I Didn’t Shower For a Month and This Is What Happened – Challenge
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I Didn’t Shower For a Month and This Is What Happened – Challenge

Hello Infographics fans, it’s time for another
awesome challenge, all in the name of science. We’re concerned with your hygiene, because
we hate to break it to you but despite all the ‘go natural’ fads out there, you should
definitely be taking time to give yourself a good scrub once in a while. As usual though, we want to find out what
happens to your body and mind over the long term, so once more we’re tasking our favorite,
or least-important anyways, staff writer with another awesome challenge, all in the name
of finding out what happens if you stop showering for a month! For science! Day 1: Ok, I have a confession. I didn’t tell the girlfriend about this challenge,
because I’m 100% sure that would not go down well at all. Hygiene is kind of important in a relationship,
specially when you share a bed and are as physically active as we are, but also there’s
the fact that she’s been… less than happy with previous challenges. That would be putting it mildly. Also though there’s the fact that she’s leaving
for a film shoot in four days, and she’s going to be on-location for the next three weeks
so she’s going to miss pretty much the entire challenge. This literally couldn’t have played out any
better. I think she’s been getting suspicious though,
typically I get a few weeks between these challenge assignments to rest and recoup-
and also because if I didn’t I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would single-handedly destroy
everyone in The Infographics staff. She’s a trained stuntwoman and can box, she’s…
kind of scary. Anyways, she knows that right around now is
when I should be getting a new challenge assigned, and I think she’s suspicious that I haven’t
brought anything up yet. Maybe I’ll just tell her there’s a production
delay or something- by the way if you’re wondering, we obviously don’t do these challenges all
back to back in real time, by the time you get to watch these episodes the challenges
were already completed a while ago to give us- or me I guess- time to do more. So, I’m just not going to say anything until
she gets back, which will be about the time the challenge is over. As usual I did my research and it turns out
not showering can lead to everything from acne to infections, but turns out that showering
all the time is actually pretty bad for you as well. That’s because your body naturally produces
a layer of protection on your skin against outside infection, and all your vigorous scrubbing
destroys this layer and leaves you prone to getting sick or infections. That’s why some health shops sell probiotic
sprays to help grow your healthy body bacteria while making you smell nice, which by the
way is complete nonsense and does not work- so stick to real science, not pseudoscience,
it’ll be cheaper in the long run. Just limit how long you shower each day, and
instead of scrubbing your entire body with soap every time, just do your stinkiest areas-
groin, armpits, and butt- and rinse off the rest with water. Your body will thank you. Of course I won’t be allowed to do even that
much, and I’m not looking forward to this. See I’ve already done the no shower challenge
in my life during my time in the military, and it was absolutely not pretty. Luckily everybody was in on it as well, so
everyone stank equally. In fact we pretty much just smelled like gunpowder,
dirt, and sweat, though we did sometimes have the opportunity to take what we called ‘baby
wipe showers’ where we used a case of baby wipes to wipe down our vital areas. By the way, if you know anyone deployed overseas
to a forward location with no facilities, forget about sending cookies or books or anything
like that- just send baby wipes. Your very smelly and grateful military will
thank you for it. So I worked a baby shower clause into this
challenge, and every three days I’ll be allowed to wipe groin, butt, and armpits with baby
wipes because, I mean you gotta have some hygiene in life. For the rest of me though, not a drop of water
will touch my skin, and since it hardly ever rains in Los Angeles that’s a guarantee you
can count on. See you in seven days, youtube. Day 7: The girlfriend was definitely suspicious-
is suspicious, I should say. She left without asking what, if any, challenge
there was now, but she did say that I was smelling a bit ripe when she kissed me goodbye
at the airport. She’s been texting me asking what the challenge
is, and I didn’t want to lie to her so I just told her that she didn’t want to know. Thankfully she’s filming twelve plus hour
days so she’s typically too exhausted to push the issue. It wont surprise anyone for me to say this,
but I smell. It’s interesting though, because at first
you really do smell quite bad, but then suddenly its like your body achieves some sort of smell-equilibrium. A smellibrium. Or maybe I’ve just gotten use to the smell
myself. I’ve decided that this month the only days
I’ll exercise are the days I’m allowed to take a baby wipe shower, and I realize that’s
kind of cheating but hey, I do still have to leave the house and run errands or meet
with people you know. Of course deodorant and cologne go a long
way in those cases, and I’ve definitely been doing more handshakes than hugs lately. Not much else to report to be honest. Day 14: My girlfriend’s best friend came by
the house today quite unexpectedly. She said that she was here to borrow something
from her but was really vague with the details and just said that she’d been told it was
