Inviting and Assigning Recommenders
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Inviting and Assigning Recommenders

Hi, this is Miriam from the Common App. In this video you’ll learn more about the
recommendation process. We’ll review how to invite and assign recommenders
and how to track your recommenders’ progress. Let’s get started! In our last video, “Intro to the Recommendation
Process” we learned what types of recommenders you can invite, how to find each school’s
recommender requirements, and how to start the recommendation process. Now let’s look at how to invite and assign
your recommenders in the Common App. Remember, if your school uses Naviance to
submit recommender forms, you will not invite your counselor or teachers in the Common App
system, but you CAN use the Common App System to invite Advisors and Other Recommenders. For applicants, the recommendation process
takes two steps: inviting a recommender and then assigning recommenders to your schools. Let’s take a closer look. On the “Recommenders and FERPA” section of
any school on your My Colleges you can click the “Invite and Manage Recommenders” button
to invite recommenders, remove recommenders, and even resend invitations. When inviting a recommender you’ll be asked
to fill out the recommender type (like counselor or teacher), name, and email address. If you do not include an email address for
a recommender, that recommender will be marked as offline, and won’t receive an invitation
to the online Recommender system. In that case, you’ll be instructed to download
PDF forms for them to complete and send to colleges on your behalf. If you are adding a Teacher or Other Recommender
you will also be asked to select either that Teacher’s subject or Other Recommender’s
type. Once you’ve added your recommenders you’ll
see their name and information listed here. To remove a recommender, click the trash can
icon. To resend their email invitation click this
arrow icon. Now let’s close out of this window. You’ll see that my counselor has been automatically
added to my school. In fact, once you invite a counselor, we assign
them automatically to all your schools. This is because counselors need to submit
transcripts and School Report to all the schools to which you’re applying. However, if we scroll down you’ll notice none
of my other recommenders were added. This is because each school has different
recommender requirements, meaning they can choose the number of recommenders they require
as well as the types of Other Recommenders they accept. So, after you have added your Teachers and
Other Recommenders to the “Recommender Invitations” page you also need to assign them to the schools
you want. To assign a recommender, select the recommender
from the dropdown menu and then click assign. It’s that easy, but remember to assign your
recommender to each school to which you want them to send their recommendation forms. If you decide to assign a recommender you
haven’t invited yet you can do so directly by clicking the “Invite” link. This will open the “Recommender Invitations”
page. A good tip to remember is you only invite
a recommender once, but you assign your Teachers and Other Recommenders to each school. If you go to assign a recommender and you
don’t see the option to add them from a dropdown that could be because you are trying
to add a recommender type that is not accepted by that school. If you’d like to unassign a recommender
from a school, simply go to that school’s Recommenders and FERPA section and click the
trashcan icon next to the recommender’s name in their recommender section. In addition to counselors, teachers, and other
recommenders, you can also assign Advisors. An advisor can be anyone who is assisting
you with your application process. An advisor can view your application information
and give you personalized feedback, but an advisor does not submit any supporting documents
for your application. You may invite up to 3 advisors using the
‘Invite Advisor’ link below. Additionally, you can give advisors permission
to view a PDF preview of your applications by clicking here. You’ll then see this message that will give
you some more information and ask you to affirm that you understand how the application preview
works. Your counselor also has the ability to track
the completion status of your application and you can also grant them permission to
view a PDF preview of your application. If at any point you want to remove preview
access from an advisor or counselor, simply click “No”. Once you have added and assigned your recommenders,
you can see the forms they are submitting on your behalf, as well as the status of those
forms. As your recommenders work on and submit these
forms, you will see the status of the forms change here. The statuses are: not started, started, submitted
(which means your recommender has fully submitted your recommendation, and there is no further
action required on their part). and downloaded, which means
the college’s admissions office has downloaded a copy of the recommendation from our system. And that’s it! Now that you understand how to invite and
assign recommenders within the Common App, you’re ready to get started! To learn more about completing your Common
Application visit, where you can check out our FAQs. If you have a question, simply click the “Contact
Support” button or email us at [email protected]

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