How to: Pinching and Why It Should be Done.

I’m Kirsty Meakin From naio Nails in this video i am going to talk to you and demonstrate for you Pinching Yeah so we’re going to show you all about Pinching Because some People Get a Little Bit Confused of When they can Pinch and They can’t Pinch What’s over Pinching What’S under pinching the Benefits of It so we’re going to go through all of That The Most Frequently Asked question that We Death on our comments Below our videos is Why do you pinch Because It Makes the nail stronger i’ll talk to you a Little Bit more about this while i actually demonstrate This for you I’ve already Removed the surface shine Do you Need to wipe over with Some acetone Just to remove any oils from the nail i’m going to sculpt the nail out So i popped tap on the backside of It and Then I’m going to close The Dehydrate and Their prime and do Two coats of That Right What i’m going to do is i’m going to build This nail out i’m going to use warm beige I’m doing a long nail so you can see the difference i want to exaggerate everything for you So i started at the free edge face before they knew the free edge Would take me longer to do and do you Know the cuticle area Actually Doesn’t Take Very long If i had have started at The back first? When i started to do the length you know that Part Would have Been completely set Plus it’s easier to adjust the free edge At the onions like That So if you look at the nail now It’s going Matt at The back So a little bit Shiny at the front because we dragged the brochure but it’s definitely That Will make It Shiny you can see i was all going to start to matt Now you can Test Pinch With Your fingers i’m not still too wet i can Feel that i can Squish into It a Little Bit Probably Give It another 20 Seconds Test That Because if You start to pour i put this pinching tool on straightaway Without Test Pinching It first and Making sure it’s at The right Point What will happen is that The sides i’ll Just collapse It and Just squish And You’ll Just Ruin the nail so It needs to be up that pinching point so you know it’s at that Point When It Goes When it starts to go matt And Also test Pinch of Your fingers to make sure it’s not going to squish it or collapse the sides That’s Very Very important Another reason Why i do the free edge first before i do the cuticle area is because the Acrylic Will set Faster on The nail bed Because of the heat from the finger where is the free edge has no heat so it will take Longer to set So in theory It Should all start setting at The same Time So the front and the back to separate Beads Will set at the same time because of the lack of Heat? at the free edge So as i’m letting the tool Pinch Now what it’s doing is Bringing The sides in and creating a Greater see curve You Can Add a Little Bit of pressure once it’s Been on for about a minute 30 seconds to a minute you can add a Little Bit more pressure i’m gonna, Pinch the free edge As well Now obviously What the pinching tool It Doesn’t Go that Narrow it’ll pinch from where the nail bed is Up to around here so open to that sort of Center Point from here to here so where the Natural nail starts to finish it’ll pinch there and it’ll also Pinch To about here Because of The Shape and the snail and Because of The length we’ll Need to pinch the rest of It with our fingers you can Use your Thumbs you can use both Thumbs because you know that you’re getting the same pressure then Sometimes if you do use your finger and thumb You may Get a Little Bit more pressure on one side Because your Thumbs a Little Bit Stronger When you’re Actually adding pressure to The Pinching tool You only sort of Bouncing in a Little Bit you’re not going in With Both Thumbs and Really Crushing the nail because you don’t want to add Too Much pressure What that can cause is it can cause Enough Lightest Which is Separation from the nail bed and the nail plate so say This is the nail bed and This is the metal Plate – What Would Happen is as you Pinch it it would pop off and you’ll have Separation Towards the free Edge So you don’t want. It to be too uncomfortable for your client or Yourself iF you’re doing them on Yourself so what you can see is you can See that C-Curve Now you’ve created you can See This curve Runs all the Way from Right Down there where the Natural nail Finishes Directly to the free edge right to the tip so That strength is running all The Way Through That Now it’s not Just Pinched Here It’s not Just Pence Here It needs to be pinched all the Way from Whether Now