Judge Judy Sets the Record Straight on Skin Care Scam
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Judge Judy Sets the Record Straight on Skin Care Scam

You just had a birthday. When was your birthday? Do you want me just tell the
truth, or you want me to lie? My birthday was October 21st. I was 76. [APPLAUSE] Wow. Now, What do you
attribute that you have so much energy at that age? You have two choices
as you get older. Did you ever think
that you would be 60? No. 60, to me, feels like– I can’t believe it. 60, my grandmother had
breasts that start at her neck and they stopped at her knees. I remember that. That was the look. [LAUGHTER] I think that– you know who told
me that an age is just a number the first time? Florence Henderson. I remember having dinner
with Flo when she turned 70. And we had dinner. And she had a
couple of cocktails, which she was prone to do
and then got into her car to drive home. I said, Flo, are you sure you
don’t want to get into a cab? Oh, no I’m fine. I said, 70 is 70. She said, Judy,
70 is the new 50. And it’s just a number. I remembered that. And the people that I know
who are older and spirited looked like they were
having a good time. And the people who are
older and don’t do anything to keep themselves
younger don’t look like they’re getting the
best bang for their buck out of life. So that’s it. That’s the story. And you love what you do. I mean, that helps. Yeah, I feel like it
really is just a number. I think that it’s really about– the way you think
and the way you act is more important than anything. Because I feel I’m
extremely immature. I mean, play games. I scare people all the time. I do things that a
60-year-old shouldn’t do. But I feel like I’m young. I feel that. I feel young, except when I
look in a full-length mirror. Yeah, well, sure. Then it all comes back. Because, I mean, we don’t– we’re mostly girls here, right? You know that you can keep
yourself fit and in shape. And I do. And I know that you do. They haven’t
invented anything yet that keeps your skin in shape. So there are certain
things that don’t lie. Now, I’m almost at full sleeve. Because there was a time when
I covered from here to here. And then it started to
creep down over here. And soon, I’m going
to be wearing gloves. A lot of people wear gloves. There are people
that wear gloves. But, yeah, so let’s talk
about the skin care. Let’s talk about skin. That was a good segue! It is a good segue. Because they’ve done
the same thing to me. And we’re trying to find them. Because they need to stop. So tell everyone
what happened to you. Because they make up stuff? Well, this is a slippery,
sleazy, scammy outfit who allegedly makes
a skin care product. And they take celebrities– they take celebrities,
some of whom are senior! When I say senior, anything
plus 40, that look terrific. And the older you are, and
the better you look, the more of a good spokesperson,
I guess, they thank you are for this line. And they use your name,
and likeness, and image and say you have invented and
endorsed this wonderful cream, send us your credit card. And we’ll send you free samples. We’ll just charge you for this. And it’s a scam! And they scam
thousands of dollars from people once they
have your credit card. But you know, the
internet can be a very powerful, useful,
wonderful, positive tool. But then, there are people
who are always bad people. And they will find an
evil use for the internet. And they are somewhere
embedded in clouds. But I have to tell
you, I’m on the case. Yeah, we are too. We’re on the case too. We’re going to find them. A lot of different
places, on the case. But they’re slippery. It’s hard to find them. But we’re going to find them. But the thing is,
if you don’t see=– if you don’t see us
with our mouths moving talking about a product, if
you just see a picture of us, we’re not endorsing
that product. And if you just think, if
these people spent 1/2 the time learning to do something
legitimate rather than something that
was illegal and a scam, they probably could invent
cures to every major disease. It’s stupid. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing.


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