what is up everybody today I am going to
be doing the first episode of a series that I’m calling I am looking for a dot
dot dot and the reason I called this series I am looking for a good dot dot
dot is because at work I get all of these questions that are a little bit
repetitive so maybe if you weren’t super deep in the makeup world and you don’t
follow all of these like beauty channels then you wouldn’t really know what would
be the best product for you so this series is going to cover the most
commonly asked questions at Sephora and I get them quite a bit every day so I
kind of have this script down for every single question I mean it’s kind of
funny but it works but not a script in terms of I am recommending the same
product to the same client but a script for every product that I like and that I
feel like would work best for my client and today’s episode it’s going to be I
am looking for a good primer yes we’re talking about primers today it is all
about primers and I am splitting this video in half so I’m going to be doing
the first half on hydrating primers and I’m going to be doing the second half on
matte or smoothing primers because I think that these primers are kind of in
their whole separate worlds they’re very different I was actually going to try to
talk about all the primers I have and that’s not gonna happen there’s way too
much to say about every single primer so I’m splitting them and we’re going to
talk about these primers in an organized fashion and before you get started with
this episode or two make sure to subscribe down below I make new videos
every Wednesday and Sunday and you don’t want to miss the next episode because
you don’t know what its gonna be it’s a little secret and without further
ado let’s go ahead and jump into that video and of course I know you knew that
I was going to start with my two-phase hangover RX primer which I’ve mentioned
quite a few times on my last couple of videos so the first thing I want to say
about this primer is that it’s obviously a hydrating primer what makes it special
is that it has coconut water which is going to be really really hydrating
especially for someone that’s are normal to dry skin this primer is
not only going to hydrate your skin it’s also going to plump and brighten the
skin over time I do feel like my foundation goes on a little bit more
smoothly again it does have that plump effect so it plumps up my pores or any
fine lines that I might have and I strongly feel like this primer has a lot
of my foundation to last various hours like we’re talking long days like going
from work starting at like 9:00 in the morning and then being able to go out
without touching up my makeup because my this primer helped my makeup stay on
longer the Too Faced hangover primer goes for $32 and you do get 1.35 ounces
which is a pretty good deal considering that most liquid products come in a one
ounce size so Too Faced gives you a little extra so
I can’t complain about that and this formula is great I recommend it to
anybody that’s looking for a hydrating plumping primer that will allow your
foundation to stick to your face and lasts all day this is Bay this is my bay
alright so next I have the Becca cosmetics first light priming filter
instant complexion refresh and oh my god that is one of the longest names that
you can give a primer but I do feel like it is very true to the name is the two
things that stick out to me the most when I’m reading the title is light and
complexion refresh I do feel like this primer illuminates the face which is
what Becca speaks to the most this is what the primer is meant to do is meant
to brighten your complexion not everybody knows this but when you’re
color correcting and you look at a lavender color just like this these type
of colors are meant to be applied in the areas that are dull or where you want
kind of a brightening effect and in this case it’s a primer for the whole face so
you will get a brightening effect on the whole face so I’m going to read a little
bit from my phone here is that that there is cool light technology
that softly scatters translucent cool violet light to brighten and even out
imperfections so I’m going to give it a good shake here to mix up all the good
ingredients and then we’re going to get a pump of this that was a big pump let’s
see oh that was a lot all right so that’s much better and I’m working it
into my skin and it’s so smells like fruit loops whenever I do a little
pom-pom I on the back of my clients head I’m like smell it it smells just like
fruit loops and they’re like oh my god you’re totally right and I’m like yes I
know I don’t know how they do that but it just brings back childhood memories
for me because it smells like fruit loops all right so we’re going to ignore
the fact that my hand is like five shades lighter than my face don’t judge
me I like to look at tan so I’m kind of moving my hands side to side and this
hand which is where I applied a primer I do feel like it’s catching more of that
light so if you wear this along with our foundation you would get this
brightening effect but I don’t necessarily think that you can see this
through your foundation especially if you’re a full coverage type of girl like
I don’t know if this brightness is going to peep through all that makeup because
I know I love my full coverage foundations and I like how the
foundation applies over this I totally feel like this hydrates my skin and it
smells really good I feel really nice and awake when I apply this in the
morning the Beca first light premium filter goes for $38 and you get one
ounce so that’s something to think about and Becca is a little bit more of a
high-end brand so you do get really nice luxurious I would like to call it
packaging so I feel like that reflects in the price but if you’re looking for a
hydrating primer I do like this one very much and it would be at the top of my
list this primer would be trailing right underneath my hangover primer so dry
skin person says I want a hydrating primer I would direct them to the
one first and then this one second if they for some reason then in love this
one as much as I do moving right along next I have the
Smashbox photo finish primer Iser so this claims to be a primer in a
moisturizer in one when my clients ask me oh can I skip primer Iser I’m like no
please do not please wear your moisturizer in my eyes a moisturizer is
going to penetrate deeper into your skin while something like this which is a
makeup product it’s a primer it will mostly just you know kind of hang out at
the surface of your skin so I never recommend to ever skip the moisturizing
stuff even though this is kind of marketed as a primer and moisturizer in
one so that’s just something to keep in mind I did want to start off with that
it does have hyaluronic acid as well as me escena Mead I don’t know if I said
that right that just means that it’s going to hydrate and plump your skin and
this primer looks like this so it’s quite runny but it’s nice because it’s
