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Infection Control – Skin Penetration – Tattoo Industry

luciana hallett dissidents now can you tell us a little bit about
self uh… i’d be tempting for twenty years and i have been strong fault i’m already seventeen years and use been
working on wall around the world their were to mill billion mainland let’s go right now you settled here we
have a look at union headquarters like i said this is the studio where you
do the titling very claimed that benches radio inks and
everything is ready to go acclaiming here obviously for a now what about cleaning all the
equipment itself so i want to finish the text of what you’re preparing to do it
at two weekly uh… quickly and then he has been hit by a so you have the you’re just on the
cleanup dead rosa prepared their troops and equipment
and then i have this could be area here and then you have the heat sealer was
skills old equipment whereas there wasn’t uh… we have this realizes and his father will be a little piling
up some what’s everything to sterilize we restore inc for the title historic and is wrong here what’s that everything is sterilized
packaged and ready to go that analyst clearly that’s fantastic spotless yeah we’ve got someone who makes it
absolutely are into it started when handwashing several that’s got that tai chi so this is the hapless united
we’ve got split scouts it’s three times a concerts watching penicillin you’re ready to go can you
explain to work every text or what’s going on here uh… uses the probate show uh… with uh… it prompted on proper
and this is like uh… plastic there to take prints for that is what yes correct and that’s uh… cut with a ball we don’t like shades which is also have a plastic bear here’s another city pitch his foreign policy you lack annual to contact for that plastic on the
across the country correct and then it had didn’t disposable eight
dept sizzle uh… disposable razor uh… disposable wouldn’t steers to getting your domains voted on
cross-contaminate as well and that’s the suppose we’ll need those whitman’s spose boast ensue and it’s uh… they bandage ready for when after you finish still the best yes correct and in the end all shops going shopping and all of us the colors go into disposal is what products rocks
are incorrect we’re really got first lucia some disposable gloves and tonight a barrier is placed on the bench
detention influence sterilize the needle dance assembled and
covered with the plastic barium to avoid having beaten cards which can
risk cross-contamination lucci elicits than on a bit of petroleum jelly area to be tied to destroy him and the design stencil is applied up to the tech to his complete carrier
is covered with a sterile dressing until it’s done quite satisfactory very happy you’ve sent money soiree week he’s
articulate functions as well any spending stop so what happens now can you take us
through how you clean up in between clients uh… horrible varga protective barriers the bank who won the debate took two machines leaders are disposed on this show up for failure this early the ip to be scruggs minstrel
ice uses falls he cats disposed and a plastic very for those free bottle all the plastic cover and then post into your life that’s quite a bit wants to do if you’d like more information please visit the new south wales health
website dot in s w dot g_o_p_ dot megan and mccartney’s christine penetration
industries engages in the health topics name traditional information on to what your
plans please contact your local council or
public health unit


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