HOW TO PAINT SKIN in Procreate | The Procreate brushes I use when painting skin in Procreate
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HOW TO PAINT SKIN in Procreate | The Procreate brushes I use when painting skin in Procreate

Painting skin in Procreate to paint realistic skin in Procreate well, you need a couple of things you need to use correct colors, correct contrast, shapes of course and what can also really add to realism of the skin you are painting in Procreate are skin textures now I’ve made a brush pack with some skin texture brushes that can really add to the realism of your portraits to add realism to the skin you are painting in Procreate but before you use brushes like these like the brushes that I made or maybe brushes that you have made yourself or other skin texture brushes it’s very important to lay down a decent base of your painting don’t go in an paint with texture brushes right away but make sure that the base of your portrait is correct and good so what I like to do is, I like to start out with just my Basic Flo brushes and lay down the base of my portrait painting and not go into detail right away I start off by painting with big shapes and focussing on dark areas and light areas, it helps to squint your eyes during this process if you’re looking at a reference photo, squint your eyes and just focus on where are the shadows and where are the lights and lay that down and during the painting process you slowly build up the contrast and slowly build up the details until you are finally ready to add in those final small details that give your portrait painting or whatever painting give it that realistic finish now if you thought this all went way too fast for you if you want to see a slower version of this video with me talking you through the painting process of this portait and how I use skin brushes to paint skin in Procreate join me on Patreon because on Patreon I have all these realtime tutorials in which I talk you through my painting process and on Patreon I also share my files reference photos, anything you want! Have it all! come join me on Patreon, I’d love to see you there! if you want to use these skin brushes that I used in this video if you want to add some texture to the skin of your paintings in Procreate you can find the link in the description to my skin brush pack enjoy using them and I’m looking forward to seeing you in my next video


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