Hyperpigmentation: How to Even Skin tone Without Bleaching
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Hyperpigmentation: How to Even Skin tone Without Bleaching

Hi guys! Chinenye here, I’m sorry I
couldn’t be on camera today but I really wanted to leave you guys with this okay
please listen to what I have to say um don’t feel like you’re being deprived or
feel like you’re missing out but just listen to what I have to say okay it’s
for your own good I’m speaking from experience hope you enjoy the video the
thing I want to talk about today is bleaching creams and what am I saying
now may shock a lot of people especially people who think this channel is about
bleaching here’s a warning for you guys okay
do not use bleaching cream don’t even let those tube things get near your skin
I’m speaking from experience because even if I haven’t touched any of the
tube creams I have been a victim I say victim because I’ve seen what it can do
to your skin of hydroquinone for many many years and that’s cuz I had no
option okay first it was because I wasn’t as educated and I didn’t use it
as required or as instructed and number two because I kind of have a sensitive
skin I always have dark spots so it’s a continuous it’s it’s kind of a recurring
treatment for me okay if that’s not the case for you don’t tamper with your skin
I said look beautiful skin they mess it up I’m like I wish I had their skin I
won’t even touch anything I wouldn’t even put anything that’s chemical or
that’s lightening on my skin but by the way you can use vitamin C another
lightening um naturally brightening lightening products you even out your
skin tone uneven skin tone is not a good look it makes your skin look ugly and that’s
the truth to be honest with you we’re all beautiful but imperfections are
I don’t want to use the word are a B you know what I want to say okay and we
must fight them but to do so we have to do it in a regimented professional way
if you have dark spots I’ve said this and I’ll say it again visited
dermatologists you cannot afford seen a dermatologist buy over-the-counter
products but remember it’s not as effective as a prescription strength
medication but if you’re diligent if you also incorporate your over-the-counter
products with the chemical peel your results will be more forthcoming than
someone who doesn’t all right for people who struggle with uneven skin tone and
feel like you have to use a lightening cream to treat your skin condition trust
me you don’t have to especially those ones that you go and buy in the store
and the tubes don’t do that I understand that some people just use a lot in cream
just for the purpose of lightening up their skin that is know who this video
it’s for to be honest with you um if you feel like you have uneven skin tone and
you want to do something about it you can buy am lactin and kojic acid
powder mix it together trust me mix it mix them together you have a
winning formula there am lactin is very very exfoliating especially if you use
it over prolonged period of time and kojic acid is a natural skin lightener
you don’t have to use those bleaching creams you don’t it does more harm than
good it’s not a good look it’s not trust me
I am NOT even trying to bash anyone I’m speaking from experience from what I’ve
seen in my family from what I’ve seen my country trust me you don’t want that you
don’t. if you have have hyperpigmentation visit a dermatologist if you cannot
afford to visit a dermatologist you can either buy over-the-counter
products or now you have online pharmacy like curology whom you can contact send
your pictures to and they send your products back.
if you have an uneven skin tone you can even also visit a dermatologist or you can
opt for an exfoliating lotion like a I’m acting and called you kojic acid powder powder you
can also administer a chemical peel on yourself if you feel like you’re not a
skilled visit your local spa visit an esthetician I know it’s not the
easiest route it’s a better route. The good things are not
the easiest . Whatever is valuable is not the easiest to get if not everyone
would have it and that’s what this video is about guys tough love here on Sunday
hope you enjoy the rest of your day and have a productive productive week I hope
this video made sense.


  • OT

    Hi Rita- thanks for the video!
    But wait Hydroquinone is bad? All the Dermatologist recommend it, its the gold standard the 4% no more than that. Yes I agree it can be damaging but definitely all Dermatologist recommend do not use no more than 3-4 months. I was prescribed a specific brand of Hydroquinone 4% that is formulated already with Kojic Acic, Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera and even some Licorice root in a cream form and WOW this thing is amazing. Im not sure if its sold around the US but I can check if you want me to 🙂

  • Miss desire Independance

    I have a uneven skin tone. Hydroquine doesn't do much for me. Some creams have darken me. I tried Amalatin and I heard you can add lactic acid to the lotion. I notice my skin felt smoother. It's pricey but I will try again. How much kojic acid powder do you mix in lotion?

  • tammyz50

    Do I need to add the serum to the amlactin aswell to activate the Kojic Acid powder also how much do I add to a 20oz amlactin because that’s the one I bought

  • sandra adefila

    How come you don’t have a before and after picture of the products suggested would’ve been really nice 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Genevieve Abumchi

    Apart from Amlactin lotion, can I add the powder in another body lotion like Nivea?
    Can I also add the Kojic acid powder in my shower cream?

  • Bridget Michelle

    The best thing ever!!! Is The ordinary the chemistry brand retin-oil. Any dark spots, stretch marks, burns will disappear but you have to be consistent and use it every day.

