Korean Skincare Routine after Acne Laser Treatments🌙
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Korean Skincare Routine after Acne Laser Treatments🌙

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel Today, I thought I would casually sit here in my PJs and share with you guys my updated skincare routine post laser treatment Rather than filming a talk through I decided to introduce each of the products formally and I will insert clips of me applying the products and using the products, because I am so focused on removing my makeup, and I tend to forget some of the points that I want to talk about. So Today, we’re gonna do it a little differently and we’re gonna start with the first step, which is the lip and eye remover I don’t know why but I totally forgot to talk about this. So I’m doing a voiceover I’m still using this one from Laneige – I like how it doesn’t irritate my eyes It gently removes the point makeup. And next we have the cleansing oil and here I have the Neogen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil and this is a cleansing oil with micellar technology that is supposed to help melt off the makeup This is a very gentle product and it’s also formulated with Cica, and Cica is short for centella asiatica So it’s supposed to help with acne and it also keeps your face hydrated and I do prefer cleansing balms because it’s much more satisfying to see all the makeup melt off in a thicker consistency But this does feel very lightweight So if you don’t like the thickness of cleansing balms, maybe give this one a try But I absolutely love Neogen cleansing products and this definitely didn’t disappoint Step two is a water based cleanser and here I have Then I Met You soothing tea cleansing gel It’s cruelty free, free of parabens, sulfates, alchohol, fragrances and artificial coloring ,and it’s vegan I absolutely love how this cleansing gel feels on my skin and I do notice that my skin glows and looks instantly brighter everytime I double cleanse Now the only problem I have with this one is, I am not a fan of the scent I read a lot of reviews Some people say it’s florally some people say it’s citrusy but to me It smells like licorice and I am not a big fan of licorice I do like it in certain products, but not when it smells like the licorice candy and That I just have to kind of deal with because I do like the result of this product So I’m just giving you guys a warning that it does have like a very strong licorice scent to it Yeah, I’m not a fan of this smell but I am a fan of the texture and the performance of this product Key ingredients are licorice root, green tea, rice ferment, PHA; All great for brightening and hydrating the skin This does not strip your skin It balances the pH level and your skin will look healthy and I do believe that using this with the cleansing balm You will see a better performance, because I mean they are under the same brand and I know that Charlotte worked really hard on making sure the formula was perfect The only complaint I have for this is I am not a fan of the scent Next we have toner and toner is actually one of my favorite steps in Korean skincare because it does a lot for the skin It balances the pH level, it hydrates the skin, preps the skin for the next following steps and also It basically acts as the third and final cleansing step and I do like using a cotton pad because I do notice dust transferring and sometimes I do forget my neck area and whenever I have the toner on a cotton pad I do remember to apply it and I will see the dust and pollution and what not so I do appreciate the toner a lot actually So right now I have been using Banobagi’s Milk Thistle Repair Toner And I’m actually going to be talking about a lot of Banobagi products because I wanted to follow the doctor’s recommendation, because he’s the one who did the laser treatment on my skin and Dr. Ban is really proud of this skincare line because he used ingredients that he knows will help recover and heal the skin so I wanted to follow his instructions and I went with his recommendations for one month So here we have the toner and this has milk thistle in it And this is actually an ingredient that I never really explored in Korean skincare So I asked him what’s so special about milk thistle and he said milk thistles are actually used to help the liver Since milk thistle is used to help detox the liver, of course it’s going to be great for the skin once it’s directly applied onto the skin. I am very generous with the toner I start off with a cotton pad and then I go two or three layers of this, because it’s really dry right now and I want to make sure my skin is fully hydrated Next, of course, we have the skin boosters, and I’ve been using this repair serum from Banobagi and I’m going to actually introduce all of the products right now, because they’re all formulated very similarly So after the serum, sometimes, I like to follow up with a sheet mask and this sheet mask is very special, because it’s an organic sheet from Switzerland and I really like how the product transfers over to the skin I feel like a lot of cheap sheet masks in Korea They just kind of stick on and dries onto the sheet mask, but not this one And finally, we have the Repair Cream So this is basically the final step to the Banobagi skincare routine There is 70% burdock root, which is supposed to help repair the skin, and for products like this cream there’s absolutely no water It’s just all natural ingredients that are supposed to help heal the skin And another major key ingredient that I wanted to talk about is sunflower seed oil, which is an ingredient found in a lot of baby products, because it’s a great gentle way to help repair and moisturize the skin for babies All these products are certified EWG green grade safe formula, which means that everyone can use it Pregnant women and I believe babies past the six month It’s safe, it’s very safe, and there are no harsh chemicals I believe they took out the 11 of the harsh chemicals that are found in a lot of products out there And to top it off, Banobagi, since they do specialize in skincare these products did go through the skin irritation test and passed it so I really appreciated that they sat me down and told me everything because I have very sensitive skin and before using a product, I do like to read the ingredients and see how it could be beneficial to my skin and I will say all these products have been very helpful This may sound like a sponsored video but it’s not I’m not getting paid to say this I just wanted to share my honest review on these products and it shows on my face You guys all saw my laser treatment video and my skin has transformed a lot in the matter of weeks and I do believe that home care is very important Of course, it’s important to go into the clinic for weekly checkups, but if you’re not doing your skincare routine at home It’s not going to heal as quickly. So this is why I followed Dr. Ban’s recommendation and I’m really glad I did Whenever there’s a pimple growing or there’s an acne scar on my face, I do like using a repair cream and I know the name of this moisturizer is a repair cream, but this is basically a cream after the serum and sheet mask, uh, but what I wanted to introduce are repair creams like these two right here And here I have the Troiareuke Acsen Recovery Cream and you guys have seen me talk about this before so I’m not going to introduce this today Actually for people who are watching this for the first time This product is heavily concentrated in centella asiatica so it’s really great for people who have acne scars and I do notice a difference every time I use it, but I am almost done with this. So that’s why I’ve moved on to the repair control EGF And I do prefer the texture of this cream more than the Acsen Recovery Cream and that’s saying a lot because this product has been a favorite of mine for years, but I do think that both of them work quite similarly in the sense of They help fade the scars and repair the skin And finally we have masks and, depending on my mood, I do like applying one layer of the Joan night cream because I love how it smells the lavender scent really relaxes me at night so That, it just depends on how dry it feels and if I want to treat myself to the lavender scent, but because this skincare routine is very moisturizing I haven’t been using it too often But another mask is the lip sleeping mask and this one is from Klavuu The nourishing carrot lip sleeping pack and I absolutely love how plump and moisturized my lips look the next morning. That’s it for my nighttime skincare routine I know it was a lot of talking but hopefully you guys found it helpful The main difference between my morning and nighttime skincare routine is that I don’t double cleanse in the morning I just rinse with water to remove the dust and I also follow up with a sunscreen at the end No new sunscreens. It’s just a rotation of the Gaondodam The Laneige and what else? The Make P:rem one that I like rave about so I’ve been rotating different sunscreens as well it just depends on how dry my skin feels Sometimes I want to protect from the yellow dust It really depends on the weather and myself really, but I hope you guys found this video helpful And I will see you guys in the next one. Bye! Have a joanday!


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