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  • Barbara Potter

    I’m a new fan 😁 and I’m sure this has been asked before, but…doesn’t it tickle when you peel off those long strips of dry skin? It makes my ears itch just watching!

  • Jenny L

    OMGoodness, someone is still using QTips!!! Don’t they watch your videos?? Don’t they understand you are enemy #1 of the dreaded QTips? Tsk tsk tsk, well I guess it’s back to educating one person at a time!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • RealRuler2112

    I've always wondered something… when you are pulling those 3 foot long strips of skin out of somebody's ear, isn't the eardrum itself made of skin at the end of the tunnel? And is there any danger of unknowingly pulling the drum itself out while removing the extraneous skin from the canal???

    The third patient – his bad experience wasn't with you, was it? You always seem to be so gentle & caring of your patient's comfort & well being that I'd be really surprised if that were the case. I can completely understand his being gun-shy, even with a different audiologist; hopefully you'll be able to build his trust over time. =)

  • Gillian Evans

    This one is really fascinating. My sister develops these long skin ribbons but no one else in the family does. She's always been the odd one!

  • KnowledgableEd

    Two questions 1) Why don't you remover or trim the hair? Doesn't it just keep all the wax and stuff trapped in? 2) How does an ear get that plugged. How does someone not notice or why doesn't it normally fall out?

    Love the video's and commentary!

  • Kitty Richardson

    You are so compassionate and want to be as gentle as you can with someone who is so nervous. Thank you for sharing.

  • reggiep75

    4:46 – I thought this looked like an alien fruit bowl on account of the different colours and shapes.

    Another great vid and those lengths of skin are always entertaining!

  • Sandee Dee

    I wasn't there but I disagree about the QTips….. Cotton doesn't break up like that and it would have absorbed that wax, discoloring it. The environment that it was in was very moist, an excellent spot for fungus to grow… I believe that was a fungus

  • Ms. T. V. Hayes

    Rhys had the patience of a saint! Lol! Also on second patient what were the red lines on the eardrum? Blood vessels?

  • Lee Anne Hopkins

    Absolutely loved it! Be gone, pesky dry skin! Great work, Rhys!! Your soothing voice and explanation for every move you make is perfect! 👌👂😍❤️

  • Mysteries Mercenary

    Question. What was the most painful ear wax remover you ever, painful as in just looking at it makes your ears hurt?

  • Gothic Mom

    Love your videos, but I think that I shouldn't have had cheese cake while watching…new life choices here🤢😵😵

  • Margaret Ellis

    The last guy,, so sorry he was afraid, but glad he has you as his Dr to be patient with him. That had to awful having that QTip end stuck in his ear!

  • Kris Luk

    Sir, I really want to see the patients face reaction. I'm dying to see the itchy and relieve reaction. Good job with your skill though

  • Mandie aka Rockinfreakapotamus

    ~SPLIT MEMBRANE QUESTION~ I just saw one of your older videos that included someone with a perforated eardrum, but lost track of it before I thought to ask this. I currently have an ear infection that has stuck around for two rounds of antibiotics. I stopped being able to hear out of my left ear almost when it first started, and it hasn't improved. I just had both my mom's nurse and my doctor say that I have a split membrane. That sounded really scary and permanent to me, but they said it will close up after the infection is eradicated. My question is, is that likely what is causing the hearing loss (as opposed to fluid from the infection), and about how long does it usually take for that to heal? Is the membrane overtop the drum? I'd super appreciate any info you can give me! Thank you! ❤

  • cazzawee

    the ear drum of the first patients second ear, you said it looks healthy but what are those red marks? are they scratches or just veins? @ 4:31

  • Candice Diaz

    I was watching ear wax removals just to compare with your work and I swear they had horrible horrible technique 😖. I’m pretty sure those patients experienced pain. But they were awesome cases and I was hoping you did them! I learned so much from watching your videos that I can critique others and I’ve come to the conclusion that you are the best and most professional. Keep up the good job!

  • Cernumospete

    At the third patient I am surprised that you use the croc forceps so much, wouldn't the hook been a better choice?

  • Andrea Houk

    I understand his fear. Every so often, I have excess wax build up and in the states, I had this water jet technique used by the PA. Very painful. But I was amazed at how well I could hear and how much hearing I had lost.

  • FrostyApril

    So if they are nervous, why not try the warm water method? Or encourage them to use gentle water spritzing to regularly clean their ears instead of their qtips?

