How to Make Hand and Cuticle Cream | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Hey, take a look at this: This is an all natural
way to help care for your skin, and you can make it at home! What if I told you that you
could make your own cuticle cream and hand balm right in your own kitchen, using natural
ingredients. The base for this recipe is soy oil. I’m using the soy wax. I’m using coco
butter–yummy. And I’m using coconut oil. And then, this is almond oil. All natural
ingredients, and you can make them right in your own kitchen. So why don’t we get started.
What you’re gonna do is you’re going to take this soy wax and you’re gonna reduce it down
to a liquid by popping it in the microwave for 15 seconds, and then stirring it, and
then popping it back in–back and forth, back and forth. And we’re gonna do that with
this. And we’re gonna do it with these two two ingredients–and then, with this. So it’s
constantly bringing it to the liquid state and mixing it together. So let’s get started.
So, I’m gonna add 4 ounces here to this larger bowl, and we’re gonna pop it in the microwave.
Close it up. Okay, look at that–it’s finally liquid. That’s good. Now, what you’ll find:
All microwaves are different. If you have a high wattage microwave, it’s gonna cook
faster. And lower ones, well, they’re not as strong, so you may have to actually heat
this a little longer. Try rather than 15 second intervals, you might go up to 30 second intervals.
You may even go up to a minute interval, but I wouldn’t go past that. Okay, now what I’m
doing is I’m adding the coca butter here. And, in addition to that, I’m gonna add that
6 ounces of the coconut oil. I’m gonna blend this together. It’s chunks. And I’m gonna
pop it back in. Now, with these three ingredients now in solution, I’m going to add the last,
which is the almond oil. Here we go. Okay, now it’s time to add just a little–a little
flavor. And I’m going to use some lavender, because I love lavender. I’m gonna put about
6 drops. That was 3–4, 5, 6. And then, I’m just gonna take and dip this solution out
and pour it into these little tins. If you’re enjoying these tips on how you take beautiful
things in nature and create something wonderful for your hands, make sure you tell a friend
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