Kropki, kropeczki. Lekcja 3. część 1. ,,The secrets of Parchment craft”. #6. English subtitles
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Kropki, kropeczki. Lekcja 3. część 1. ,,The secrets of Parchment craft”. #6. English subtitles

Welcome to another embossing lesson. Today we will start with our strip again. Now let’s do another layer of embossing, again with slightly smaller balls. This time we do embossing only on half of the previous layer. We can also emboss in both rows. We select the right size of the tool for each element. The last elements we can make with the same balls as before, which is the smallest. Let’s do an additional layer on the second row using the biggest ball. This will make our embossing smoother. We can now see the differences between both rows and between individual elements. You can clearly see the colour gradation on individual layers. We also see which elements are smoother and which are striped. Let’s leave this strip of the parchment. It will serve us to compare when we will embossing on various works. And today we’re going practice embossing dots of all sizes. . On our training parchment paper, we have a pattern with dots of different sizes. So now let’s do an embossing here. We need to choose the right size tool , and first, we make tight lines in one direction and then perpendicular to them. In the end, we can make circles. And so, all the dots one by one. With such larger dots, we also need to build layers. The first time we will not get the right effect. I have here already embossed dots with one and also with two layers that I did before. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted that part of the recording when I made that dot. But that’s okay because now I can show you the effect right away. So here I make a second layer of embossing.
First, I make lines in one direction and then perpendicular to them. And in the end, I make circles. And we have the second layer of embossing. And here I already have two layers, so now I will make the third. Now I want to get white on the dots. We correct the shape of dots with a smaller ball and smoothen the larger one with surfaces. And the third layer is ready. First second third Sometimes you need to make more layers, but it already depends on the pattern. However, the patterns often show different small dots. Now we’ll practice embossing smaller dots. If we have some multi grids, we can make dots with the help of them. But if we don’t have any multi grids, we only have to make dots using our tools. Many people have trouble making dots because they have a dark point in the middle that is very difficult to remove. They make dots like this, and that’s not the right method. Here we can see these dark spots. Different sizes of dots we can do with different sizes of ball tools. We always take a slightly bigger ball tool than we need a dot and we do it this way. We have to push hard enough but so as not to pierce the parchment paper. We make larger dots with larger balls and smaller ones with smaller balls. We do not make dots with the smallest balls in this way because we can only pierce tracing paper here. With the smallest balls, we can do it in this way by doing the tiny circles. But only when we want to get very small dots. That way, you can also make a little bigger dots, but already with using bigger balls. So we have to be careful if we have a soft mat. Here, too, it’s easy to punch a parchment paper with an even bigger ball, so you can also make dots this way without pressing the tools. Remember, however, that the larger a dot we want to make, the larger ball tool we need to use. With using small balls, we only make pretty small dots. If we make with small balls larger dots, we will always receive such an effect. So we practice taking dots to create pretty decorative elements on the cards. I invite you to the second part of the lesson.

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