How to Use Serum to Get Clear Skin: For Acne-Prone, Dry, Sensitive & Oily Skin
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How to Use Serum to Get Clear Skin: For Acne-Prone, Dry, Sensitive & Oily Skin

what are serums and why
are they important, how to use them properly, and which ones are the
best for our skin type, welcome back guys, this is Rowena, it’s Feli, today we’re gonna talk all
things serums, serums, so as a continuation about back
to back skincare series, we’ve covered cleansing now, we’ve covered toning,
chemical exfoliation, and today we’re up to serums, and everything that they do for our skin. So this is the fourth step of our skincare series
if you haven’t watched the first three, make sure you check it out,
it’ll be linked down below, and while you’re at it, make sure
you like and subscribe, yeah. Some of the benefits of
serums include hydration, it’s a concentrated dose of all these natural good
ingredients that really help you nourish and smooth out your skin, it helps with minimizing pores, even outs blemishes or uneven coloring, basically anything you’re missing after toning, this is what substitutes, dryness or acne or pores, and it just fills in all those things, so let’s jump into what serums actually are, so with serums it’s kind of contradictory, because they’re moisturizing, but they’re not moisturizers they
could have oils in them, but they’re not facial oils, and sometimes the consistency
of the serums are like essence, but they’re not essence, so they kind of like everything but
nothing at the same time, but it is definitely a really important
step in your skincare routine, because it delivers active ingredients
straight into the dermis layer of your skin. They’ll have very specific ingredients for
each of these certain skin concerns, so that’s what serums do, it’s more targeted than toners, because toners as we discussed in our last
video is more broad and every once in a while, you should tone to balance the
ph level of your skin, so it’s worth saying here that serums aren’t crucial
like to cleanse your face properly is crucial, to tone is crucial, it really depends on what you want to
concentrate on targeting for your skin care concerns, they’re typically used to target skin care
concerns such as brightening the skin, reducing wrinkles and acne, delivering a firmer and
smoother skin texture, reducing the appearance
of big pores, and even increasing moisture
levels to your skin, so in a nutshell, serums are really important
because they’re lightweight, they’re really fast absorbing, and they sink deep into your skin, so in a nutshell serums are really great because
they’re super intense like me but don’t use it as just a moisturizer, because it doesn’t have enough of those
nourishing qualities as your moisturizer does, so the reason why serums and
moisturizers are different, and why serums don’t moisturize
as well as actual moisturizers is because the molecular makeup
and combination of serums are a lot smaller, so they sink deeper into your pores, kind of like toners do, yeah and for moisturizers they’re bigger, so they act more as a barrier to
keep hydration from leaving your skin because throughout the day
your skin does evaporate, kind of like a pool of water, your oils will evaporate, Where is my skin going? and so moisturizers help to lock that
down and keep it in their routine, that’s the biggest difference, but we’ll talk more about moisturizers
in our next video, because that’s the next steps, the proper way to apply serum is obviously
to start with a clean cleansed and toned face, so after toning you want to take whatever
serum it is that’s for your specific skin concern, so for her it’s like dryness it’s brightening, what else do you use it for, pore minimizing, pore minimizing for me it’s like acne
pores and to keep the oils at bay, so each person will have a different serum, so you want to put like a little pea-sized
amount onto your fingertips or your palms, and then just spread it and
then just work it in, and you want to start from the cheek
area as well as the forehead, because those tend to be drier,
and they have more pores, so you want to make sure it sinks in there, and you will realize that serums
once again are never greasy, they’re really lightweight and
they’re really thin in consistency, magical. So one way that I like applying serums
is I like putting it on the palm of my hand, and I just use my finger to dab and
like put it in all the areas it needs to be, and then use my fingertips to spread it, because I know using your palms, the product gets absorbed into
your palms a lot quicker, so your fingers it’s like you know
serums are pretty expensive, you just want to make sure it just
stays on your finger or your face, not on the other parts of your body, true and serums are not to be
used with a cotton pad, do not do that, your money is flying away like,
and one more thing for serums, it is important to always
read the packaging, always read the labels,
sometimes you can use it daily, you can use it two times a day, sometimes you can only use
it two to three times a week, so always read the packaging, and don’t be like me where
I used to put serums under the eye. So let’s move on now to the type of ingredients you
should look out for in serums for your own skin type, since serums are little concentrated
