Improve or Reverse Your Eczema | Dr Berry explains 2019.
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Improve or Reverse Your Eczema | Dr Berry explains 2019.

hey this is dr. berry in this short
video let’s discuss eczema and the natural ways that you can reverse this
devilish condition or at least improve it markedly the hundreds of thousands of
people suffer from eczema in the u.s. millions of people around the world and
if you go to a doctor you may not get the best advice now if you know someone
who suffers from eczema if you know someone who has a baby or a child who
suffers from eczema please consider sharing this video on their Facebook
page send them a direct message or a text message or an email share this on
your Facebook page if you’re on any skin condition or eczema Facebook groups you
can also you have my permission to share it there now let’s talk about eczema and
the natural treatments that you can use right now to improve it or even reverse
it completely so when you go see your doctor a family doctor internal medicine
pediatrician or dermatologists they’re going to add something right doctors
aren’t really taught to subtract things from the equation we’re taught to add
things we’re gonna write you a prescription for a cream or an ointment
or injections or pills that’s what we do that’s what doctors are trained to do we
add things to the equation that’s a very Western way to think about
problem-solving but as you know if you’ve had eczema for a few years it
might make it better for a few days or a few weeks but ultimately it doesn’t help
a darn bit and so it’s my theory and what I’m gonna try to give to you today
is a way that you can subtract things from the system and get complete
reversal or at least market improvement in your eczema so you go see your doctor
what’s he gonna add he’s gonna he’s gonna tell you to moisturize okay first
of all the human skin never needs water and moisture is water right you never
need to do that soaking in water all the moisturizers in the world never help
eczema sometimes they even flare it up what your skin needs is oil and we’re
gonna talk about the two kinds of oil towards
the end of this video that you can use to actually calm your skin down when
your skin is thirsty it’s not thirsty for water it’s thirsty for a good
therapeutic oil and we’ll talk about that your doctor might give you steroid
injections or steroid pills these attack the immune system and temporarily calm
it down and they’ll probably make it better for a while but they never
reverse it or improve it significantly over the
long term what we’re going to talk about later in this video
will do that you might also get some of the very expensive immune modulators or
immune systems suppressants that come in the form of pills injections and fusions
and these definitely will make it better but at what cost at what price your
immune system is not overactive that’s what most doctors will say to you but I
think that’s the completely wrong way to think about this that’s the wrong
paradigm your immune system is not overactive it’s just temporarily berserk
it’s attacking your skin it’s you want your immune system to be strong and very
active but you want it to be attacking not you instead of you you want it to be
attacking foe not friend and eczema like many other conditions has at least in
part and although an autoimmune components and so beating down your
immune system is not the right way to handle this what you want to do is calm
your immune system down but also remind it and help it not be crazy beserk
anymore and say hey this is me the skin is me this is not foreign bodies or
foreign objects this is actually part of my body stop attacking that and what I’m
about to tell you will help calm your immune system down and help it realize
oh I was attacking my own self I should probably stop that so what you’re going
to do is not add things necessarily you’re going to subtract things so your
body’s a beautiful creation and you may in fact have a genetic predisposition to
have eczema but that is by no means a guarantee that you’ll ever have eczema
only if you’re in flaming and slowly poisoning your body are you gonna flip
on the epigenetic switches that allow your immune system to become temporarily
blind to where you end and the rest of world begins and then your immune system
start attacking your actual flesh which is what eczema is so here are the things
that I propose you should should subtract from your environment and I
think you’ll notice and almost immediate improvements in your eczema I’ve had
many many patients over the years here at the berry clinic get much much better
with their eggs a’mma and be able to stop many medications by doing the
following things number one you need to get grains out of your life you need to
stop eating grains of any kind whether it’s wheat corn oats rice quinoa any of
the grains or seeds are gonna have some inflammatory component to them they’re
going to inflame your gut either a little bit or a lot of it and that
inflammation is one of the things that pisses off your immune system and makes
it start doing crazy things like attacking your own skin cells so get the
grains out of your diet try it for a month if you don’t believe me you don’t
have to do it forever but I would highly recommend you try that for a month and
see if your eczema doesn’t change for the better and that’ll be a permanent
change as long as you stay away from the grains grains are not really food for
human beings grains are just something we to keep from starving to death during
very lean times another thing that many people notice that they get dairy
completely out of their diets and and I think almost everyone can leave butter
and ghee in their diet it’s the other dairy that has inflammatory proteins and
the milk sugars when you get dairy out of your diet your eczema is gonna get
either a little bit or a lot of it better it happens all the time and so
that’s my top two is grains and dairy almost everybody when they get grains
and liquid dairy out of their diet or their child’s diet the eczema gets
markedly better and stays better for as long as you don’t eat those inflammatory
things or drink those inflammatory things so and so basically the diet I
recommend for everybody with eczema is the ketogenic diet because there are no
grains in keto there there is no liquid dairy in keto except maybe some heavy
cream occasionally but when you eat keto it is in my experience the most
uninflated ayat that a human being can eat and so the inflammation
in your skin as well as your gut as well as everywhere else gets better and so
I’ve had more luck using a ketogenic way of eating too for long term reversal of
eczema than any other strategy another thing you might want to get out of your
diet and this is much more rare but I’ve had a few people that could eat egg
yolks just fine but if they ate egg whites it would flare up their eczema
I’ve seen that a few times it’s not nearly as common as grains and dairy
being the culprit but I’ve seen a few people that it seemed like egg whites
more the culprit another very few people this is rare nightshades which would be
tomatoes potatoes peppers tomatillos and eggplants and several other things in
the vegetable kingdom if you’ll google nightshade plants you’ll you’ll get a
list you might try for a month to eliminate egg whites from your diet and
see what happens you might try for a month to eliminate nightshades
from your diet and see what happens with the eczema the few things that I do
recommend adding to your system are very inexpensive compared to the things
another doctor might add and they’re not prescription they’re over-the-counter
they’re natural things but one of the things that I have the most luck with is
a vitamin D supplement if you’ll take anywhere from two thousand to ten
thousand international units of vitamin d3 once a day I’ve had many many
people’s eczema and psoriasis get drastically better when they start
replacing the vitamin D that they were deficient in another thing is coconut
oil that you can go to the doctor and get the most expensive cream or ointment
on the market it’s not gonna work one bit better than virgin cold-pressed or
get organic coconut oil on your skin you put that on your skin
another oil that seems to work very very well is castor oil
don’t take it internally unless you want to go to the bathroom but by putting it
on your skin where the eczema flared up it seems to calm it down it seems to
moisturize it with that good healthy oil very very well and many people swear by
either coconut oil or castor oil on their eggs in most spots and lesions
when they flare up the third third and final thing that I recommend adding is a
good-quality probe i otic I’ve seen many people’s eczema
get markedly better when they added a probiotic and so rather than going to
the doctor and getting expensive shots and pills and things that literally turn
off your immune system how about we just eat a good grain free liquid dairy free
ketogenic diet which gives you thousands of options to choose from let’s
experiment with stopping egg whites for a month or stopping nightshades for a
month or stopping the the dairy and grains definitely you need to stop those
for the eczema benefits and all the other benefits let’s add some vitamin D
let’s add some coconut oil and let’s add some probiotics it’s my prediction that
no matter how bad your eczema currently is if you will follow these guidelines
these inexpensive natural whole food organic guidelines your eczema will be
better and stay better than it’s been in years now if you really enjoyed this
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this is doctor Barry I’ll see you next time

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