How you can treat or prevent heat rash yourself
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How you can treat or prevent heat rash yourself

Today we’re going to chat about heat rash.
In this beautiful summer weather that we’ve got at the moment or if you’re going off to
sunnier climbs some people are prone to getting heat rash. Heat rashes feel itchy, can be
a little bit sore, can look like little red raised spots on the skin. You’re not usually
unwell with a heat rash and a trip to your pharmacist can definitely advise on some over-the-counter
medications that would help with that. It’s a good idea to try and cool the skin down
a little bit if you suffer from heat rash. So light, cool cotton clothing can help an
awful lot. Well hydrated, lots of lovely fluids to help the body and stay out of the sun,
especially in those midday temperatures. If you’re concerned about the rash at all and
you’re worried that it may not be a heat rash see the pharmacist in the first instance.
They will be able to direct you to the most appropriate place to be seen or obviously
if you’re unwell with the heat rash or very young or very old then do contact your GP to have
that conversation.

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