How to Take Care of Your Feet : Cuticle Trimming for Home Spa Pedicures & Foot Care

Hi my name is Davina this is my model Kristen
we are here on behalf of In this clip I will demonstrate how to properly
cut the cuticle. Cutting cuticle is not for everyone it all depends on how long the cuticle
is and if you prefer to have them clip. There are two tools that you can use to clip the
cuticle there is a nipper and also it is like a razor it is the shape of a V and you just
glide across the toe nail. I’m using the nippers. I’m removing her foot from the basin, drying
it off, and starting from one side I’m going to start clipping the cuticles. Working my
way around the toenail. Until her toenail is clear of cuticle. By doing this its just
gives her a cleaner appearance.
You want to make sure you do not add to much pressure cause you may cut the client. Bleeding
would cause a infection.
Moving along from each toe. After finishing one foot put it back into
the water and move on to the next. Starting from one side and clipping around the toenail.
Moving along to each toe. That is how you properly cut cuticles.

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