Journey of an Inventor | Working with Paul Hardcastle & George Stibitz
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Journey of an Inventor | Working with Paul Hardcastle & George Stibitz

and I became a consultant to that pair
George Stibitz used to be known as the father of the computer at AT&T and Dr.
Frances McCann who was one of the first female neurosurgeons in this country
hello today I’m here with Ted Watler from parchment R&D he’s an entrepreneur
inventor technologist and Ted is a cross domain expert on technology solution
delivery from sensors to cloud Hardware firmware and software as well as
security development it seems like you’ve been on a course
for excellence the accolades and everything I mean I don’t know they
probably kind of wash away after a point but like what’s your proudest
accomplishment being a father I think my legacy to the world are my children I
look at where I started and I look at the opportunities that have been
afforded for my children and I tell my mother we have a lot to be proud of we
are blessed every day you look at that transition in life and you go you know
not everything is lollipops and you know and so on you know but that’s the
journey right that’s that’s the life from from a technology point of view I
think every time I can answer somebody’s question or help them to deliver on an
idea I feel great about that especially if it contributes or helps
something in our world that’s something that elevates me but overall raising my
kids priorities I mean I think that’s admirable tell us a little bit about
when you started your company my desire to do a business started on my first job
in in Vermont I started to work with someone I sort of got adopted by a
family while in Vermont and he was a musician music is one of those things I
like and he had a synthesizer known as the Alpha Centauri we started to talk
about was it possible to connect his guitar I sat there and said you know yeah
there should be a way for us to do this and that created a process and trying to
solve that problem go gee I wonder if I could do this all my life that led to my
first job which was with a company known at the time as New England Digital New
England Digital created a product known as the Synclavier some people if they
ever listened to for example Michael Jackson’s Thriller all that synthesizer
stuff of that very successful album was done with that product and I wound up
delivering that product to England to an artist called Paul Hardcastle also the
the technology the computer because there were no pcs yet the machine was
very fast you know it was a homemade CPU and everything that emulated mainframes
and it was used to connect using Gandalf boxes if
people remember those was like an old modem right to be able to connect
terminals tt wise around the campus and Dartmouth and it was used by two people
I’d learned to love and respect to do action potential Studies on brain and
heart tissue au stimulate a cell and you measure an electrical response and I
became a consultant to that pair the gentleman name was George Stibitz you
can look him up he used to be known as the father of the computer at AT&T and
Dr. Frances McCann who was one of the first female neurosurgeons in this
country I started to do consulting work for them and I loved it and then the
question became how can I do this for the rest of my life how can I be the
entity that people come to for us to provide them a solution for something
and and that’s how it started you know I talked to my wife and I said
you don’t have a dream I need to make it happen now I can’t keep it on the shelf
I said I’m gonna become self-employed I’m gonna be a developer I’m gonna be a
consultant to the world you know there’s developer or contractor there is
freelancer and then there’s expert consultant right yes my thing is I’m
your expert consultant it’s my job to to get you to believe and buy into that and
let me solve the problem it seems like you’re very passionate about what you do
so that curiosity is always gonna be a driver for you I am I love what I do
good bad or indifferent I love my journey I’ve been very successful I’ve
also tasted defeat and over time you understand that it’s all part of it some
people look at failure and look at certain things with disdain and in you
learn to realize that if you take a different look at it it’s more valuable
than every win you have oh yeah 100% I mean every failure is nothing more than
a teaching experience correct and there’s always a benefit that you can
gain from it anytime you do something you can improve a process you can
actually have some metrics to look back on and analyze and figure out okay where
did this start going off the rails at what point should I have brought
somebody else in at what point should I’ve realized that this is not with
my wheelhouse enough that I need to do more research you can find out where
you’re lacking or your gaps are but without even trying you’ll never find
out you’ll never grow and like you said throughout the course of your history
you needed to have that challenge and if you don’t put yourself in a position
where you have the ability to fail you’ll never be challenged because
you’re always going to play the safe bet correct based on my situation you know
or my history or my journey in life there have been many many many
challenges like many of the people you know you’ll find that everyone has a
story it comes from a different path there’s a common pattern to what goes on
and what drives people or what they want to do no matter what they think their
motivation is we have some commonalities and some of us get there sooner than
others it’s not about comparing that is I think we’re going to make that the end
of the official interview because I think that was a great way to wrap it up
but now we’re gonna move into some questions this question is from Moe B.
who’s a member of my Facebook group #levelUP Your Career Moe B. says
process to file a patent so he would like to know what the process is to file
a patent


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