bottles of magic, they’re also concentrated on targeting
specific skincare concerns, so first starting off with
acne prone skin, if you have acne prone skin, it’s probably a little bit sensitive as well, so you want to look for serums that have vitamin
C retinol zinc and salicylic acid, because vitamin C and retinol increases
the collagen production, and also brightens the skin, and also it helps to speed up the process of any of
those breakouts that cause any darkening or hyperpigmentation on the skin, and then zinc soothes irritation
and regulates oil production, and then there’s salicylic acid which you all probably know
about if you have breakout acne prone skin, also known as BHA or bha,
the chemical exfoliant, because it helps to really penetrate
deep down into the pores, and unclog the oils and the dead skin
that’s forming these breakouts, or starting off with something a little bit more affordable
is The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, so this one is in a dropper form, if you guys have tried The Ordinary,
they’re super affordable, and it’s like a potent zing
into the skin, and Niacinamide is really great
for acne prone skin, it’s just clear, it hasn’t got any fragrance
or anything like that added into it, and you just spread that all over, and it’s just like a no-brainer, and then when my skin is feeling even
more like irritated and inflamed, I’ll go in with this Luminosity
mandolin maven serum, and this also has Niacinamide, it’s also got lactic acid mandelic
acid sodium hyaluronate, and it’s also got witch hazel, which is really good at soothing
inflammation and also redness, so if you haven’t watched our
exfoliant acids 101 video, this will be great lactic mendelic all those
acids of these means nothing to you, so this is what I use when it’s feeling really
congested everywhere, and then moving on to the third serum, the Caudalie Vinopure natural salicylic
acid pore minimizing serum, what a mouthful, so I actually use this for the pore
minimizing part in it, it works, yeah cuz the thing is pores
and breakouts go hand-in-hand, the bigger your pores, the more oil in your pores, the more
prone to breakouts you are, asked so with all these serums
especially for acne prone, because the ingredients are a bit heavier, because they’re designed to
attack that pimple, It’s like extra extra intense, you have to make sure you read the labels on how
many times you should be using in a day, because I would definitely not use things like this
or this every single day, because it will cause a lot of drying, and you might even start flaking, you can switch it up like toners you can switch
up serums as well, so going on to dry skin, so if you have dry skin that’s
in need of some desperate TLC and repair, look for ingredients that have vitamin
E and niacinamide, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects
cells from free radical damage, while niacinamide improves skin elasticity, and increases hydration levels in the skin, so glycolic acid helps to gently exfoliate the skin
and remove all the dead cells that are just floating around, it also helps brighten and lighten, and hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain
all the moisture of your skin, I feel like we’ve been saying this in every
single video, every video, but hyaluronic acid is super good, our body naturally makes hyaluronic acid, so you’re just kind of adding more into it, especially if you have dry skin which is genetic, so don’t blame yourself for dry skin, and oily skin is also genetic,
dry and oily are both inherited, so moral of the story it’s just to love yourself and
embrace what you have and what your mama gives you. The Ordinary they have a 2%
hyaluronic acid with B5, And this is supposed to be very
hydrating and suppleing, and the second thing is this Innisfree green
tea seed intensive hydration serum, and it does exactly that, it’s super soothing super calming, so in this there is Jeju green tea
extract as well as green tea oil, which the two combined seamlessly
helps you balance your skin, and really helps your skin retain moisture, actually a lot of you asked what
do I do for combination skin, what do I do for dry skin, you can
use basically anything we suggest, just know how to tell what your
skin is craving for in the day, if I have oily skin I still get dry, which is kind of combo, so then I’ll look for something more
hydrating, but if I’m breaking out, then I’ll look for something more
BHA salicylic acidy. If you guys have uneven skin texture, or you feel like it’s really
bumpy and things like that, a lot of the time is because
you’re not exfoliating, look at this we have exfoliating serum, so yeah if you have like little bumps, if you have dry skin, if it looks kind of dull, because it’s like covered
by a layer of dead skin, I would definitely recommend the TLC
glycolic night serum by Drunk Elephant, but also the Pharmacy honeymoon glow, so this one is pretty intense,
the first time that I used it, this is once a week to
start only at night, and in the mornings after you use it, make sure you wear sunscreen, if you’re kind of stripping the dead skin, you need to protect that layer of skin, so make sure you protect that with the sunscreen, and only use it at night, and then with this one, I also use this one, it’s feeling like either breaking out, or it’s uneven texture,