  • Jordan Ring

    I know the hair in the ears serve a purpose but sometimes I just wanna was it all out to get a clear smooth video

  • ber

    I can understand the third patient because I'm terrified of having anything done with my ears, even taking my temp all because of having tubes put in my ears and some doctors not being the kindest. Wish I lived in the UK because I might actually go to him.

  • Elizabeth Kincaid

    Random question: You've said before that ears are self cleaning and the migration of earwax. I have a tragus piercing. How might that effect the normal earwax migration?

  • Lisaa

    i love the dry skin vids always think must feel great getting removed wonder why in second ear as the dry skin was right near opening of ear why could to remove it their self

  • Lisaa

    why did you not use the b hook you don't seem use much now that last ear must as been as frustrating as it was to watch but i understand the man i had a horrible painful experience when younger a doctor put the hook in and hurt me so bad my ear would not stop bleeding and said nothing no sorry, my mum was with me and she let rip on him whole hospital would of heard her lol

  • Little Wolf Taima

    I have narrow ear canals that have gotten worse with time as my wisdom teeth came in and my jaw became recessed as my bite changed due to crowding. I am poor. I literally spent my last £40 before I lost my home on a private microsuction appointment convinced it would solve all my problems with discharge, tinnitus, feelings of blockage causing issues with swallowing/mucus from my nose draining down the back of my throat, extreme pain in fast moving vehicles or at elevation etc. Audiologist had to really force an otoscope in my ear to see anything and declared there was no wax (eardrum is visible) but I felt the instrument itself pushing something solid further into my ear at the top of my ear canal. He couldn't actually get the microsuction device in my ear canal to have a proper look but when he let me try it, I saw a dark mass when the camera was angled upward, however the device was simply too large to get far enough into my ear or angle correctly to get it. I was so frustrated and later spent 3 hours poking dental instrument sinto my ears to remove a LARGE amount of dark wax, skin, chunky grey/white stuff and some grainy white stuff that sounded like sand when my instruments scraped against it. I still cannot fully unblock my ear by myself and am scared I will accidentally damage something as I can't see what I'm doing but only sharp tools seem to get good enough purchase on my earwax. I've seen 4 GPs and 3 ENTs who just shrug their shoulders even when I show them the large amount I manage to extract myself right after the last person said 'I can't see anything'. I believe my ear canal is like a teardrop shape, really pinched along the top and that's where stuff is accumulating, because it does seem that the bottom is clear, but I definitely feel a lot of hard stuff stubbornly clinging to nooks and crannies along the top that I can't grip. When I manage to make headway unblocking my ear I get a sudden release of pressure, can hear more clearly, am able to swallow normally, experience no post nasal drip or any popping/dulled hearing, when I leave my ears alone I end up choking on food and drink (liquids try to go up my nose) and with a constant sore throat.I cannot do it properly by myself though and the hard, grainy white stuff that scrapes out concerns me!

  • Anne-Marie A

    If it is allowed, it would be nice to know the gender, the age of the patient and their profession. Are the patients with the most debris working in loud environments and not using ear plugs? Do they work in a dirty environment? Thank you!

  • Mike Langford

    On your 3rd patient-what was done with suction that made it so painful? Logic dictates that should be the least painful procedure (in a skilled practitioners hands, which obviously you are). So obviously he was hurt by someone unskilled, but how?

  • Judy Gwen

    Why would it not be possible to provide a patient with Valium or some kind of medication to calm him? I can certainly understand the nervousness and or fear. I know it doesn't take much poking in my ear for it to hurt. I feel sorry for the patients that have to go through this. You do such a fantastic job and you do it so quickly though, must be a gigantic Comfort to your patients.

  • Whit23ney

    Do patients report a feeling of relief when you’re removing the debris or do they report feelings of pain or discomfort?

  • Jacqueline Reed

    That last patient-poor man,he must have had truly hellish experiences previously,to still be so nervous after he had already been seen by you once before.He's fortunate to have found someone who is skilled,patient,and understanding as well.I agree with another person in the comments:it might do him some good to watch some of your videos of patients with similar issues,and see how they're handled safely and more swiftly.But,whether he does or not,I'm sure he appreciates your kindness.

  • Mancho vie

    I don't blame him the thought of someone digging around inside my head freaks me out too. With you he could watch your videos I know I would be able to trust you right next to my brain. I have similar anxiety when I get my hair cut and I gotta take off my glasses and can't see anything while a stranger uses sharp scissors by my neck so I understand his anxiety.

  • jinger jar

    He was ver brave. I hope that he will realize in time that you're brillant gentle kind ❤ caring. You are so appreciateed by us andi am sure all your clients !

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