Kuch log safed kyun dikhte hain? Albinism kya hai aur kyun hota hai? (In Hindi)

Salute, greetings, namaskar, Sat Sri Akal.
Remember anything from the appearance of this boy? Didn’t? My name is Ankush Mittal You must have seen me or someone
like me at some point in your life. Those of you who haven’t seen,
will be watching like this. British is speaking Hindi! I am sure, at some point in time, you
must have teased me or someone like me I grew up with this,
I’m 21 year old I’ll tell you, how you used to
tease me, like – Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, Sunflower Chitta, and Phulwari. I wanted to become a radio jockey.
Still I wanted to become, I had passion from 10th class, that if I
become something, I’ll become a radio jockey one day people will recognize me
not by my color but by my voice. But there also I faced social discrimination, social
discrimination has been happening with me since childhood. I had told you, the
kids didn’t want to play with me they fear, they may become like this. Or some people who saw me first time, they think
I have a more dangerous disease than AIDS. shaking hands will also spread it. So I felt very bad. We often see such
people around us whose skin and hair
color looks very white. Some people call them English, White, Brown Pied and don’t know why
they also call them sunflower. Not only this, many people in our
society either make fun of such people. Or they run away
from them thinking that they might get
this disease too. My question is, you have seen some
people around you, whose skin is white, hair is also white They are called
Albinos by the way So what do you think, what is their
problem, what disease do they have? Never thought about it, we think
they are beautiful, it is a miracle. I have a niece, I
think of it as a miracle. So that she never gets demotived, thinking
that she is different from others. Pigmentation… I don’t known, it must
be something, some genetic disease. there is some problem
occurs in skin pigments. There are many people who say,
they have been mocked by people they are insulted. So you feel
different by looking at them? no, it is not that specific Someone is lame, someone is armless, someone is
blind, God has given some deformities to everyone So we have to endure it, rest we need to
have the courage, what else is needed. So you must have seen people around
us, whose skin is completely white, The hair is also white, who
looks like the English people So what do you think, do they have
any problem? Why are they like this? I don’t know why, maybe there
are some incidents happened it is all given by God whatever God does, it happens. That is because there is
something lacking in them. There are something lacking inside
the body, due to that it happens. there are some shortcomings in their
blood, because of the mistakes they makes, Because of this,
that disease occurs. And people say, it is
also a contagious disease. – So you think it can
spreads by touch? Yes, it spreads.
– Spreads. So what do you think is the disease?
what is the reason behind it? I do not know. Never thought about it? Didn’t feel like thinking. So you think that it is some thing like untouchability,
like Uncle is saying it is contagious disease. it can spread if touched. do you think so?
– No. I think it is. That it spreads by touch?
-Hmm. It means that you stay
away from those people? – Vitiligo, yeah I do that. So what do you think,
why are they like this? Don’t know how. You never thought about it,
– No. So if you find such a
person, will you touch him? Because some people are saying
that this disease is contagious So what do you think?
– No. Won’t touch it. You won’t touch?
You think it will spread? – I do not know about this. Have you seen such people?
– Seen very few. Have you seen.
– Yes. What do you think, what problems
they might be facing? There can be some disease. I do not know about this. Because many people are saying that God has
given them, then they have to face it. – God doesn’t give these things, if
someone gets sick, is God giving it? People are saying that.
-People say many things. So you have seen how much information
people have about this subject. But, this is our speciality that without knowing
anything we can give opinion. And what to say about those who make fun of such people, or run
away from them without knowing anything. But, we will neither be able to make
fun of anyone nor run away from anyone when we finally understand this diseases and why do some
people look like this? The disease is called Albinism in English and such people Albinos. This condition, called Albinism,
can happen to people of any country. Whether people are black
or white, it doesn’t matter and you will be surprised to know that
this problem is not only confined to humans It is also seen in animals and plants. Also happens in animals and plants! What is this Albinism? We get the color of our skin, from a pigment,
melanin, present underneath our skin and the type and quantity of this
melanin determines the color of our skin. As well as this melanin is responsible
for the color of our hair and eyes. in some people Melanin is produced
in very small amounts in the skin. or it doesn’t occurs at all. And it is a genetic condition which is due to changes or
mistakes in their genes. Due to the absence of production
of melanin in the body their skin and hair have no color and they appear white. Melanin protects us from dangerous
ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun and acts like a sunscreen for us. due to the lack of this protective
shield, this sunscreen, melanin in albinos the chances of them getting sunburn,
or skin cancer are very high. At the same time melanin also
helps our eyesight, and vision. And that’s why albinos suffers from eye
problems, such as rapid eye movement That is, moving of
the eyes repeatedly Problems such as not being
able to see in intense light, not being able to look at
the sunlight, etc. can occur. Albinism is of different types, and its symtoms
can also be different in every albino. You just saw, some people think that this
Albinism, this disease spreads by touching But actually it is not like that at all. Albinism does not spread by touching but
rather a child get albinism, this disease from the genes of his/her parents. Today I have my own
office in sector-17. – What’s your occupation? I teach ielts, I mean, I do
not teach, we have teacher, Ielts Academy is mine and I deal in study visas. I don’t want to say
anything to people, a Albino guy, he doesn’t
need your sympathy or any person who is
visually challenged. You don’t want some one explaining You just need someone to understand you. You need someone to understand you. That someone can understand you.
– You have said a very nice line. The problems caused by
Albanism are not so severe comparing with the people
discriminating such people, or teasing them, making fun
of them, or to bully them. You know that such people are seen in
our society from a different perspective. But that’s why Because we didn’t knew
much about these people, before because now after watching this video we know that Albinos lacks
only a pigment, melanin. And now, discriminating them, ridiculing and
ignoring them, will be gone from inside us. because we have understood
and what will comes from inside? thing that will come from inside, is, what a great channel is ‘Aaj ka prashn’,
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