because it’s just good for everything, it’s got AHA and BHA, it’s a
blend of it, she uses this too. Again both of these products
I also both use, if your skin is just normal meaning
it doesn’t really break out, it’s not really uneven it’s
kind of doing okay, maybe you just want to add a
hydrating or nourishing serum, so we have three here
that we really like, first once again drunk elephant, this is the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel, I love this one because you can mix it with this as well, the good thing about drunk elephant, you can just mix all of their things together, and make a drunk elephant cocktail. concoction yeah, this is a Korean brand that I really love, it’s called Huxley and it’s the
Secret of Sahara Essence, so remember when we were talking about how
serums are sometimes confused with essence, because they kind of do the same thing, they have a lot of potent ingredients, so this is called essence grab water, but it’s like a serum, and it’s got
cactus extract in there, and also aloe which is really
good for inflammation, it’s really hydrating, and then same with mushroom, Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum, you might have seen this one around, because they only recently started coming
out with a lot of their products, but snow mushroom apparently it’s really
good at retaining moisture, so when you apply it, it will obviously lock in everything
that’s in your skin, so if you have dull skin, or if your skin’s not looking as bling
bling as it could, these are some products that we recommend, so the first thing you can get at Target, it’s the Pixi overnight glow serum, it’s 24 dollars, and it has 10% glycolic acid which helps gently
shed the dead skin cells on your skin, and it also has vitamin A, and there’s also soothing and nourishing
ingredients like aloe cucumbers and also vitamin A C and E, so actually vitamin C and vitamin E, if you ever see them together, they work
like best friends, they work really well together in just helping
with dullness hyperpigmentation nourishing, like basically everything, so the Pixi glow tonic is a
really affordable option, and a higher end product for something that’s really
great for dull skin is Sunday Riley Good Genes, I’ve been using this for a couple years now, and the main ingredient is lactic acid
which again gently exfoliates your skin, so I think if your skin concern is dullness
or you don’t think it’s bright enough, exfoliation is the name of the game, so if you aren’t convinced by now, the benefits of serums and how
versatile they actually are, despite us just trying to put it in boxes,
are you convinced now. I feel like with skincare not
everything is in a box, it all kind of overlaps into each other, so one thing to keep in mind about applying
serums is that the more isn’t better, because they’re so highly concentrated, they’re so potent, and it’s for very specific skin concerns that you
shouldn’t mix different ones for different things, I mean you could but then general rule of thumb
is just you don’t want to overdo it, because you can cause skin irritations, you can breakout, if you’re mixing way
too many things at once, that aren’t designed to be mixed together, unless it’s like drunk elephant then, so what we’ve learned so far about the basics
of skin care is step number one to properly wash on cleanse your face, and the reason why it’s so important to properly
cleanse or double cleanse with the oil cleanser, and then a regular liquid cleanser
water based cleanser is because you want to make sure before
you apply anything onto your skin, all the nasties all the days grime and oils, everything has been properly removed, so that you won’t clog your pores, because clogged pores are what leads
to the bane of our system, which is just break out, and then following on is toner
just to rehydrate the skin, reset and rebalance the
ph levels on the skin, so that everything that you
apply on top like serums, can sink better into the skin,
and in between toners and serums, there’s exfoliating, actually
exfoliating could even be serums, yeah, so again I think with
this specific step of exfoliation, don’t overdo it, there was a question
asking if she should use AHA in cleanser, AHA in toner, AHA in serum and
AHA in moisturizer, I think it’s a little too much yeah, so generally if I use a exfoliating serum, I make sure that my cleanser
and my toner isn’t exfoliating, something that’s very very hydrating
but very neutral, because you want to balance it, otherwise if you overdo especially with
these chemical exfoliants you will peel, and you will be inflamed, You will be in pain and then you just
be like back to your confusion again, but I think with serums, you can see
a lot of more immediate effects, because it is sinking into the skin, and it is applied at night and
sometimes in the morning as well, so it stays on for the longest period, whereas like with cleanser
it’s more about getting away the debris, so it’s not like, it’s more on
and off, and so with that, with serums make sure
while serums are moisturizing, always apply moisturizers afterwards, so very soon we’re going to be
coming out without moisturizers videos, so make sure you stay tuned for that, because you want to see the entire
process of everything you should do, and we’ll see you in the moisturizer video bye.


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