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Hello, everybody. Welcome back to my channel
where we talk about grooming, skin care, sometimes hair. So if that sounds like your thing, make
sure you are subscribed. We’ve touched on how to prevent enlarged pores. We’ve talked
about how to wake up with glowing skin. But today, we’re gonna talk about how to smooth
out your skin texture. Glowing skin is kind of just an aesthetic
kind of thing, it’s nice to look at, whereas skin texture kind of says more about the health
of your skin. An uneven skin texture usually means that your skin is struggling a little
bit. That could be, um, due to dehydration, which is usually the main cause; sun damage;
clogged pores; acne; dead skin buildup. So yes, smooth skin is usually a sign of healthy
skin. So let’s go through the quickest and easiest
ways to achieve a smoother skin texture. And I’m gonna get this one out of the way straight
away, because I talk about it every single video. The last three or four videos I’ve
done, I’ve mentioned this. And that is exfoliating. Stick with me. I know you’ve heard it all
before. But obviously exfoliating is the key to removing dead skin. This can also give
you dull looking skin, clogged up pores, and a rough texture to your skin as well. Chemical
exfoliation, in my opinion, is the best and easiest way to do this. And also, be sure
to check out my video “All About Exfoliation” so you know whether you need a BHA, an AHA,
a PHA, and what one is best for your skin type. But yes, obviously chemical exfoliators
are exactly as they sound, an exfoliator in a toner kind of form that removes dead skin
cells. You can use this two to three times a week. You can use some of them daily.
Okay, I’m gonna interrupt narrating James down there because if you have seen my last,
like, even months worth of videos and you haven’t bought yourself a chemical exfoliator
yet, you need to go and get one now. Don’t go out and get one. Just buy it online. I’ll
leave some links down below in the description box to my favorite, um, chemical exfoliators.
But yes, there really is something for everyone. So if you don’t have one, you need to get
one. If you do wanna use a physical exfoliator,
so something with a physical scrub on it, I tend to avoid them, but make sure the granules
are super fine, almost like sand texture. And do this two to three times a week.
The next tip is to maybe change up your cleanser. As I mentioned, one of the main culprits of
rough textured skin is dehydrated and dry skin. And your skin could be dehydrated or
dry because of your cleanser. A lot of cleansers are very harsh, especially foaming cleansers,
um, ones made for oily skin. They tend to get rid of everything that your skin actually
needs, so not only your surface oils but your deeper natural ones as well. So a really easy
way to avoid this and kind of counteract this is to get yourself a gel cleanser. In general,
gel cleansers give a good cleanse. They remove all the dirt and excess sebum that you don’t
need, and they tend to keep what you do need, so, your natural oils. Alternatively, you
may wanna skip your morning cleanse altogether. If, like me, you have a long routine in the
evening, then sometimes you don’t need to cleanse in the morning. What you can do instead
is use a cleansing water. A cleansing water will remove all the excess sebum, all that
surface dirt and oils and maybe sweat that you’ve, um, gathered during the night, but
leave you with your natural oils. It kind of just gives your skin a bit of a break.
And then you could use your toner, your moisturizers on top of that.
The next thing you could do is actually resurface your skin. This sounds really dangerous (laughs).
That sounds really harsh. But we’re talking about micro-needling or derma-rolling. Derma-rolling
or micro-needling is basically a procedure where you, um, poke tiny microscopic holes
into your skin. Um you’re kinda creating a micro-injury. This promotes the skin to stimulate
collagen production, so this is gonna re-plump your skin. It’s gonna help with those little,
um … oh, what’s it called? Like little dents and little, um, pop marks you have on your
skin. Those are those fine lines or wrinkles, dark spots. And improving the texture of your
skin. Now it’s really important, kind of follow this up with a serum as well to help maximize
absorption of the serum. I said that weird. Absorption. Yes. Um, but yeah, check out my
derma rolling video. I’ve talked about this before. There are a lot of weird things you
shouldn’t do going around on Instagram at the moment, like mixing derma-rolling with
face masks and, um, certain acids that you should never mix once you’ve micro-injured
your face. So check out my video. And as always, moisture is key. As I think
I’ve said at every point here, dehydration and dry skin is the culprit, the main culprit
behind a rough textured looking skin, as well as an uneven skin tone. And we all know how
to moisturize our skin, right? That’s obvious. You- you put it on. (laughs) But here’s a
way you can really maximize the benefits of your moisturizer. So in the morning, let’s
say we use a, um, cleansing water. We’re gonna go on with our toner. What we’re gonna do
with that toner is we’re just gonna kind of splash it onto our face and leave it damp.