water-based it’s very very smooth it does dry quite fast which is really nice
considering that I don’t like to wait for my primer to dry when I am about to
do my makeup but dries down really quickly I do get a really nice hydrated
effect and it’s a little bit sticky just like the hangover primer I do feel like
primers like these the primer Iser as well as the hangover primer do a great
job at holding onto foundation for long periods of time it’s a great primer I
love it it’s definitely at the top of my list for hydrating primers as you can
see I’ve used quite a bit of it because I thoroughly enjoy putting this on in
the morning so I like it I do highly recommend it retails for $42 for one
ounce so next we go into the boozy world the next primer I’m going to talk about
is the dealer dream skin and this is part of the capture Hotel line now this
a 115 dollars primer yes I said that right 115 big ones for one ounce a big
deal about this primer is that it does have skincare benefits to it it has
ingredients that are aged preventing and it does claim to have kind of like a
filtered look so it has technology in the primer that’s going to diffuse the
light therefore you know giving you a blurred effect or pretty much I like to
call it an Instagram filter so I did take some notes on this one because this
one’s a little bit more intricate it has more ingredients higher price points so
I do want to go a little bit more into what it claims it does now featuring
breakthrough technology that works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles it’ll
tighten pores and increase increase radiance dream skin advanced is
effective at any age and works on all skin types and tones so the primer looks
like this it kind of has a pink hue you can’t really see it through the camera
but it definitely has a peach color to it and I would say it’s a little bit
more it’s a little thicker than the previous three primers which are a
little bit more watery this one feels like it will smooth my face a little bit
more and it has a very pleasurable scent it’s really nice it’s mostly smells very
elegant smells like – you’re anyways I do feel like it does a great job at
giving a very smooth sturdy base for the foundation to go over again it has those
anti-aging benefits to it I just feel like makeup applies beautifully under
this primer is it better than other primers I would say not necessarily but
I do want to say that this will do multiple things for you as in smoothing
evening out the skin tone because it does have a little bit of that peach hue
hydrating and anti-aging so if you think about it
instead of getting four or five different primers this one will do all
of those things for you so I feel like that does explain the price a little bit
more but it’s still a very bougie face primer and yes it’s pretty amazing but
if you’re someone that has normal to dry skin you can find a primer with a much
lower price point that kind of gives you the same effect without blowing your
budget but if your bougie if you’re a bougie girl and you’ve got some coins to
spend like definitely go for it you won’t regret this purchase again 1:15
for 1 ounce 1:15 for 1 ounce she’s fancy so we’re gonna stick to the bougie
products and I am going to talk about the Marc Jacobs undercover invisible
undercover perfecting coconut face primer the big deal about this primer is
that it is a hydrating primer it has coconut water just like the Too Faced
hangover primer but a really big difference between hangover primer and
this primer is that this primer has 5 different parts of the coconut so they
not only use coconut they also use coconut juice and different coconut
extracts to really give you a mineral rich vitamin rich product so it’s going
to not only hydrate your skin but it’s also going to you can say replenish your
skin this primer definitely has what we call a skin booster vitamins nutrients
all the good stuff another big deal about this primer is that it will create
a barrier between your face and the makeup but it’ll still be breathable
because there are no synthetic ingredients in this primer it pretty
much says it will allow your skin to breathe without compromising the skin
perfecting benefits great primer this primer is $44 and you do get one ounce
and you also want to keep in mind that the smashbox one is 42 so for two
dollars more you can say you have some marc jacobs in your
collection and it does have more ingredients it’s better for your skin so
hmm why not spend those extra to-do lists anyways this is a really good one
I only use this face primer when I’m going out for a special occasion
or to an event it’s really really nice I recommend it to anyone that’s normal to
dry skin it’s on my recommended list and lastly I’m going to talk about the Laura
Mercier foundation primer this one is the hydrating one I believe they have
like four or five other ones what the hydrating one is meant to do is that
it’s meant to give you a smooth surface for your makeup to go over Laura Mercier
foundation primer hydrating the formula provides a soft focus effect to help
minimize the look of pores and fine lines and imperfections let me show you
what this looks like so it goes on really nicely
another thing about Laura Mercier primaries is that they are all
water-based so no synthetic ingredients it doesn’t have that silicone when you
feel at all again its water base and it does feel like it’s water base and right
now it’s it’s set it like as I was speaking like the primer went into my
skin and I would set like the surface of the skin is pretty much ready for the
makeup also this primer has enhanced antioxidant
vitamin cocktail that helps protect the skin against harmful aging effects of
that environment so it protects you against free radicals which is pretty
much just pollution so it’s always nice to have that barrier to protect you
against any pollution that might be going on in that environment especially
if you’re a city girl you’re definitely exposed to those free radicals helps
makeup glide on easily water-based no silicones also all Laura Mercier
products their whole brand is non-comedogenic
their products are not going to clog your pores and cause breakouts and also
all of the products in the Larmour a brand our dermatologist-tested so it
would be great if you’re looking for a hydrating primer but but yet you know
that you have sensitive skin this is not going to break you out
dermatologist tested really nice I do want to point out that this foundation
primer is $38 so it’s one of the more inexpensive primers we’ve been talking
about and they give you 1.7 ounces so the most out of all the primers that
we’ve been talking about again great primer I highly recommend it and that
does it thank you so much for watching if you liked this video and found it
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watching I will see you on my next video

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