How To Treat Eczema Fast : Treat Psoriasis Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 180
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How To Treat Eczema Fast : Treat Psoriasis Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 180

Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today topic we had a question here
on VitaLife Show. as to how to treat eczema and psoriasis naturally and does detox really work well the answer is
absolutely yes and that’s why answering it here in this video and make sure you stay tune right to
the end of the video and click Subscribe thing always governments and leaders uploads here on the VitaLife show on YouTube so first and foremost when treating eczema and psoriasis skin rashes in general we want to take a
look at the diet so decreasing things like having too
much dairy products and sugars unfortunately these feed some
of those bad organisms and is really a tell-tale sign especially if you crave some these foods
that it’s a problem especially starting in the digestive
tract and this translates out into the skin and into the blood as well so decreasing minimizing and when I did
this with my patient over the years over and over again especially in young
children as soon as we limit I’m not saying stop
entirely but as soon as we limit the dairy and the sugars in the diet it
really does dramatically improve the eczema condition and their skin rashes so try
that you know if you haven’t yet already I
really encouraging to do that and now you may ask again about
detoxification doesn’t work you there’s so many things
out there about detoxification well the key is doing the right type of detox
and that’s why I actually formulated VitaDetox at VitaTree Nutritional check it out
at comprehensive detox for getting at all
those toxins and all the internal organs at once doing
it effectively safely and so that you actually see the result
that helps to clarify the skin as well and that’s why it’s so remarkable at getting at all those
toxins free radicals that effects eczema and psoriasis and the skin rashes
also taking enough essential fatty acids is really important so getting in the
diet so whether it’s nuts and seeds is really important having high quality
fats, things like coconut oil is great as well but also to take a high-quality
supplement that’s higher in the DHA than the EPA so do check out VitaFish Oil here
at VitaTree because that is remarkable because
number one it’s Fish Oil but number two it taste delicious and great for the
kids as well and you know the absolutely love it
they’ll have no idea that its Fish Oil so do check that out another thing that’s important to kill
the bug so you know whether it’s candida parasites all these negative organisms bacteria that can be a problem
it starts usually in the gut but then it translates out into the skin can have a dramatic effect on you know
the eczema and psoriasis and the rashes so doing some type a parasite or candida
cleanse is really important especially if you’ve tried everything else whether it’s conventional or not and
you’re not getting results and you still have those persistent rashes I actually develop parasite
cleanse here at VitaTree incredible for clearing
up the skin conditions because it’s related to those bugs that are in the intestines and elsewhere in the
body and blood as well really important to take a look at that
so please leave your questions and comments below I welcome them all and I do get back to everybody click Subscribe
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out our other videos to here on the VitaLife Show on YouTube so if you click up here you learn more about detoxification why it’s so
important to do it in the right way as well as here our facial exercises
with are super popular here on YouTube you will absolutely love them and down here Probiotics why it’s
important not only just to kill those bad guys that are in there but also to inoculate with the
right type of probiotics so you’ll learn all about that down here in this video thanks for
joining me today.


  • berriBIO

    I have the eczema on my nick and beneath the ear, eczema is horriable specially in the hot season. I got tired trying to treat it with out sense. If I  take this tablets, wont be affect my body weight? I don't want to gin extra weight

  • Jigar Ahir

    hi please help me … i have skin problem. i changed 4 doctors no result they say its excema or ringworm. every one says different disease… i want to send you photos where should i send you.

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