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How to Treat Eczema – DERMCLASS

As a family that lives with eczema every day, I can tell you it’s extremely challenging. We’ve found a routine that works for us. If we break or remove anything from that routine,
it does cause flare-ups. Now, is eczema curable? I can tell you first-hand that I don’t think it is. My husband, at 46, is still treating eczema. That’s a pretty good indicator
that it’s not curable. But let’s listen in to the dermatologist
to find out what she has to say. There are many, many different types of eczema, and with each type there’s
many different ways that we do treat eczema. So, one of the common questions I get is,
besides treatment is eczema curable? Well, that again depends on
what type of eczema it is. For example, if you have contact dermatitis, this is an eczema that’s related to things
that come in contact with your skin. It could be an allergy, it could be an irritant. So, if you simply remove
those things from your environment or from contacting your skin,
then essentially you can cure your eczema. However, if it’s a genetic condition, which is classically atopic dermatitis, then this tends to be more chronic
and can’t be cured. So, let’s look at some ways
we can treat atopic eczema. As dermatologists, we believe very strongly that moisturization is one of
the foundation treatments for eczema. When I describe eczema to my patients, I describe it as a roller coaster. There’s very big ups and downs. Sometimes there’s good days,
sometimes there’s bad days. But I believe with moisturization
with a gentle product that’s designed for eczema-prone skin, that you can turn that roller coaster
into more of a kiddy ride. In order to understand
why we treat eczema the way we do, it’s important to understand two concepts. So, one is a skin barrier.
And the other is the microbiome. So, when you look at the skin barrier,
think about it as a brick wall. A brick wall with mortar in between. When that gets disrupted,
you see the signs of eczema. You see itch, you see redness,
and the skin is breaking down. In addition to the skin barrier,
there’s also something called the microbiome. And this is the microscopic
environment of bacteria and other things that live on
the surface of the skin. And these all work together,
and they can work for you, and they can work against you. So, the skin barrier and the microbiome
interact with each other. They also interact
with the environment around them. So, this could be things
like temperature in the room, products that you put on your skin.
They all have an interplay. So, it’s important to give the skin microbiome and the skin barrier support
so that you keep them strong and healthy. If you suffer from eczema,
it’s important that you find a routine that works for you,
and that you stick with it. I would recommend using a gentle cleanser
and a moisturizer. Also, if you suffer from moderate
to severe eczema it’s important that you seek the help
of a dermatologist so they can get you more advanced treatments. While some eczema may not be curable,
all are manageable. We found a routine that works for us,
and we stuck to it. Bath time is always with a fragrance-free,
soap-free body wash, Followed by a generous application
of a moisturizer that contains anti-itching properties. Find a routine that works for you,
and stick to it.

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