Jaehyuk Choi’s Lab: Using Genomic Approaches to Study Skin Cancer
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Jaehyuk Choi’s Lab: Using Genomic Approaches to Study Skin Cancer

I think it’s a special privilege to take
care of cancer patients. I see the patients and how they respond to
treatments and that makes me think, “okay, maybe I should study this in the lab.” The
survival rate for stage 4 Merkel cell carcinoma is less than 20%, which is
actually, on a case-by-case basis more deadly than melanoma. Our understanding of
disease has to be sort of re-edited or revised every six months to a year,
that’s because of our research. So we study the cancers then identify the
genes that are important for that cancer using our genomics approaches, so we
identify really with high clarity, the actual events that cause the disease, so
we know exactly what to target. And then we’re able to often repurpose
medications that we use for other diseases and identify those that can be
utilized for the patients that we’re studying. We’ve been able to move very
fast to do this bedside to bench to bedside pipeline it’s been all
facilitated by a highly collaborative environment, really talented trainees and
amazing colleagues. And now over fifty percent respond to immunotherapies and
many of them look like they have long lasting cures. Around the time when
patients get diagnosed with cancer, I often have a discussion with them about
what the state-of-the-art clinical care is and I often end it with saying “we can
do better” and my lab is how I am trying to do better.

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