How to Spot Skin Cancer | Skin Cancer
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How to Spot Skin Cancer | Skin Cancer

Trying to spot a skin cancer on your body
can be difficult, because it depends on the type of cell that formed the skin cancer in
the first place. If it were a melanocyte which is the pigment
making cell, you should be looking for dark spots, multiples spots, spots that seem to
be growing in one direction whereas if it’s a keratinocyte forming the skin cancer, you
should look at sun exposed area. Examine your eyelids, examine your nose, your
ears. If you see a bump that doesn’t look like anything
else, if it’s red, if there are blood vessel growing on the bump, if it feels really rough
and scaly, it could be a concern for skin cancer. It’s important to know though, precancerous
lesions may look very similar to skin cancer, and in most cases, a cancer is preceded by
a long period of time of a spot that is actually precancerous and easily treated. The best way to find out whether you have
a precancerous lesion or a cancerous lesion is to see a dermatologist. A dermatologist can perform a very simple
skin biopsy to be analyzed under the microscope, that can tell you definitively, whether it’s
precancerous or cancerous.


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