I Hate Doing My Own Nails – Part 2 – Handmade Acrylic Bow, Rose Gold Chrome, & Bling – Step by Step

First of all I’m going to go over with the electric file I find this easier on myself definitely Doing some of the filing with an electric file is a massive help I’m taking off any bulk but I’m also contouring the nail at the same time So I’m looking down the barrel of the nail while I do this Checking the side profile And also the shape From the top view And then I am going to hand file Doing my normal filing routine of doing the side walls first Getting them nice and straight, coming straight out of the natural sidewall Then I’ll do the cuticle area Getting that nice and flush So we don’t have a lip You don’t want a lip at the end I don’t mean at lip like that Like ridge, you know.. a step or whatever you want to call it Then I am going to do the end of that free edge shape I’m going to contour all of the surface as well with your hand file And you can see how I actually move my hand And don’t really move this is much, I get used to rotating my hand as well. Rather than the hand that actually filing ADAM: do you do that with client hands as well?
KIRSTY: definitely don’t do that with clients hands. It could be a little bit hard
ADAM: I mean just moving the fingers slightly KIRSTY: I do yes, I move the fingers certain amount but I don’t have as much movement as… ADAM: yeah you don’t have as much control KIRSTY: yeah I just move my hand far more than I would a client, but I do rotate the finger I will do that on a client I’d move the finger like that. Whereas with this I can move my hand wherever I want to. so you can see I have an apex here coming up in the back third and it’s nice and flat and straight straight sidewalls flat top nice and flush at the cuticle, I’m going to go over with a white block now. just to make it even more smooth So I will go through the centre then go down the sides And then wipe the surface of that nail with acetone. And that’s going to smooth and clean it at the same time. So I’m going to continue that and all of the nails. now they have filed and smoothed out with the White Block. I wiped over with acetone. We are ready to put any nail art on or mega gloss. What I’m going to do is I’m going to put a little bit of freehand art. With a little bit of white paint, just because I know that well contrast really nicely. Going to do some really random lines I’m going to do the same on this one. I’m going to do a little bit on the thumb. When you put mega gloss on top this will be enhanced even more I’m going to mega gloss these now. That’s going to bring out all of the sparkle. I’m going to do the thumb first because as soon as I start to move my hands around it will slide and fall and I don’t want that to happen, I want it to be nice. I don’t need to completely cure it. I can flash cure that for about 10 seconds. Then I know it’s not going to move anywhere New chrome we have, you can apply them on the top of mega gloss it doesn’t need to go on to of a soft gel. It can go on mega gloss and it will stick to it. I’ll show you that as soon as I’ve cured these. I’m going to cure them. So we’re going to use the mirror chrome. Where going to rub all of that into the nail. So what you find is mirror takes on the colour. of what’s underneath. So it gives it more of a rose gold effect. So the more you rub it, the shinier it’s going to go. I’m going to do exactly the same again with this nail. So you don’t need to cover the nail, you just need to cover the free edge. I’m going to get a dry lint-free pad and wipe over. And this is going to remove any of those glittery particles. And make it even smoother. Now with this nail, we can go on over there nail. I do have people saying to me, “have you got any of that rose gold chrome powder?” And I say, no it’s not done like that! This is how it’s done, you put the pink underneath, then you put the chrome over the top. And it changes it into rose gold. So I am going to cure that nail before I do other one. Because I don’t want to move. When we do the next one, it needs to be perfect and we need to do the smile line. With this one, we’re going to take the mega-gloss And go up to the smile line so I can see where the smile line is because it’s a different colour. So on the natural beige part it’s silver…. and the free edge colour is rose gold. I’m going for it. So once it’s out of the lamp, where going to use gel residue wipe off solution to clean off The pigment from the nail bed what we’re going to do now is I’m going to wash my hands. Just so it’s not so sparkly any more. The next stage is going to add some crystals. But I’m also going to add a 3D bow. so I’ve got frantic fuchsia and have also got high-speed in my dappen dish. So we’re going to make a 3D bow. is not just going to be any old bow.. way going to make it chrome. So it’s going to be this rose gold chrome. The high-speed sets quicker, so you can work on one bead at a time. I’m going to press that out. I’m going to make that into a diamond shape. Quite a soft diamond-shaped It doesn’t need to have perfectly straight sides Depending how long you want the bow. Will be based on how long you make the diamond shape if you want a really long loop you would make this a little bit longer but I don’t want it to be super huge then I can fold over and just touch it there so it sticks give it a little bit of a dent here to create some movement and make it look more realistic. now are going to do another one the hard bit is getting them both the same size but to be honest with those are they always symmetrical? No! now we’re going to take the first one and a little tiny beads that’s just going to join them together this isn’t the knot in the middle or the fold, let that bead stick them together. Because they wanna to be together… Now with a small bead you’re going to do the detail for the middle, we make a little sausage, a little pink sausage, and then we press it. Then I like to pull it back together this way, and then with your brush make it thinner in the middle then you have the bulk of the product at the side it needs to be long enough to go over here now the backside of this the area of this acrylic is touching the backing paper will be sticky still so when I pick it up and place here it will stick to the bow. Pick it, and roll it on tucking that side under so you can see that that’s giving you the detail in the middle, hold the bow, take the mega-gloss, paint the bow with mega gloss, make sure all of the bow is painted with the mega gloss

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