We’re then gonna go in with a moisturizer, applying that to our damp skin. And this is
gonna help seal in the hydrating benefits from the toner deep within the skin. And it
also gives you a nice kinda glow to your skin. I find this works with both gel moisturizers
and thicker moisturizers. So it is really good for all skin types.
Let’s say, um, that it’s the evening, um, and you’re using like a heavy serum, or you
know, you’ve got a step in between your toner and your moisturizer. Go for serums that are
a lot more liquidy, like look a lot more … not water-based, but flow a bit more like water.
I have really thick serums that are a bit more like a moisturizer, or I have, um, really
watery looking ones. So when my skin is looking a bit rough in texture, I’ll use those watery
ones and leave them damp on my face, and then mix in with the moisturizer, again locking
in that moisture. Also remember that if you are oily, you still
need to use a moisturizer. A lot of people feel that if they have excessive oil production
during the day, that’s a sign that they don’t need to use moisturizer, whereas this excess
oil production could be because you haven’t been using moisturizer, or your cleanser is
over-drying you. So if you are finding your oils are kicking in real tough during the
day, avoid oil-control cleansers. Avoid, um, matte-fying products. Because this is basically
taking all the moisture and oils out of your skin, so your sebum is gonna go crazy and
over-produce; whereas if you’re moisturizing, using normal stuff, then your skin isn’t gonna
be trying to make up for all the moisture … excuse me … and sebum that you’ve just
ripped out of your skin. So if you are finding that you’re a bit excessively oily, keep moisturizing,
get rid of all your oil-free stuff, get rid of all your matte stuff, until your sebum
production levels return to a kind of normal, bearable state.
Another way of improving the texture of your skin is to physically plump up your skin.
And a very easy way to do this is to use hyaluronic acid. Our own skin cells actually produce
hyaluronic acid naturally, um, and this is kinda to retain our moisture levels. But obviously
as we get older, this kind of stops production quite a bit, obviously making our skin look
like a little bit saggy and less plump, and you know, all that kind of stuff. So it’s
good to give our skin a boost of HA every so often. And it’s great for all skin types.
Um, you know, acid doesn’t always mean it’s gonna burn through your skin, or like, burn
stuff off your face. Um, you know, there’s so many different types of acids. Hyaluronic
acid is known to be able to hold a thousand times its own weight in moisture and water,
um, which is … which is good, which is really interesting. So imagine having hyaluronic
acid on our face. We then add moisture to that. It’s gonna hold onto that moisture and
lock that in for us and really plump up the surface of our skin. So for an instant moisture
boost, you wanna use a hyaluronic acid in the serum stage of your skin care routine.
Okay, so here’s a tip on how to get extra plumpness and really make that texture of
your skin look nice and smooth using hyaluronic acid. This is, uh, from The Ordinary. This
is just like the cheapest really out there, um, and one of the better ones as well. So
I’m gonna apply the hyaluronic acid where I usually do. Gently rub, gently tap just
to make sure it is fully absorbed. It does feel a little bit sticky to begin with, but
once it’s completely tapped in and absorbed into your skin, it feels nice and smooth.
Now as I mentioned, hyaluronic acid actually holds a thousand times its own weight in moisture.
So to … Oh, look at my hair. So to give our skin the extra boost of plumpness, we
are gonna spritz some moisture over it. So that could be mineral water or an essence
like I have here. Think that’s enough? And the idea is that the hyaluronic acid is gonna
hold onto that and retain that extra moisture. And again, we’re just gonna pat that in.
The results that you’ll hopefully see from these, I think within a month you’ll be very
happy with the result and the look of your skin. I’m not saying it’s gonna take a whole
month to work, but for you to see everything, I think allow a month for your products to
work and for your skin to get used to whatever … your changes your making.
Now while, you know, smooth looking skin is aesthetically pleasing, remember this is more
about your skin showing you that something’s up and that maybe you need to help it out,
removing skin cells or give it a bit of that moisture boost. So it does look nice, but
it’s for your skin’s own good as well. Please let me know anything else that you
want to see within my videos down below. I check all my comments within the first hour
of posting a video, so make sure you’re there to, uh, comment. Do that, you know, first
comment thing. I love that. (laughs) But I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you learned
something. Share this information with your friends, um, if you want. Don’t do it if-
if they … you know, they’re not into this. That’d be weird. But that is it for me now,
guys. I will see you next time.

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