How to Treat Dry Skin on Dogs!
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How to Treat Dry Skin on Dogs!

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax My Dog now today’s video is one that we get questions about all of the
time and that is how to get rid of your dogs and dry skin and a lot of people
notice that their dog has a dry skin if they part their fur you can sort of say
or tell and today we were talking about how you can relieve them of this or how
you sort of stop it from happening and what different things you can do it to
help them if it sounds like something you guys might be interested in it then
definitely do stay tuned for this week’s video now before we do get started
definitely do if we don’t blow it to the comments and let me know have you
noticed any dry skin problems with your dog and what have you done to help them
out but lets us get started so to start off with it’s important to note that
dogs itch for a number of different reasons not just because they have dry
skin sometimes it dogs can even itch because they are bored or they are
frustrated or anything like that so don’t immediately think your dogs in
that they have fleas or that they be have dry skin only time that you should
start worrying about whether your dog has dry skin if they are insistently
licking scratching biting and chewing their skin to the point where they could
actually wound themselves it’s only when you get to that point that you should
actually worry look their skin and wonder if they do have dry skin or to
ask a vet for any help so first I want to talk about how you can figure out if
your dog does have dry skin the easiest way is to just check over their skin
obviously normally you can just park their fur I mean you’re about to see on
my Lobot old usually just party’s fur and if he had almost like little pieces
of dandruff this would indicate to me that he had dry skin because his skin is
starting to peel the skin will also be quite cracked and rough as well
very similar to what a human has a dry skin I’m sure most people of it’s
berries dry skin before you sort of know what it looks like so that’s very
similar to what would you like on your dog now there are many different reasons
why your dog might have dry skin it actually happens a lot in low humidity
and it can also be an impact of your dog’s diet and also on their stress as
well and also dogs that can it be affected by allergies to the point where
they can get dry skin to see if your dog does have allergies it might be a good
idea to keep an eye on them if you are noticing dry skin because there won’t be
food that has a very very minimal of what they were allergic to and that
can be affecting their skin in that way out there’s not really a solution to dry
skin a lot of the time it’s just something your dog has to go through one
thing that I would recommend is grooming your dog regularly so give them a wash
or even just brushing their fur this can actually wear it out to minimize the dry
skin as well however if your dog has dry skin due to allergies definitely do it
visit the vets because they can give you more information on your dog’s allergy
and they can also give allergy shots as well which can help to affect or to
improve your dog’s dry skin well that is it for this week’s video thank you all
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my dog so really really easy to find don’t forget slippery like I said before
to comment down below and let me know who’s your dog ever had dry skin and
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week’s video bye


  • Sunny !

    My dog has elephant flaps ( red and dry skin / what the vet called it ) and the only thing that stops it being so red and itchy is baby powder

  • MandaLynn

    I have noticed dry skin in Chewy during allergy season. I made a shampoo including Dawn as the base. Then rosemary, aloe, and a little olive oil. Lather him up, marinate, and rinse. Please don't use heat, let them dry naturally. Comb any loose hair out. Chewy was my husband's best friend, was in the wreck that killed him. Be sensitive to their anxiety. We soothe each other. When he starts to scratch with what looks like distress, I pet him and tell him it's ok and I'm still here. He's not my dog, he's my closest friend.

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