How to Make Healing Salve for Dry Skin | DIY Ointment Recipe

Hi, I’m Kathrin Brunner, a nutritionist from For the Love of Body
today I’ll show you how to make a healing calendula salve We’ll start with beeswax It will melt faster if you grate it. And we’re going to use 2.6ounces or 9 melted tablespoons I’ve already gone ahead and melted that in a
double boiler it will take about 20 minutes, you don’t
want to rush it. Once it’s melted we’re going to add to that shea butter
so we’ll add 1 tablespoon or 4.5 ounces of shea butter to that and then we’re going to use mango butter. so we’ll use .5 announces or 1 tablespoon of mango butter and then we’re going to add these back into a double boiler and let the three
melt together So, while that’s melting we’ll get our calendula oil ready. Calendula is a wonderful flower that is very healing for the skin. You’ll need flowers and you loosely packed them into a glass
jar and cover completely with oil you can
use either olive or sunflower I prefer sunflower because it’s a little
more therapeutic for things like eczema and these will infuse for about four to
six weeks. Place them in a warm spot and remember to shake them up every day and at the end four to six
weeks you’ll have your healing calendula oil to add to the salve. We’ll open this up strain the flowers out of the oil I like to use a ‘nut milk’ bag but you
can use cheesecloth as well. We’ll pour the oil through nut milk bag and the flowers but getting in there are fine
because we’re gonna strain that out give it a good squeeze Getting all of the beneficial oil out of there and then we’re going to measure out five
hundred mls to use in our recipe. Now we’ll grab our other oils that are melted. And to them
we’ll add our infused calendula oil and then we’ll give that a good stir. When you at your calendual oil, if if gets a little bit chunky like this, you
can add it back into a double boiler briefly, just to allow all the oils to
melt and incorporate again this is looking nice and smooth now. We’ll get this out of the double boiler and finish up. The last thing to go in is some lavender essential oil We’ll add ten drops. Lavender is healing for the skin it will help to repair any skin damage We’ll give that a stir and now we’ll add it
to our containers that we’re going to store it in You can use little mason jars or other
little glass jars once you’ve put it all in all you can
put your lid on and allow it to set You can let it set naturally or put it in the fridge it’ll take about 2 hours and then
it will look like this So that’s a beautiful orange, glowing salve highly therapeutic for any type of skin
issue eczema, psoriasis scratches, wounds, scrapes, you name it. And I like to using calendula salve in the winter on any dry spots to get
glowing, beautiful skin.

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