Finishes here all the way Through To that three edge right to the tip for Example If You do a Flat nail imagine this is the nail this piece of Paper If It was flat It Would Pull up Just Put any Kind of pressure on to it so any Kind of pressures gonna make it collapse and break Add a Sea cave to it? It’s a lot Stronger Now if you ever tried to get a ruler and bend it it will bend if you get a drainpipe Like Our four drainpipe drive Em nah It won’t bend because of Those Sides That come Round? It built a Bridge of Makes IT Nice and strong The other Beauty of Pinching Is The Nail Looks more aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye It Looks more Beautiful It Looks Slimmer and We All don’t Like Big Fat Chunky fingers We Like Thin Slender fingers and Obviously The nail on there will make Your fingers look more slimmer and Longer As soon as you take the nail off the finger looks short and dumpy okay with the pinching tool like we Just Go through This this is your pinching tend And What you do is your Pinch those together open That Section off and that Go side to side Don’t want it to be on like That Aren’t You needed to go to the side to the side of each Part of That nail Sidewall To sidewall Do not party to put It on like That That’s Just going to pinch the finger Make sure You’ve Got no skin it’S Just nail that is going in the pinching tool on The Other side of the tool you have a Called pasha and a cuticle knife but knife is for Killing The cuticles No it’s not so this Part the spoon White Part Is for pushing back The cuticles and then Your cuticle knife is for Removing Any Non living tissue from the nail plate so it’s a Pretty Cool tool It Does a Lot or one point it’s like Three tools in one It’s a multi-tool One Other Thing That’s cool to know about the pinching tool is At This end of the pinching tool it’s a Soft Pinch and as You go further Up you’ll have a tighter Pinch Down Here It’s a Really tight Pinch so you can use the tighter Pinch off stick Force more Than Ale as well Or you can use it if you really do Need That extra Pinch on the structure So this nail is pretty tiny we Would Go right off. To here to pinch that nail However Where the Thumbnail oh? Let’S have a Sneaky peek at That Other Thumbnail? you Would Go to the end and you probably only slide down To about Midway That Would be Plenty enough Pinch you Wouldn’t really Go all the Way down To here cuz it would be far too tight If you put the pinching tool on and it’s sticking Up like This it’s only going to pinch This small area Here? you Need to make sure it’s pretty straight so it’s straight with the nail it follows the lines of the nail There is a Point where the nail Will not be Able to be pinched Because The Acrylic is set it’s fully set so right Now this is completely set and it’s Been set for about five Minutes While we’ve Been talking and No, matter on Which i press that Now it’s not going to press it’s not going To change the Shape so sometimes you may come back? To the nail to pinch It and think i don’t haven’t Pinched That Body on and Try To force it to pinch don’t do that Because You Will Crack The nail Not Good so don’t try and force It once it’s set Once it’s set I’m sorry Game Over You can’t Pinch it So it’s quite important to as you’re going Through and doing your set is to pinch and then You can Work on the next nail Then as That Once Finished you can Pop a pinching too long Work on the next nail so you can Basically Go from nail to nail it Is an idea two by two pinching tools especially if you doing competitions or Things like But One Painting two on the salon is absolutely fine some People Say Why Does my nail technician not Pinch My Nails Maybe Because you’re a Technician hasn’t. To have training on pinching or is a Bit? Too scared to pinch or is had to go and can’t quite get it right Maybe Because she doesn’t have the time to Pinch Your Nails i mean i don’t think It really Takes up that Much more time It probably Adds on two minutes to the service Witches Looking to me so i think maybe She’s Just not quite as confident or maybe She’s Trying to do it in the future maybe you Should Ask I hope you’ve enjoyed the video i hope it’s Helped you to understand pinching and Why we do it don’t Forget to check us out on Facebook and instagram Have a look at all Those Other videos as Well if you Haven’t Seen if you a Newbie hello to you if you’ve Been watching His videos Hello to you and welcome back i’ll see you guys in the next video

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