in the hallway closet. I was immediately suspicious because A) my
girlfriend is an evil mastermind and it doesn’t matter how busy or far away she is, if something
is up she has to know what, and B) my girlfriend really is an evil mastermind,
I am not joking. I saw through the transparent ploy, and it
doesn’t help that the friend kept looking around the house as if expecting to find some
freak show that was part of some sadistic internet challenge. I am also lucky that today was a baby wipe
shower day, so my secret is safe. I sent the girlfriend a text telling her to
stop spying on me and she just sent back, and I quote: suspicious face emoji. I catch whiffs of myself sometimes when the
wind turns outside and I smell… I mean definitely not good but not awful. I am incredibly itchy though, specially in
the groin. That’s no surprise given that sweat tends
to accumulate there a great deal, followed by infection if you’re not careful. I wonder if my baby wipe showers are going
to be enough to keep things under control down there. I gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty gross
and really limiting the amount of time I spend out of the house. Luckily skype is a thing and I can reschedule
almost all of my meetings to skype calls. Thank you technology. Day 21: Another of the girlfriend’s friends
came by the apartment two days ago. I didn’t let her in, I just peered out of
the front blinds like some very smelly criminal as she knocked on the door until she quit
and walked away. Even hundreds of miles away, the girlfriend
is persistent. But not nearly sneaky enough. Ok, this is bad. I definitely got a rash in my groin area spreading
down my thighs and I’m starting to seriously question continuing with this challenge. I know it’s not that big a deal, just really
itchy, but it’s definitely extremely gross. I can’t believe that people actually live
like this, by choice I mean. I miss you, my dear, wonderful shower. I was a fool for years, never appreciating
what I had available to me at the twist of a knob. Loss was my cruel teacher, and every day since
I’ve been instructed on how good I had it, how good you were to me, and how little I
appreciated it. Please forgive me, shower. I promise to appreciate and adore you, and
to rinse your soap scum every day. I think I smell too bad even for the dog,
because he’s definitely not been cuddling up to me the way he typically does at night. That’s a pretty damning turn of events coming
from an animal who literally can’t stop himself from smelling dog butts the first chance he
gets. Of course he doesn’t smell like a rose either,
because he’s an absolute maniac around water and will utterly destroy the bathroom unless
you physically put him in the shower with you, close the doors, and bathe him that way. So turns out this one month no shower challenge
was for the both of us, but unlike me I now for a fact he likes to smell stinky given
the many, many times I have to chase him away from rolling around in god knows what at the
park. This rash thing though is definitely going
to have to be addressed, and luckily I know exactly what to do. See my time in the military didn’t just teach
me about not showering, but what to do in these situations, and the answer is rubbing
alcohol. It burns like all the seven hells, but wiping
down with rubbing alcohol destroys the surface layer infection which causes the rash. So tonight, I’m going to set my groin on fire
and kill this before it gets any worse. I really, really hope you appreciate what
I do for you, youtube. Day 30: Girlfriend came home two days ago
and I finally had to tell her, though to be honest I think she probably knew the moment
she took her first whiff of me. I’ve been banned from sleeping in the bedroom
and she made me clean all the bed linens before she’d sleep in our bed. Also I had to Febreeze it down completely,
then she took the febreeze from me and sprayed me with it liberally and told me I wasn’t
allowed to cuddle her until, and I quote, “This stupid challenge is over and you go
back to normal and by the way you’re so lucky I wasn’t here for any of this nonsense or
you’d be living in a hotel.” She didn’t call my job stupid though the way
she typically does, and that’s how I know she missed me. She’s secretly a huge softy. A terrifying, scheming, evil mastermind of
a softie. So the rash I had a week ago disappeared thanks
to the rubbing alcohol treatment, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t count as a shower but
let me tell you, it feels very much like showering your groin with a flamethrower. I did notice red blotches popping up under
my armpits, which I suspect is another future rash in the making but thankfully today I
got to shower so I fully expect those’ll be going away soon. All in all, I definitely don’t recommend not
showering for a full month, it’s going to make you smell terrible and kind of affect
your mood too, although I think that was just the side effect of me avoiding leaving the
house as much as I could. When I was a kid my mom used to tell me that
I had enough dirt behind my ears to grow potatoes, and well, mom, this time you might actually
be right. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to enjoy
the longest shower of my life and scrub from head to toe so I can reclaim my right to sleep
in my own bed. A man’s home is his kingdom after all, though
in my case it’s obvious I’m just renting it from my girlfriend. Want to see my do more challenges? Check out our other video, I ate the hottest
pepper in the World! Thanks for watching and We’ll see you next


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