys I’m super happy with them they look so nice and they
look super natural and um yeah they literally just feel like my lashes they
don’t feel like I’ve got anything on them or anything like that
yeah I’m just super happy with them and I’ll just see how it goes but I really
don’t think I want to react at all because I didn’t react to the glue in the patch test
um so I doubt I’ll react at all but I will keep you guys updated so as you can see I did keep them the
patch test was done on Saturday and then I got them done properly on the Monday
and today is Thursday so it’s been four days since I’ve got them done and I
didn’t do any more vlogs like I said because I don’t feel like it was
necessary and because they felt completely fine and as you can see I
kept them on I’m just gonna like bring you in closer ok so here’s me up close
so it’s gonna I mean I did do this already in the other vlog but I just
thought you would see after four days this is what it looks like so these ones
are more sparse so basically let me just zoom you out again okay so the reason
why I got these lashes done it was because my lashes are actually quite
thick and full naturally when I put mascara on and curl them they just look
like the way I want them to look however I over curled them one day and instead
of just like one or two coming out with the lash curler like so many came out
like I just pulled a chunk out and it was it was it was a good times for me so
we decided to get the lashes done finally and I had been tempted for a
while because one of my best friends has had her lashes done for four years now
she always goes back and gets them redone and so I’ve always been
tempted because they just look so good on her so because of that reason the
fact that I pulled a chunk out on this side (the sparse eye) the way that they do the
lashes it’s not that they glue it to your skin necessarily I don’t
think but they bond it to the lashes that you already have from what I
understand it because she was telling me that because this side is so sparse
especially on the inner bits here in like the middle bit um
because it’s so sparse it would look less full on this side than this side
because she bonds it with the hairs the lashes that are already there and she
did give me a choice she said we can wait a few weeks
and make it look really full or you can just do it now but I was
already lying there and I really wanted to do this video for you guys and I just
wanted it done because I’d like arrange my schedule around it and stuff so I
just decided to get it done and you know it just it looked completely fine to me
and I think she’s a bit of a perfectionist though because she’s
looking at me and I think she was kind of mmm not the fullness that she’s had
them done because I knew she posts a lot on her Instagram page which I will have
link down below if you ever wanted to like look at appointment with her and
stuff and so she was looking and I think she wasn’t as happy with how full
mine were but you know what I really like them so I’m definitely going back
ok so as I said in the videos she was super nice
she was very gentle like it didn’t hurt at all, not that I was expecting it to hurt but I just thought you know it doesn’t
hurt like she’s literally just like my eyes are closed the whole time she puts
the you know like the skin friendly tape she puts them under your eyes she gets you to look up and then she puts them there
just to keep your bottom lashes out of the way because if they get stuck to the
ones on on the top that she’s doing that would kind of ruin the whole thing so
that’s why she does that and that’s the reason why my eye was watering I think
so in the first vlog my eye was watering just because my eyes are super sensitive
like I just didn’t.. I think my adrenaline was pumping quite a lot because it was a bit of a walk to her house from the bus stop and the
adrenaline was pumping and my eyes are super twitchy so I’m eyes are closed
they were just kind of just ring about a roof of the place so yeah that’s where
that I was watering and then but then they watered again the actual day that I
got them done and you know I think they were doing that I’m pretty sure like 99%
sure that it was because on this eye I think the tape was too close to my
actual eye so when my eyes were closed I could feel it kind of jabbing into my
eye and it wasn’t her fault I just didn’t tell her that that’s what I was
feeling because to her and look like she doing it right and that’s just my fault
for not expressing how it’s feeling I thought it was like normal I thought
that it would stop after my eyes would stop watering so much it was
watering so much honestly it was like I was just crying and my tears were
dribbling down like into my ears because obviously I was lying on my back but it was a big thing and it was quite difficult so back to my original point
because of my eczema I was really scared of getting them done because my flare-ups are usually around my eyes and the tops of my cheeks which is
where the lashes would be in contact with the most but nothing happened I
didn’t get any reactions at all and it was really good and I’m
definitely going back also another thing I wanted to mention about her her name
is Gemma the lady that that does it for me um she’s super professional when I
told her I had super sensitive skin I said sensitive cuz easier than saying
eczema when I said I have super sensitive skin I asked her if anyone has
had a reaction when any of her clients has had a reaction before and she said
no none of my clients have ever had a reaction but you can come in for a patch
test which is why I went in for the patch test she offered it to me and
obviously I took it and everything was fine also going back to the fact that
this side is way more sparse so you can get different types of lashes
you can get like different types of curls there’s like a C curl, D curl, B curl
and like a J curl I think but like her standard ones are just like D curls
I think and I saw on her page that she had posted these wispy lashes
and they look super natural there was like varying length instead of it all
being kind of like in a dome shape and you know either one is nice but I was
like oh maybe I want more of a natural kind of look so I asked her if I
could do the whispies but this was after the patch test so she had already seen how sparse
my eyelashes were and she said to me I don’t
the whispies would just would look good just because of how sparse your lashes are
and I don’t think I’ll be able to do them and I preferred that I prefer that
she told me that it wouldn’t look as good instead of just saying oh yeah you
can have it done knowing in the back of her mind it would look trash like she wants
to be proud of her work definitely and I respect that and so anything that she
said I just kind of went with it and stuff and the fact that she always
kept giving me options like oh you don’t have to do it
today we can wait until you can get like a proper full set or anything. Oh before I forget she also gave me this little spoolie thing and it’s just to like help
brush the lashes and keep them all nice and also I was watching
another youtube video and this so Johnson’s baby shampoo they recommend
this for if you want to wash your lashes and it’s supposed to because obviously
you can’t be like splashing your face with water with them in there so you do
need to wash them once every two days and I haven’t actually done it yet
because it was so so conscious about getting them wet and I didn’t want to
ruin them I wanted to stay as long as possible because they cost money I’m
just telling you and this was recommended by another person I saw it
on YouTube I can’t remember her name it was the only time I’d ever watched her
channel but I will link her down below if I’ve managed to find her again her
video is basically about things that they don’t tell you about when it comes
to lash care and lash extensions and I found that really helpful and especially
helped prepare me for when I did get them done so I hope this video has been
useful to people with eczema or just anyone looking for a lash review and
anyone who has sensitive skin as well so has has been helpful for you
I think that’s that for the video for today thank you for watching if
you’ve continued watching until this point and I will be posting
videos about eczema related stuff because I haven’t had a flare up in a really long
time and I would like to share with you guys how I managed to do that because I
was suffering for a really long time it was really severe and if it
continues to be really good I will be posting more videos about it so stay
tuned and subscribe if you haven’t already and click the like button that
would mean a lot to me just to encourage we need to be making more videos as I
said before I’m gonna be linking her (my lash lady) Instagram page below and I’ve actually
got hers on post notifications so every time she posts I do look at the
picture and I do get reminded of it so if you would like to do that but with my
videos as well that would be really good so just hit the little notification
button and that would mean a lot to me and thank you guys, I love you!

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