How To Prep Skin for Make Up in 9 Steps | Karlie Kloss
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How To Prep Skin for Make Up in 9 Steps | Karlie Kloss

I Love my job. And I love shooting beauty campaigns like this over the years I’ve gotten accustomed to just how big these productions are. There are lots of people lots of makeup all day long That’s how I really feel. It’s crazy. How much goes into creating these global images and campaigns It’s a process and an art I really respect I don’t wanna tell the secrets of the Masters here, but there’s a really cool effect for shadow of water on the wall Literally actually water suspended in the air It’s not CGI all this to say it’s vital that your skin is prepped before a day like this. So Rewind I’m bringing you back to the morning of this shoot for some special skin care product. It was going to be an adventure One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to travel the world and work with the best makeup artists in different parts of the world. Yuka is my makeup artist today here on set in Shanghai We’re going to be doing a full day of shooting beauty and first thing in the morning It’s so important to prep the skin and just make sure it’s hydrated Exfoliated moisturized cleansed before you put any makeup on. Okay. So first we’ll start with the lip scrub, Uhuh. it looks like this is a cooking video, but This is a beauty video All my favorite things sugar and honey, I’m very excited about this lip scrub just enough that it’s Kind of grainy kind of a road. First of all, it tastes delicious. Mmm. Yeah, so can either totally organic When I’m Traveling and when we all are whether it’s winter You’re going from hot to cold inside outside. My skin gets super dry and my lips get really dry And there’s nothing worse than when you have lipstick on and your skin is like flaking off. So before you apply Lipstick so important to kind of do a lip scrub you like to put a lot of it on I can sink in and moisturize The lips. Okay great. So that will soak into my lips and really hydrate them while we work on so the next step is toner But before that I like to always clean my hands I am prone to acne Anyway, kind of around my chin and around my nose so I’m like hyper conscious of making sure my hands are clean before I touch my face, very important so I’m gonna take toner like this Exhibit A, yes, and we just kind of want to slide it across the face Like don’t rub too much because that can also cause abrasion toner just kind of like prepares your skin to absorb what’s coming next It doesn’t know what’s coming next What’s it gonna be Maybe like, on your neck Oh yeah, neck A spot that shows age that kind of like forget about so we just toned and cleansed Exfoliated the lips now. We’re gonna do the lymphatic drainage massage I love to actually use like something on my hands an oil or a cream when I’m massaging my skin the advanced night repair serum Contrary to popular belief. You don’t have to just use it at night. You can use it anytime you want I like to use a lifting serum. Just kind of get enough on your hands so that you can really easily kinda move on your skin, get a nice slip Yeah, there are different parts of your body that have lymph nodes which basically is almost like the They’re like gateways the Gateway to you know, eliminate Toxins take your fingers. There’s two or one. Oh, I like the middle finger. Maybe you know finger and oh, ooph Yeah, that’s painful yeah and then if you go along the line here on your neck that feels a bit tender as well But that’s where your lymph is supposed to drain and there’s two spots but one one each It’s almost like there’s like a little almond under your ear behind your jaw bone, like really almond size like yeah How much pressure do you like to put whatever feels good for you? Like not too painful Not too light and you want to press that maybe like eight times you can use this part of your hand Yeah pull the toxins down I can do it both at the same time actually, and then you can find your collarbone underneath your collarbone you bring it down and you kind of just like Go that’s good. Yeah, getting up close and personal. Yeah Don’t forget to breathe You can go really fast if you’re in a hurry, so I like to keep my thumb on the little almond while I’m doing this use your other fingers like other fingers that are free and massage up up and out like throughout your whole forehead I like to use like the different parts of my hands like these parts here as well so I can get like the entire forehead Below the eyebrows. I think you can also find a spot Yeah, there’s a sensitive little spot right here Yeah with bright Sun or just like from frown marks, I mean dark circles Wrinkles as well. So when you loosen that it loosens the your eyes and once you get the spot It’ll be nice to drain again Just quickly like maybe four times or so, and then there’s also a spot underneath your eyes like right on the bone You want to go kind of from on top you can feel I always use ring finger around my eyes because it’s the weakest finger The ring finger is most delicate and it’s so sensitive. You really don’t want to apply too much pressure. You followed down the bone And then kind of go up into your temples Doing this because this feels really good and if you’re just watching us, you’re just watching us because we look crazy You’re not enjoying the moment So maybe do that like four times eight times depending on how much time you have and then drain find the almond pull it down and then your smile line here There’s also a bone your cheek bone here. Mm-hmm I feel it You want to go along the bone, woo that feels good. so it’s really important those to like go along the bone some of you might feel that there’s Tension kind right in the cheek area. Yeah. Yeah, but just little ones all over and that’s all the clogged Lymph when your skin is really tight and healthy. You actually don’t have any of those really. Oh my gosh my skin must not be very tight or healthy because there’s a lot of crunching that’s happening in here. You all have them yeah, pull it back find the almond and drain it down and then you can even put it this way more time that you give yourself the better. Yeah, and then last you want a really nice jawline Yeah, I love the jawline so you can use the yeah and find your jawline Really sculpt it, that’s good. Give me a nice sculpted jawline, okay and then drain It’s so much better when you do it I’m like wow, you’re so much better at this Between everyone, it’s nice If you have time to drain like four to eight times If you can’t you can just do everything in this train once we want to use a little bit of moisturizer Pearl size maybe and for Karlie I would Mainly go under the eyes. Start where you want to moisturize the most then lightly Spread it. I like to put the cream on the same way that I would do the lymphatic massage I always love to do a quick eye drop in my eye before we start with makeup, hydrate everything drinking water is so important for flushing out those toxins from your lymph nodes. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Now. We’re gonna go into a long day of shooting and Lucky for me. My skin is been pampered now, and it’s rea dy to be made up. Thanks Yuka! Yay! Bye


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