  • kkimberly2004

    Price:$17.45 + $3.25 shipping for 50 grams is what amazon is charging for the koji powder. There are some cheaper as well, are you being sponsored by them or compensated in any way as to why you directed us to this company, rsskincare?

  • YANAMization

    I have 30% glycolic about and a jessners peel can I use this instead of the kojic acid without burning. I think I could use the glycolic without burning because it's a very mild peel.

  • bettyboo29

    Don’t understand why black women bleaching their skin. Not being funny it doesn’t look good, makes them look unnatural. Messes up your pigmentation and the melatonin. Once it’s damaged, it can’t be repaired ladies.

  • Stanford

    Hey guys, I really recommend Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) Braggs. It does everything, from weight loss, detoxing, dandruff, sore throats, acne (stopping pimples and even preventing future breakouts). It might sound too good to be true so If it makes your feel any better, it's also Dr. Oz's favorite vinegar hahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK8Sw3JRieM You can also just type Apple Cider Vinegar in your YouTube search bar and see the suggestions you get. No need to take my word for it

  • AGTC

    I love your voice! I am Caucasian but have hyperpigmentation and all I'm told is use hydroquinone. Thanks for the information.

  • Kemi Agbonlahor

    Hi Rita. I checked out that small video about what your mom sent from Nija.You did not say the name of the serum. Can i please have the name if you dont mind. Thanks.

  • Nicole ATCQFAN

    No such thing. You can't get rid of dark spots without bleaching or minimizing the melanin on your skin in some shape or form. Dark spots are a "problem" because society says so. Our beauty standards are based off Wigt people. Melanin is powerful with protective purposes and yet our community turns the other cheek…

  • bettyboo29

    I had really bad acne and I'm nearly 50. So I changed my diet for my skin, drink lots of water, and I make my own natural masks ( look on youtube) oil free products, for acne scars use grapeseed oil mixed with a couple drops of pure tea tree oil in a dropper bottle use at
    night. Invest in dermablending. Its cheap and helps rid of the dead skin cells. ( youtube)My skin is
    looking a lot better without the
    use of bleaching 🤗

  • Glory be to God the Most High

    My dermatologist has been telling me to use Amlactin for the hyper-pigmentation on my legs for years but I don’t. It was so expensive! I think I will try it again though as I was to tone out the skin on my legs.

  • LionofJudah

    Hydroquinone gave me food allergies it is dangerous over long term use perhaps only couple months is enough to trigger nerve side effects.

  • Trinity Bond

    I have never believed that my skin can still become whiter. After trying this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it), the melasma on my forehead disappeared! This guidebook flawlessly presented a mix of concepts that helped enhance my dark skin tone. The guide gave my skin a brand new beginning..

  • Elephant Trunk

    I have pretty dark tangerine scars and i will use this treatment soon, I will send pics so I can show if it worked for me! Thank you!!!!

  • Lisa Quaye

    Ritaspeaks I know the feeling because I can relate. It’s like I also came out of my mother’s womb with dark spots all over me. More specifically, my legs without a real clue about how or why they got there. The worse is feeling embarrassed to undress in front of friends or during intimate situations or being shamed for having something you had no control over. I’ve gone thru every emotions there’s with this: anger, sadness, grief even feeling depress to should I accept this?

    I think around eight or ten, I started to have sores breakout all over my entire body. The same thing happened to my older bro when he was abt my age. I stayed with some ppl bk then in a country in west Africa called Guinea. The ppl didn’t know what to do to help my situation so they took me the hospital and my guess is the doctor didn’t rec anythin to stop the breakouts

    The fam started to treat each wound with alcohol and band aid as they would burst out of nowhere. God bless their hearts but the sores kept coming. They eventually healed not until I endured some teasing from the neighborhood kids. I didn’t think much of it bk then as a child. I imagined the marks would fade away overtime, however, I turned 31 this year. To my dismay, these dark spots have stuck to my skin like super glue. I’ve tried everything to get rid of them, which has been truly frustrating. Nothin seem to work

    My lil bro started to have the same issue when he was about my age thts when it dang on me this could be something genetic. However, my mother has never talked about this whatsoever. I feel it came from her because there’s no skin issue on my father’s side. I sometimes worried if this might be pass on to children because all of siblings went thru this as well. Luckily for my younger bro they were able to get his treated with antibiotics either the infection or stop whatever was causing the outbreaks. Anyways, enough of my story. Said to this to say yes I know the feeling. It’s terrible

  • Comfy Africa

    In what proportion do yo mix them? I mean with a new 20oz of Amlactin, how many grams of kojic acid powder did you use?

  • loveth oke

    The title of your video is how to even tone uneven skin I was expecting a review on amylactin but you ended up talking about bleaching….you're confused 😏😏😏😏😏

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